fairy tales and real life. 

So that was a nice fairy tale eh? I mean, it did actually happen, and I think we’re both still a little astonished but how about a little real life in the duration of those 60 days? Holy cow, I do have some stories.

So yeah, the house transaction did go very smoothly, but there was still many days where we were trying not to just walk around holding our breath as we waited to hear back on different stuff. Wesley had the busiest season he’s had with his drone company and also a very busy season with his actual job job. And so at the beginning of September, I kinda purposed do my best to make sure the home front did not become an additional stress to him.

And it really was ok. October outdid itself and I spent much time writing lots of things to God and really felt held throughout the days.

But then there were still those days.

Like for instance when I came home from my dr appointment and afternoon in town and parked in my driveway and cried while a friend prayed for me miles away. (Long story but basically, I was craving time with Wes and really wanted him at my appointment with me and he couldn’t make it and I got nice and worked up. haha.) I held it together for the evening and then the next day was like, okay, I need to get this out. So I penned a lovely email to my dear husband letting him know all the feelings.

I didn’t hear back from him which kinda surprised me. At 4:45, I was outside with the kids and turned around to see them eating some berries in the yard. I went over to examine the berries and pulled them away. I texted a picture to my friend and she said, ‘poisonous, call poison control.’ The eldest got in the tub while I made my first call to poison control and as we were discussing what had just happened I heard the youngest in the other bathroom scooting something around that suspiciously sounded like Evelyn’s toilet. I made it to the doorway just as he attempted to empty the very full bowl into the toilet. And I continued to give more details to the very nice poison control lady while I watched pee flood the bathroom. Jack looked at me like, ‘darn it! That did not go well’. And then fussingly made his way toward me only to slip and fall in the pee.

Wesley walked in the door right as I had put Jack in the tub and was on my way to clean up the pee. He gave me a tentative, ‘heeeyyyyy!’ (we still had not had our come to jesus talk after all the feelings email) and I handed him the clippers and gave him a short rendition..children, berries, poisonous, poison control, jack, pee, everywhere, tub, get rid of berries.


Oh for the good ol days. And I have more of these! But that took awhile and I can’t remember the next one. So here’s what some more real life looked like in the duration.

Jack climbed from the tub into the sink while I was trying to have a moment with some hot tea. Ev had just climbed out herself to join me and ran to go check out what the funny noise was. She came running back to me, ‘MOM! Oh my goodness!! Jack is in the sink!.’

Can you say guardian angels? This one actually made me be like, oh my gosh!Super relaxing hair combing session. Nice socks Jack.

Another good idea Jack.

Waiting for Ev.

I texted this picture to my parents and was like, I don’t even care, I’m peacefully folding laundry. And then as soon as I hit send, I watched Jack carefully fill up a cup, carefully turn, and carefully dump it all over the floor. Scratch folding laundry.Really Ev? Why?But look. It was such a darling place to call home. I will forever be sentimental about the time spent here.

Oh wow. That’ll be just a great one to look back on through the years. Life with toddlers. Woot woot.

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hello beautiful 

One day in late August, when Wesley came home from work, I informed him that we had a slight problem. I was already nesting and their was nothing to nest. I wasn’t where I needed to be in the contentment department and told him I could get back to where I needed to be, I just wanted to let him know I was off in left field.

He responded by telling me to pick three or four houses off my real estate app and that we would go look at them over the weekend with our realtor . I was like what?! Are you serious?

We had tried to buy our little hills house again in June, and again, the family couldn’t get on the same page and turned us down. Throughout the two years spent there, Wes and I would go through spurts of real estate scanning but nothing ever serious. Usually we’d be scrolling and I’d show him something and he’d be like, ‘Kels, thats a dive.’ And then he’d show me something and I’d be like, ‘Wes, why are you looking at million dollar farms??’.

So I was pretty surprised that he trusted me to come up with three to four options that we’d actually agree on and spent the week feverishly browsing my app. I finally came to the conclusion that there wasn’t even one property I’d want to waste a realtor’s time with and that feverishly looking wasn’t helping. So I told Wes to tell our realtor to just keep his eye out for a cape cod with a garage and a sun room in our local town and gave up.

That Saturday, Wes and I and the kids drove around just to kind of get a feel for the area again and see different houses that had looked slightly interesting and see how far they felt off the main drag.

After around two hours, we were all about done and Wes asked me if there was anything else that I’d like to see.

‘Well, there was one more that was kinda interesting, let me pull up my app and see if I can find it.’

And I refreshed my page and this was the first thing I saw.

My jaw might have dropped, I might have heard some angels, and I might have said, ‘Why yes, there is one more I’d like to see.’

Five days later we had a contract on it. Sixty days later we called it home.

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So we’re moving. 

Indeed, if all goes well, we will close on our new house this Tuesday. And we’re both stoked and excited but before we go there, let’s talk about this last month and years at the hills house.

It’s really been a stunning October. And I can get a little sentimental. Most likely because it’s been absolutely gorgeous with few stink bugs and we’ve been soaking up the great outdoors. And the outdoors here is just truly lovely. This month gets all sorts of bonus points. But it’s been a month that potentially could have just felt like it was dragging by while we hop around impatiently waiting to move. And it hasn’t been like that. So I’ll lift two hands to praise. There’s been lots of gift days.

But I can also feel sentimental because these have been some really great years here. The first year particularly was probably the most relaxing of our marriage. We moved with our sweeter than sweet baby into a little slice of paradise. We left some homeowner stresses behind (ha, and now we’re stoked to take it on again), and for the first time in our life together, Wesley pretty much had a 7:30-5 job. He came home for lunch the majority of the time and I have flashbulb memories saved in my head of him and and Evelyn hanging up laundry on the line while I put lunch together. I distinctly remember thinking, ‘ahhh, this is the life.’

Then he bought a drone and M.A.P Drones was born. As was Jack. And the pace picked up a bit. But nevertheless, it’s been a beautiful couple years and we’ve absolutely loved living here. We’ve had wonderful neighbors, beautiful walks, visits with the cows and lots of exploring at the church across the street and down the road.

It’s just been a great spot with the cherubs and Wes. And I’m so grateful to God for dropping this little place into our laps and for the calm years we’ve had here to soak Him up, to slow down with the kids, and to just breathe. Lots of breathing done here. Full heart, thankful heart. And that’s an awesome song, go listen to it.

[Morning entertainment last week. They were truly providing me with some kodak moments. ]

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baby number 3

Gosh. Lots to talk about over here. But first, in case you missed it, I am indeed pregnant with baby number three. We told Evelyn after my first doctor appointment (which is a story in and of itself, I took both kids to my appointment by myself for my first exam; spread a blanket out, dumped some goldfish and some toys and hoped for the best). And telling Ev was just about the best thing ever.

She got to tell both sets of grandparents and that was funny. She was super intent on opening up some mail and dead panned, ‘Mama has a baby in her tummy,’ (tear tear the envelope). They were like, ‘what? Is she serious?’.

I’m due New Years Eve. I was discussing some pregnancy symptoms with Wes and realized the fun fact that I have been pregnant in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and judging by the fact the Jack was a day late, will be pregnant in 2017 as well. It sounds kinda like a lot.

We’re not finding out but I’m 90% sure it’s a girl. I wasn’t really surprised that Ev was a girl and that Jack was a boy. But I will be very surprised if this is a boy. I kind of want a brother for Jack, mainly because I see Wes with his brothers, and I don’t have a sister. So I just think that me and Ev can stick together and the boys can be boys. But since I’m so sure this is a girl, I am already wondering if we should have another to try for a brother.

And then I went to the doctor this week for my fourth ultrasound. And they want me to come back on Friday to see a specialist. And it’s not really stressful except who likes going to the doctor? The scenario is the same, baby breech, head measurement at zero percentile. Because they can see the patter, they are not concerned, just would like a specialists stamp of approval.

Since Jack was a successful VBAC, I’ve not really considered the possibility that this one won’t be too. And then I go in and keep hearing ‘breech,’ and I’m like oh gosh. What if…nope. Not going down that road. But it still toys around at the back of my brain. And so this week for the first time, I was like, wow, imagine if this was my last?

But. I’m doing my pilates. Jack flipped around thirty three weeks, and there’s plenty of time for this one to. I’m remembering that Jesus knows me and my desires. And I’m finding him reminding me that he’s with me.

Like on Monday. I had to get lab work done. I walked into the waiting room and began the check in process and immediately was drawn to the monologue happening over to my left. An older gentleman, who looked like your average Joe but didn’t necessarily act like it was cheerfully telling an older lady about his upcoming Halloween party. He was pretty thrilled to be dressing up as a sheriff and went on to detail different parts of his costume, including badge and hat and…He looked up and saw that there was another person to visit with and began to tell me about the black pants and shoes he was to wear and how he was going to wear his very own glasses and that I wouldn’t even be able to recognize him. I told him I probably wouldn’t.

And then he pulled out a couple fun facts about himself, including that he could sing songs in sign language.

I told him I liked sign language and asked what his favorite song was.

He beamed and proudly told me ‘Jesus Loves Me!’.

I said go for it and I’ll do it with you.

And so I stood at the sign in desk and he sat in his chair and began slowly saying the words. Jesus loves me. This I know. For the bible tells me so. Little ones to him belong. They are weak but he is strong. Yes. Jesus loves me. Yes. Jesus loves me. Yes. Jesus loves me. The bible tells me so.

And together we signed. And I had to blink a bit as he repeated, Jesus loves me.

And I’m pretty sure Jesus was there.

And here we are. One, two and three. 

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where i am a hero

I know, it’s not very exciting to read about me blabbing about my hero status, but I’m on a high from exercise endorphins and feel like this week deserves to be documented. Because after all, it’s not every week where I feel like I can put on my red dress and dance around like the emoticon lady. One recent Friday afternoon ended with both kids in the tub, Jack screaming bloody murder at me and me, dissolving into tears. True story. The next time the kids were in the bath and Jack angrily yelled at me, Ev looked nervously at me and asked if I was going to cry.

Haha. So. This week deserves to be fondly remembered. Last Sunday, Wes gave me the morning off and when I emerged from our bedroom at 10:00 he haggardly looked at me and was like, ‘oh my gosh! I’m so ready to go to work!’. Insert more laughter.

Perhaps with that in mind, I formulated a plan for the week, figured out what was going to be for dinner and then made a grocery list and headed to the store. Novel idea eh? Ah…It was transforming. Even though my little darlings turned their nose up at the amazing homemade mac and cheese I had lovingly prepared, I felt like a hero with my organized fridge and meals and leftovers and brain.

And in between all that goes on with little darlings, I packed the upstairs rooms, and have the basement 80% packed and cleaned and organized. Maybe even 90%. (Wait, why am I packing? Whoops, another blog another day). AND I’ve done prenatal pilates four times, once with the children and once with the whole family. And I pretty much feel like I could put my cape on and fly around.

So cheers to this feeling, be it ever so fleeting. Perhaps it’ll stick around because after all, I’ve already planned next weeks menu. Woot woot.

And to be noted, it was a stunning weather week, with only a touch of nicely seasonal gloom, the kids took some amazing naps, I talked on the phone to my dad for 30 uninterrupted minutes, a great friend for 52 minutes, had coffee and conversation with friends and decided to take a page from sister Em’s book and do Friday adventures. And so we ventured to Yoder’s to feed the goats and were all stoked when our favorite person was able to slip away and join us.

What a great week.

Ev feeling the baby kick and asking if I can show her the baby’s eyes on wifi. 

I told Ev we were going to her aunt and uncles house so she took it upon herself to get Jack dressed and chased him and cornered him until she succeeded. Classic firstborn.

He is incredibly patient.Yep. Good week.

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mornings with ev.

Mornings are not quite as interesting as they were back in early summer. So that’s nice. Generally, I hear Ev trot down the stairs. She runs into our room and checks on Wes’s side of the bed. If it’s during the week, he’s already gone and so she runs to the fridge and helps herself to a yogurt. Depending on the brand, I get a yogurt stuffed into my face with a whispered, ‘Mom. Can you open this?’. I generally do this with my eyes closed and she trots off to a various table to eat her yogurt.

She then hops in bed with me and gnaws on her blanket for 5-20 minutes. Then she whispers, ‘Mom. I’m ready to eat my cereal.’. I tell her to go get her bowl and then I blearily stumble from bed and pour the milk for her.

Things were much more entertaining back in the summer when I awoke with a jolt to hear her giving a tour of our refrigerator to someone on facetime. Insert all the horror and gasping emoticons. First thought was, ‘Oh please don’t let that be my former boss from Allstate’ whom she had just called the day before.

‘And here’s the ketchup and the juice and the milk and the chocolate and the…’

Oh my gosh!

I received these group emails later that morning.

So my phone started buzzing at 6:45 this morning.  I ignored the first buzz as I was enjoying sleeping in just a tad.  Finally after 4 ring cycles, I figured I should check it in case someone really needed to get a hold of us. So I picked it up and saw that it was Evelyn wanting to FaceTime!  I answered, and for 30 minutes we had a nice chat.🙂🙂 I asked about Mama and was told Mama is sleep.  Jack was apparently asleep too because I never saw him.  I also inquired about breakfast.  I then got an entire tour of the refrigerator, with each food item named: salsa, yogurt, milk, wine…absolutely hilarious.  In between all this chit chat she would intermittently say “Where is Uncle Dave?!”  I would find him for her and he would say HI EV!  We would go back to our visiting about Mimi, Granddad, Mimi’s garden, blackberries, etc.  and again she would ask about Uncle Dave.  “Is Uncle Dave drinking his coffee?”  I would say Yes, but I needed to SHOW that Uncle Dave was drinking coffee.  We visited about going to MeGee and Poppy’s house.  She is not driving there, she is flying on an airplane.  That’s right, I said.  And, flying is way better.  She also told me she wants to come to my house and THEN go to MeGee and Poppy’s house which I wholeheartedly supported.  I even said she could swim in my nice pool and play with some great toys. After about 20 minutes she said “I’ll let you go, I’m going to call Daddy”.  Apparently Daddy wasn’t available because I got another ring back and we visited another 10 minutes. 🙂

Oh yes we got it at 4:45 I showed her it was dark here and she informed me the sun was awake there and daddy told her to go to bed but she did not obey and everyone was “a sweep”. She wanted to see poppy and I informed her phone call woke him up so he was going to the bathroom and she wanted to see that. I politely declined. Glad the grandmother and aunt could keep the 2 year old entertained

The funny part was when she was talking to us we kindly suggested she call aunt Stacy. That aunt Stacy would luuve to visit with her right then. We didn’t even get a good bye. Click. That was 4:45 so she wasted no time   How does she know who to call?

Ah Ev. I think this will make me laugh for a long time.

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Sweet communion

Ahhh. There are few things more wonderful in life than watching your kids commune together. I’m all the sudden sensing all sorts of spiritual parallels here and I’ll let you noodle on those in your spare time.

After months of mom needing to be at the center of everything, I’m still just reveling every time I watch them entertain each other. They get such joy from the other and I just bask in it. True, much of their communion comes from food, but sometimes they just sit and laugh at each other. And I raise two hands in praise.

Gosh they make my day.

(You’ll also notice that occasionally, Jack does wear more than a diaper.)

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