Pregnancy. Exercise. Cold. What?

Upon arriving home from California, I ventured off to my next doctor appointment to check up on bebe. There I learned that Bebe was still breech (I kinda wanted to cry but eventually was able to find thankfulness and hope), and that I had basically gained twelve pounds while vacationing in dear old California. Whoops. But gosh, what wondrous food.

So. I decided that it might be time to see if I could exercise some self control, and not do any of my favorite baking until my next doctor appointment.

Now, I know you’re not supposed to think more highly of yourself than you ought, but I think pretty darn highly of my baking abilities. And oh the dreams of dudes and melt aways and lemon pound cake. But perseverance produces character, and character, hope. And so I soldier on.

I also decided that if the weather warmed up to forty degrees, I would go outside for a mile walk. If the weather would not cooperate, I’d do a yoga DVD.

I got maybe three walks in.

And then this happened.

For like, weeks. And I realized that I didn’t even have a way of doing a DVD exercise as we are currently computer less. So about that exercise…

I decided to exercise the power of prayer and a little prayer group formed of California to Virginia transplants as we persevered to cheerfully make it through that week with the 10 degree high.

I also got in touch with another California transplant who has resided in Detroit, Michigan for the past two months. “Jane,” I said, “tell me your secrets. I desperately need them this week.”

And then what do you know. The sun broke through and it warmed up to 50 on Sunday. And so I posted this image on IG of myself sunbathing and we all chuckled together.

And then the three of us got out of the house and ventured around town and they really just make everything better.

It’s freezing again, high of 27, and I’m currently dragging around chairs to various sun streaming locations and puttering around with my little plants.

I seriously almost cried when I saw the first bud on my lantana.

Yep, I’m a tiny bit crazy.

March, come quickly.

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Bee it ever so bumble.

There’s no place like comb.

That would be a direct quote from Cheaper by the Dozen.

And yes. This post should have been posted weeks ago but you know how it goes. One thing leads to another, we find out our computer is a refurbished computer instead of brand new, send it back to Amazon and are still waiting for the replacement. And I just really don’t enjoy typing on iPhones or the like. So this might be brief.

Our last week in San Luis was lovely. Wes and I left Ev overnight for the first time and journeyed over to Avila, where we had begun our honeymoon six years ago. (What?) I had a hard time not thinking about the little cherub the whole time, but as I was contemplating, realized that in 20ish years, it’ll be back to just me and Wes. That was a rather novel and startling thought and helped me to focus on enjoying the getaway.

But of course it was delightful to get back to the cherub. She learned how to say banana while we were gone and it’s one of the more adorable things. IMG_5253



Wes got in a lot of hiking and while my parents offered to push me up the hills, I declined. It did look rather stunning in pictures and, in Wesleys rather amazing video of the central coast. Have I mentioned he has a drone? He came home drooling a few months ago over some drone video and I rolled my eyes and told him to sell one of our four cars before purchasing his toy. Our beloved 1998 forester immediately departed from us and next thing I knew, Wes was hyperventilating over packages arriving from Amazon. He and his coworker ran over to his moms house where they thought the drone had mistakenly been delivered, tore into the box only to find a bunch of those coffee pods and a digital wall clock. I laughed and laughed when he told me, imagining their excitement level and then utter chagrin at discovering coffee pods. Oh it still makes me laugh. But all that to say, I’ve been pretty darn impressed with the movies he’s put together. If you haven’t seen this one, I personally think it’s worth your four minutes.
We arrived home after a very smooth day of traveling, sank into our bed, said, ‘ahhh’, (twin beds + tall people = lots of appreciation for own bed), and recounted our trip highlights.

We loved watching Ev love the beach and charge into the water. I don’t think I would describe her as adventurous and so it was great to watch her expand her world.

We were incredibly thankful for the time with the family. Three weeks is a long time and I think we all still liked each other at the end. And that feels pretty impressive.

Overall, to have the opportunity to hibernate to California for three weeks in such a beautiful location just is pretty amazing. So we came home with happy hearts and a stock pile of vitamin d. And now we’re just holding on to that pretty darn tightly as we watch the 10 day forecast and hope for March.

Hugs and love.

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well east coast girls are hip.

I really dig those styles they wear.

Sorry. It’s the only intro I could come up with at 2 am. And then it just stayed on repeat for forever.

However. It is true. I feel like you have to think so much more about clothes on the east coast. Hats? Gloves? Scarves? Coats? Vests? Boots? How many layers?

I brought two pairs of shorts here and my morning routine usually is, ‘which color shall I wear today?!’. Usually its whichever one I can find in the disaster zone that is our bedroom. Think two twins pushed together, one pack and play, a too small dresser, suitcase, drone, stools and the like. We’re now at the Pacific house in San Luis and accommodations are a bit smaller.

But it makes me laugh. I’ll see girls walking down the street in boots, jeans, fur trimmed coat and I just want to be like, ‘sorry darling. It’s 75 and sunny out.’

And none of this really has any point, it was just the 2 am thing. And we are headed home on Sunday and Monday’s high is 29 and snowing. So I probably just have the weather on my mind.

IMG_5254For instance, Ev got too hot in this outfit. Actually, come to think of it, so did I. Wes had to switch places with me at the lunch table because I was about to have a heat stroke.

But enough of weather. Let’s just look at 100 beautiful beach pictures.IMG_5125 Did I mention that Wes left during week 2 and flew back to Virginia to work a couple days?


His last couple days with us were absolutely glorious and I tried to just soak them up and pretend he wasn’t leaving. But I’m kind of a wimp. And then away he flew and I hunkered down mentally and did my best to focus on living in the moment and not the what if moment and enjoying each day.IMG_5117And luckily, Cayucos is a pretty wonderful place to do that.





IMG_5192These three make me laugh and were a great distraction. Pretty sure Evelyn thinks her aunt is pretty cool.IMG_5237IMG_5156And then he was back.IMG_5258And gosh. It was lovely. And I rejoiced. And prayed ‘thank you’ about 100 times.


It’s interesting being here for three weeks. (Definitely our longest trip). I wondered if we’d all kinda get in each others hair and everyone (including us) would be ready for us to ship out. I’m not sure about everyone else but I’m not feeling a desperate need to get back in our little hills house. Might have something to do with the forecast.

But neither am I depressed at the thought of leaving. Although you can ask me again on Sunday morning. I kinda feel like at some point we should probably head on back and the best news is that it will be February! And the incredibly long, cold month of January will be behind us. And it will have been spent in just a wondrous place.

So that’s been an interesting ponder.

East coast friends, it’ll be delightful to see you again. And west coast friends, it’s been delightful running into you.

And I’ll probably see you all again next week in snowy Virginia with at least one more photo dump of this lovely vacation.


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the last time I was here…

Here, as in here in California at the beach, it was for my little brothers wedding.


Truly a top ten day.



IMG_4695IMG_4702It was a spectacular day filled with love, family and friends. The ceremony was beautiful and the groomsmen reported of a couple stopping by on the pier to listen in. Next thing you know, they had their arms around each other and were weeping. Since I had my back to the pier I can’t verify but it does make a good story.2015/01/img_4690.png2015/01/img_4691.pngBeautiful expressions from bridesmaids and groomsmen. Some brought down the house, others had folks surreptitiously wiping their eyes. Like this guy.2015/01/img_4692.pngCan anyone guess if I like the microphone?2015/01/img_4693.pngDavey and Jennifer’s dance was absolutely adorable.  2015/01/img_4694.pngPerhaps our dancing would be better classified as exuberant.2015/01/img_4703.pngSuch love.2015/01/img_4704.pngAnd such a great day.

This was also the day I found out I was pregnant.

ha! Bet you weren’t expecting that line.

I wasn’t either. chuckle.

Perhaps I should clarify. We were hoping and praying for another bebe to join the ranks but when the day comes that you say, um, pretty sure there’s a bebe growing inside of me…it just blows me away. Quite a miracle.

A couple months later, Ev sent out an email that read…

Because I am cute
And oh so much fun,
My mom said hey!
I want another one!

066_K0264EvelynThere’s two babes here
In this picture you see.
I’m out in front
But there’s one behind me!

It might be a boy,
Might be a girl,
But if I see mom get sick again,
I’m gonna hurl. ;)

Right now our house
Is mostly peace and quiet.
I know a brother
Will probably bring a riot. ;)

This sibling is due
Sometime in May.
My parents say woot!
Yip skip hurray!

So that gives you most of the details. I’m 24 weeks along, bebe is due May 14 and we’ll find out somewhere around then if it’s a boy or a girl. I think it’s a boy. I have been quite a bit sicker with this one and a memory that I will always hold on to is the times I’ve been kneeling in front of the porcelain throne losing it while Ev cheerfully stands next to me and unravels all the toilet paper. Makes me smile. But. I have been doing absolutely peachy these past few weeks.

We went in for an ultrasound at 21 weeks and it felt a bit like same song, second verse. This bebe is also in a frank breech position and my first reaction was one of resignation. But then I remember that 50% of babies are in this position at 22 weeks and just because Ev never budged doesn’t mean this one won’t. In fact, I feel like this ones done about 100 somersaults since we’ve arrived here, often using my bladder as a spring board. Such fun.

I believe the announcement surprised one set of parents and not so much other. We told Wesley’s parents we were taking Ev in for her one year check up and when we saw them the next day, they asked what the doctor said. And Wes pulled out the sonogram picture. It was pretty good. We facetimed my parents (I wasn’t ready to let them in on the secret at Davey’s wedding at approximately 5 weeks along) and while chatting, messaged them the picture. That was fun too.

A park day was arranged one sunny day and I strolled up to each of my friends and showed them my picture. And got quite a variety of reactions, disbelief to laughter to tears. And that was rather fun as well.

Feeling richly blessed and very thankful. Ev’s doing quite well taking care of her doll and the thought of her captivated by a sibling rather melts my heart.

Lots of love.

(All pictures by Lisa Maksoudian Photography)

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oh what fun it is to fly…

I am very thankful for air travel. We are in California and we arrived when we were supposed to! Rather amazing. It still can be a bit of a process but then I think of the Oregon Trail and things slip back into perspective. But I’ll tell you about the process regardless.

We flew out of Dulles and decided to spend the night at a hotel for free parking and shuttle service. Wes booked this a couple weeks ago but when we arrived, no beds were available. Wes looked at them and they managed to find one. Two twins stuck together. Ev had a pack and play but was appropriately leery of the set up so we brought her into bed with us.

I’m sure you remember when the major rage was planking. But I’m not sure if you’ve heard of whaling. It looks something like this. I demonstrated this trend to a friend and in the midst of my whaling, her husband walked by. And then questioned my mental and social capabilities.

Whaling best describes Evelyn’s actions while in bed with us.

So we had that for about an hour before finally all falling asleep into a deep sleep. This was cruelly interrupted at 2:21 am by the desk clerk calling our room just to see if anyone was in there. Oh such anger surging through my soul. Due to a cold and a cough, I have to find the exact perfect position to sleep so that I do not sneeze or hack up a lung, thus waking the whaling baby in the bed.This perfect position became elusive, causing me to only doze until the alarm went off at 5:45.

Typical long lines for checking in bags. Airport sign saying east security wait 15 minutes long, west security wait 4 minutes long. We walked a quarter mile to west security only to find it closed. Walked back to east security. Fifteen minute wait. Wesley’s shoes set up a smell alarm. (What?) Stroller had to do a wipe down. Drone had to be checked out. Backpack had to be searched. I decided to head towards gate and miraculously noticed there’d been a gate change. From the C wing to the D wing. Kind of a major deal. Run back to tell Wes. Get on the shuttle with Ev. Arrive at an absolutely empty gate. Everyone is on plane or in jetway. Ask if I can wait for my husband to board. Nervously text Wes.

We made it. All was fine. But oh, what a wonderful feeling to get up in the air and leave it all behind. Note to self and all friends: when traveling from Dulles, give yourself two hours. I was so incredibly relieved we’d gotten there early.

We are having a wonderful time. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Ev’s amazing us by getting her adventure on. I’m making sure I get in at least a two mile walk per day. (Go me.) Dogs. Birds. Beach. Gasping. Iced coffees and cookies. Drones. Fish tacos.

It’s been great.IMG_5095 IMG_5101 IMG_5110IMG_5115IMG_5114Love and hugs to all. Especially to those in that gloomy (so I hear) land we left behind. Sending you sunshine.

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shout out to 2014.

Well before this year goes c’est la vie I thought I’d better dole out some recognition.

So, most recently, shout out to my parents who celebrated thirty years of marriage a couple days ago. woot.

IMG_3114Happy to call them mine.

And a shout out to my brother who graduated from Cal Poly with a bachelors in biochemistry. Very impressive.


And to his amazing wife who created the periodic table of elements out of mini cupcakes for his party. Can you say wow? (zoom in)


Did I mention that they also got married this year? Shout.

IMG_4693(photo cred Lisa Maksoudian)

Shout out to the great move that took place in June, transferring us from the daffodil house to the hills house. We adore it here.IMG_2414And shout out to this little missy who made 2014 simply the best.



And who had a very busy morning.

Happy new year!






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Charleston and back.

A couple weeks ago, I leaned over to see Wes on Amtrak’s website. ‘We going somewhere?’ I asked. He told me his idea, I thought it sounded brilliant and on Thursday we boarded a train with some friends bound for Charleston, South Carolina./home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/c14/17142873/files/2014/12/img_5035.jpg

What a great trip. I was a bit nervous in the days preceding due to Ev and I feeling somewhat rocky. I’m not sure if it was just an answer to prayer or sunshine, exercise and fresh air, but it was just what we needed./home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/c14/17142873/files/2014/12/img_5042.jpg

And it greatly exceeded our expectations. The weather was brilliant, everything was much older than I realized, the places to walk were beautiful…a charming place all around. We walked over ten miles in two days. We thought our thighs were going to fall off. Our friends were like, ‘huh? sore? thighs? what? nope.’. I about died. But it was great./home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/c14/17142873/files/2014/12/img_5043.jpg

We took a carriage ride through the city, learned a bit of history. Ev chucked a shoe out the side and we walked back a couple blocks and found it in the middle of the road. That was fun treasure hunt. Lovely swinging benches. Lovely parks. A very stroller friendly and dog friendly town. Ev was delighted with all the animals. Her giggle when horses came down the street verged on the hysterical. Here she is mid gasp./home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/c14/17142873/files/2014/12/img_5037.jpg

It was a ‘firsts’ trip for us. First time to Charleston. First time to go on a vacation with friends (other than camping). First time to do anything like this with Ev. And we’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Thankful for the time, glorious weather, friends, health and safety.

And thankful to be home. Ev’s been giggling with delight all morning.

And now to attack the disaster zone that is my bedroom.

Hugs and love to you all.



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