and we’re home.

And just like that, we’re home. How does time fly so fast? I was talking to my cousin about our trip on the first weekend we were there and I told her that I just love the feeling of knowing the trip still stretches two weeks before you. And then suddenly you’re on the plane ride home. Little bit sad and hard to fathom.

Happily, we had the best travel day ever. We had a perfect layover in LA and then got on a new plane to head to Dulles. Jack took two good naps and Ev, without help or coaxing from us, eventually curled up, put her head on Wesley’s lap and fell to sleep for two hours. Each seat had a movie screen with free movies/tv/games and so we both watched a show and high fived over our sleeping children. Definitely a first.

We both really, really hate leaving Cayucos but it was a good feeling to be home. We had all Sunday to catch up on laundry and mail and such and… My friend was house sitting for me and had thoroughly cleaned my refrigerator and then purchased some basics for me. And then more wonderful people came over and filled it with manicotti and salad and bread and enchiladas and rice and beans and egg casserole and cinnamon rolls and pecan pie and coffee and bananas and cheerios and more.  And Wesley and I high fived more and were like dude! Our house is clean, our bills are paid, our kids are sleeping and we have a fridge full of awesome food. Best feeling ever.

And then we got ready to go a super bowl party and Ev looked so cute that Wes took her downstairs to take some pictures of her. Only she found the tripod. Soo.DSC_0349

DSC_0342 DSC_0341 DSC_0348 DSC_0355

Oh my heart. Also. Jack was pretty stoked to be home too. 


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The rest of the story. 

I try to limit the number of showers I take while on vacation-you know, California and the drought and such. But one morning I decided that it was probably that time so I hastened to the bathroom and turned on the water…and waited and waited and waited. I finally decided to re-robe and went out to ask about the hot water situation.

It was decided that something was wrong with the hot water heater. I kinda really needed a shower and mom kindly invited me to use the shower in the man cave. I was pretty excited as I had just been admiring the shower the day before, wondering if I’d ever get a chance to try it out.

So out the door, through the hedge and into the shower.

It was a great experience.

But in my exuberance to save water and turn the spout off, I went flying past the ‘stop’ point and all the way around and pretty much turned the handle 360 degrees.

And the water didn’t turn off. And it was stuck on freezing cold.

And so I stood in the freezing cold shower turning the handle back and forth, back and forth, trying to find a magic spot with my hopes of leaving the shower cleaner that I had found it dashed.

Finally I got out, re-robed and spotted a phone, called dad and told him my troubles.

‘Kels just put it back where you found it. Put the handle back to 6:00.’

‘Dad. It won’t turn off.’

‘6:00. Put it back where you found it.’

‘Can I talk to Wes?’

‘Just go turn it off Kels.’

With an eye roll I went back into the freezing cold shower that was just pouring out gallons of water and thought at least it’d been a nice amount of time since my last shower and so I was therefore just using up my previous not taken showers.

Back and forth went the handle for another two minutes until I got back out of the shower, re-robed and this time, facetimed Wes.

‘Here. 6:00. Where I found it. Still on.’

‘Do you really need me to come out there?’

‘Wesley! The shower is pouring out gallons of freezing cold water and I CAN’T TURN IT OFF!’

Hello? Is ANYONE hearing me?

Dad eventually turned off the water supply. Then jury rigged the shower so that while it was still on, it wasn’t pouring out water. He did this while texting me questions like, ‘If you were to guess, approximately how many thousands of times did you turn the handle around?’.

Hello. I was TRYING to put it back where I found it.

Then he called the shower company only to find out that the part was over in Germany and hadn’t even been made yet or something and that it would take three weeks to arrive.

And I covered my eyes and said, ‘oh my gosh.’ (Have I mentioned my parents really like their shower?).

And then miraculously, the part was discovered in San Luis.

And I covered my eyes and thanked my lucky stars.

And now you know…another story.

Now on to pictures of unrelated events!

Let the record show, we did go on one lunch date by ourselves. We also went to the grocery store one time and picked up groceries and a coffee. woot woot.

And here’s a picture taken by father while we were flying together. Not pictured are all the texts I sent Dad reminding him not to feed Jack ice cream, but to remember to give him a drink of water, and have you checked on Jack and if you go somewhere don’t forget to take a diaper with you.

The purple tub is always a hit.

Jack, you have the best goober face.

And Ev, you have the best gait, ever.       
Ev checking on the dog next door.  Mom gets five stars for all the help with the kiddos. There was a couple days in there when he was teething and averaging a one hour nap a day and he just about did us in.img_7846 img_7847Happily, a hike at the end of the day always refreshes the spirits.
Our customary last day of trip picture on the couch. Jack gets a lot of flack for his use of Ev’s sparkly red pacifier but I think he pulls it off nicely. Ev was not interested in airport good bye photos. 

   Journeys End, you are the best.

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My kids and my siblings. 

Because we only see each other about twice a year and these pictures make my day. e03ea4b4-8e69-4ebe-b992-7c35abf4d3b3 

Also. Jennifer taught Evelyn how to give Davey a wet willy. So that was pretty fantastic.

{insert laughing face}

And still there’s more to come!

See you tomorrow.

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Fun stuff. 

I kinda fussed during this vacation. I know. You can shake your head. Wes logged 24.6 hours in the airplane (plus travel time and study time) and I just plain missed being with him. And missed being with the four of us. It was all good and necessary and fine but it just definitely changed the dynamics of the trip.

So it’s really good for me to get on this here blog and type up all the fun times we had.

For instance, most nights when Davey and Jennifer were out, we’d all play a game together. Anyone heard of Quirkle? It’s a new favorite. I really like to win and so whenever I would get a quirkle, I’d say in this really annoying high pitched voice, ‘Quuuiiiirrrrkkkkle!.’ Really made my evening. Plus one of the game nights was with cousins that I’ve seen twice since I’ve been married. Plus a great round of moods. Wesley is very funny at a game of moods.

We had a big family dinner at the beginning of the trip with a bunch from my Dads side of the family and then the next couple days got to hang out at the beach with my cousins and their kids. This was really good. Throw in a date night with two of my cousins and their husbands and it was really, really good. 

  Gosh I love these pictures. 


 And does anyone remember Password? My parents game is probably from the sixties. It’s like taboo but you only get one clue. We played in teams of couples and Mom and Jennifer and Wesley were trying to get Dad, Davey and me to guess the word ‘etiquette.’ Jennifer started out with ‘manners.’  And then Wesley went next with criiiicccckkkkkeeettttt (implied that cricket rhymes with word we’re guessing). We really wondered if mom was going to be ok. She nearly fell off her chair she was laughing so hard. For about five minutes. It took us awhile to get ‘etiquette.’

Speaking of mom. She has this really beautiful sweater that I wanted to wear for family photos. And so when we arrived, it was nicely delivered to me. Jennifer was like, ‘whaaattt?! I love that sweater!’ and promptly got on ebay to search for it. So I got as much mileage out the sweater as possible and wore it many a time.

We met Davey and Jennifer at a crowded restuarant and right off the bat I noticed that Jennifer was wearing a top of my moms so I pointed at her with my mouth open like, ‘whaaattt?!’ And she in return pointed at me with her mouth open like, ‘whaaat?!’. I was like no, I’m pointing at you because you’re wearing my moms shirt. She was like, yeah, I’m pointing at you because you’re wearing your mom’s shirt.

I looked down and sure enough, I was again, wearing mom’s beautiful sweater. So then I laughed and laughed and laughed and told mom it was a good sign when her daughters wanted her clothes. 

 And speaking of Davey and Jennifer, they introduced us to the Morro Bay Aquarium. Jack and Evelyn were mildly terrified by the seals but us four adults were greatly amused and Ev eventually decided they were kind of funny. You can ask her what they say and what they do and you just might get a little performance. Jack also mimics them very nicely. 

 And that’s a wrap for now.


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Flying with wes

So Wesley really wanted me to go flying with him. And since I had not seen much of him (truly), and we’d be flying with his instructor, and I knew it would actually be a good experience, I girded up the loins of my spirit (haha, sorry, just popped out) and went with him.

I went with great butterflies. Wesley asked me as we walked into the flight school, ‘are you really nervous?’.

‘Wes, consider yourself in the passenger seat of a car with Evelyn in the driver seat.’.

He was greatly insulted.


Here’s my, ‘here goes nothing’ look as we taxied onto the runway.

And first glimpse of the Pacific.img_7822

Here’s that un-retractable landing gear that I was so nervous about. 

And it really was a great experience. Wesley flew the best he’s ever flown with me in the backseat. And I was quite impressed with his landings. And. Did I mention my dad watched the kids all by himself? Including changing dirty diapers and taking kids to the bathroom. Three cheers for poppi!

And nice flying Wes. 

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My kids and my grandparents. 

When I was a kid I used to get kind of sad thinking that my kids would never get to know my grandparents. I guess I just assumed that I wouldn’t have kids while they still lived on this Earth. My dad is the baby of the family and I’m in the younger set of grandkids, my Grampa has been a cancer survivor for thirty four years now, and he’ll be turning 90 years old this month!

And so I consider it a pretty big blessing whenever I see my kids with my grandparents. Ev knows who they are and calls them both something like, ‘pampa.’ She gives Grampa high fives/handshakes and tells him to ‘sit side Ello.’ And she takes Grama’s hand and pulls her down toward the beach.  


 I love having these moments to capture.

More to come!


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to hike or not to hike.

That was the question and don’t ask me why I responded with such vim and vigor. I hardly recognize myself. I’m just pretty much solid muscle now.


So back in November I decided I was going to get in shape so I could go on hikes with my family instead of just passing out alongside the trail. Seriously, go look at this post and die laughing at the second picture posted. I’m just not a natural hiker. At all.

So I biked 18 miles in November.

And did some pilates in December. With the idea that maybe I could make my leg muscles figure out what they were supposed to be doing.

And began hiking within 24 hours of our arrival. And had to take who knows how many breaks where I would find a rock and just sprawl out. My legs did ok. My lungs did not. I really dislike cardio.

And so I’m at 29 miles. It’s exactly one mile from Journeys End to the top of the Cayucos Hill. Works out pretty well. I’ve missed one day and only made it halfway up the hill one night due to the mountain lion tracks we spotted which scared me half to death.

And I’m pretty darn impressed with myself.

And I’m still the slowest hiker you’ll meet.



Three cheers all around.

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