Ev’s tricks. 

Because when it’s a rainy and cold day, and poppi and megee won’t answer facetime, we take selfies of our tricks and then text them over.

This also seemed like great baby book material.

(Can anyone say first child?).

So. Without further ado.

Where’s your teeth?




What does curious George do?

(Curious George covers his eyes and plays hide and seek with the bunny).

Not pictured are tongue and belly button and hair.

She is also a huge fan of high fives. Particularly enjoys high fiving with her friends Zoe and Jaden.

Standing up is a huge trick, normally only done when she’s hyper, crazy or tired but becoming a little bit more of a common occurrence.

If asked where Moma’s baby is, she lifts up my shirt and now pats my belly. (Previously, she only stabbed my belly button.) She gets the biggest kick out of this and throws her head back and laughs after saying hi to the baby. I’d love to know how much she grasps.

I love how she marches to the beat of her own drum.  When we were thinking about when baby number two could come along, I was watching all of Ev’s older friends and kinda judging their independence levels: when did they walk, when did they feed themselves, etc. And decided, oh sure, she’ll be little miss independent by 18 months.

And maybe she will be. That’s a little over a month away. And lot’s can change in a month. But for now, we chuckle at how she marches through life. If it’s a social setting, she’s pretty much stuck to her parents (or grandparents if they’re there). If she’s playing with other kids, it’s kinda like the tortoise and the hare. Except I don’t think she ever wins any races. She and her cousin were going crazy last night. He was running back and forth and she was crawling madly after him; kinda looked like he was taking his dog for a run.

She’s a hoot. And we think she’s pretty darn adorable.

Love to you all on this first day of spring and let us all rejoice in tomorrow’s weather. (Except for my dear Boston friend.  I’ve been keeping an eye on your weather and in case you didn’t know, more snow’s coming your way. But after that there’s sun!)




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i’m a rockstar.

I have this friend who exercises about like me. As in, ‘hey, we should get together and exercise because we’re weak sauce!’. la la la. And that’s as far as we get.

So back in February when I ordered my prenatal yoga DVD, I texted her, knowing she’d be proud of me. ‘Cancel your order!’, she quickly texted back, ‘I ordered one when I was pregnant and never even took it out of the package!’.

Ah. Friends are the best. So. She gave it to me. And a week or so ago, I finally got my computer back. And then a couple days later, I realized I had a brand new DVD waiting to be discovered.

So last Friday, I popped it in and did two segments of Pilates for flexibility, (it seemed by far the easiest). And then I did it again. And again. And was like, ‘wow! this is my kind of exercise!’. There’s five ten minute workouts you can do; I had done four of them and had never even gotten up off the floor! And such a feeling of accomplishment when a ten segment clip is done.

I went to a party and was telling my friends about how awesome I was for doing three segments of Pilates for flexibility and how the lady who teaches it is 36 weeks pregnant, incredibly graceful, with beautifully toned arms (I’ve always admired toned arms), and maybe by the time I get to 36 weeks I’ll be toned and graceful. (Right now I’m pretty sure I look like a drunk person waving their arms around. Wes did a couple segments with me once and I had to make him move behind me because I was laughing too much at his gracefulness. So I can only imagine myself. Also. Rockstar husband who does prenatal pilates with his wife).

So my lovely friends laughed and encouraged and then one warned, with a serious expression, not to bulk up too much because manly arms aren’t cool.

I wheezed a bit and thought she must have never seen this picture I posted.IMG_4628My poor noodles. (She did laugh when I showed her what happened when I flexed my left arm. Nothing happened. Nothing has ever happened when I flex my left arm. I do have a small baked potato in my right.)

So I’ve faithfully pilated for six days now. I was seriously thankful I didn’t have dumbbells but unfortunately mentioned this to my sister in law, who has toned arms and an extra set of dumbbells. She generously donated them to the cause. So far, I’ve made Wesley use them.

Because right now, I’m feeling less like a rockstar, and pretty much just sore.

ha ha ha.

Off I go! To gracefully wave my noodles around!

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the entertainer

Oh you dear people who tell me that I make you laugh. You just make my day. (thank you relatives ;).

I also hope this is going through your head.

I just took a personality test. Wes helped me answer honestly. I had to ask if I irritate easily. He said yes. I sadly concurred. Anyways, my results were something like esfp-THE ENTERTAINER.

And I wasn’t sure I bought it because I just read Donald Miller’s new book, Scary Close, and he talks about how we all have our true self and then we wrap that with something that we want everyone to see. And he puts on the Entertainer. And I said, ‘hmm. Wonder if I do that?’

Then I thought about this here blog and how much it entertains me (I’m easily entertained), and then how happy I feel when it makes someone else chuckle. So maybe I do just like to entertain.

And that’s about all the time I’ll spend analyzing myself. You can let me know if you have any deep insight.

I went to a baby shower for a friend the other day.

I made a new friend.

I told a friend I’d someday like to pull her pants off. I tried to shove the words back in my mouth but they were already out. (I meant pull off the style, not literally pull off the pants. Fail).

I watched my friend (30 weeks pregnant) due a crazy dance and then dive around me to reach the coffee dispenser. Another friend had just poured a whole gallon of iced coffee into the dispenser and the nozzle thing was wide open. She had calmly walked away while coffee just streamed out.

I glared at my friends as I hopped around on one leg like a flamingo gripping my charlie horse as they asked, ‘oh really kels? tell us more. like which leg is bothering you?’.

And I nearly made my friend have kittens as we drove home together and I pondered the meaning of the blinking yellow light as I sat in the middle of the intersection. Then I gunned it and we squealed to the left. Wesley later told me it meant proceed slowly, then yield. whoops.

Baby showers aren’t usually quite that entertaining.

Congratulations friend.

My personal entertainer.


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me and the bebes.

I know. These are everyone’s favorite posts. But my poor children don’t have baby books. So there you have it. I didn’t even save a clipping from Evelyn’s first haircut. (gasp). I couldn’t figure out what I would do with it. Have you ever seen your hair from your first hair cut? I haven’t and so far don’t feel too damaged and hope Ev feels the same way.

So. Ev and I (and bebe) went in for check ups today. As you may remember,I gained 12 pounds in the month of January and was trying to not go for a repeat in February. I’ve gone five long weeks without baking a dear cookie or lemon pound cake or muddy buddies and exercised maybe five days with this in mind (ha). So I was a little interested in the scaling department. You can guess how much weight I gained. It made me laugh. But now, they’re having me come back because my measurements are off. I’m not sure what all this means except maybe eat more cookies?

The doctor did inform me that it had been a long time since she’d seen as good a blood count as mine. I’m not sure what they were counting but it made me feel good and I applauded my blood.

And the bebe is breech.

After a delightful lunch in the warm sun, we headed over to Ev’s doctor appointment. She was not a fan. No thank you to her personal space being invaded. Stethoscopes were of the devil, ear checking devices were torture, weight check (19 lbs, 21%) and height check (30 in, 14%) were insulting. She pretty much found it all awful. She had calmed down nicely with her dad and was looking for birdies out the window when the nurse came back in and she looked at me and her face just fell and her lip started quivering and it was very sad.

But we all survived. We talked about Ev’s extensive vocabulary, (banana and please), her walking (as in not) and I read about how 15-18 month olds should be helping brush their own teeth (a total of 8). And said oh dear.

I came home with the intention of whipping up some cookies, but about passed out when I walked into the house due to either the dead mouse in the pot of water on the porch, the smell of diapers, or pregnancy. Most likely a combination of the three. So instead I went around opening windows, spraying odor eliminator, emptying trashcans, getting rid of mouse, cleaning kitchen, and telling Ev not to throw her blanket out of her crib. Then I sat outside with an iced latte and ate an energy ball (the only way I’ve made it without baking) and read a book and smiled.

It was a good day.

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In like a lion. 

Hello dear friends! It’s March!! And it matters not that tomorrow’s high is 28* and the low is 7* and that we’re supposed to get four to eight inches of snow because just like the watchman who waits for the dawn, or the heroes of Hebrews 11 who looked towards an eternal land, I’ve been keeping a sharp eye on the ten day weather and am happy to report that the end is near! In like a lion, out like a lamb! Right?

And don’t you just love it when people tell you what your weather is like as if you have no idea? Or am I the only one who obsessively stalks the weather page? Before we had smart phones, dad liked to pull the weather up on his phone and inform us: Ruckersville, 34*. Cayucos, 72*. Poi’pui, 81*. And I’d be like, ‘thank you dad.’ Grampa often leaves voice messages giving me a play by play of the weather in my town for the day. But I know that he is honestly concerned for my sanity and will most likely be praying for my state of mind and it makes me smile. A couple weeks ago, right before we dipped down into the negative digits, my FIL asked if Wesley had let me know that it was supposed to get really cold. I was like. Um. Pretty sure I’m finding out these things by myself. 

And now I’m passing it on by putting the Boston weather on my phone so I can tell my friend who just moved there when she can expect more snow. I’m sure she’ll appreciate the favor. 

Heh. But. Moving on to things beside the weather.  My parents come back in three weeks. Ev will be 17 months old. I wonder if the cherub will be walking by then. When Cody and Tessa were puppies, we’d begin teaching them a new trick and they’d realize what we were about to do and run away. Evs very similar. She knows what standing up and walking means and if you ask her if she wants to do 1,2,3 stand up and walk (holding our hands) she shakes her head, burrows down and refuses to straighten her legs if you attempt to ‘help’ her stand up. Goose.

A rather adorable goose.

We both were supposed to go to dr appointments tomorrow for check ups but because we’re both going in to week three of colds plus less than ideal road conditions, I rescheduled. I took this picture months ago and it’s pretty much how I would describe our winter and what I wake up to. 

At times, I can get a little depressed as I continue to carry around tissue boxes from room to room. But it can’t last forever, right?

Last Friday, we left Ev with her grands and met some friends at the rock and worship road tour. What a hoot. I sang around mouthfuls of cough drops and had a blast. Matt Maher is pretty much my favorite. His new song, ‘because he lives‘, makes me want to get my Maria Von trap on and go twirling in a field, rejoicing. 

Anything else? Oh yes. On Saturday, a bunch of us couples got together for our third annual soup and pie night. It was sort of a date night and many of the kids were being baby sat. This allowed for some great visiting and many a belly laugh as we played the fabulous game of telephone charades. Another major hoot. You should try it sometime. 

And I believe that’s all for now. Thankful for friends, for many answered prayers this week, for these two, and for the coming spring!


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Pregnancy. Exercise. Cold. What?

Upon arriving home from California, I ventured off to my next doctor appointment to check up on bebe. There I learned that Bebe was still breech (I kinda wanted to cry but eventually was able to find thankfulness and hope), and that I had basically gained twelve pounds while vacationing in dear old California. Whoops. But gosh, what wondrous food.

So. I decided that it might be time to see if I could exercise some self control, and not do any of my favorite baking until my next doctor appointment.

Now, I know you’re not supposed to think more highly of yourself than you ought, but I think pretty darn highly of my baking abilities. And oh the dreams of dudes and melt aways and lemon pound cake. But perseverance produces character, and character, hope. And so I soldier on.

I also decided that if the weather warmed up to forty degrees, I would go outside for a mile walk. If the weather would not cooperate, I’d do a yoga DVD.

I got maybe three walks in.

And then this happened.

For like, weeks. And I realized that I didn’t even have a way of doing a DVD exercise as we are currently computer less. So about that exercise…

I decided to exercise the power of prayer and a little prayer group formed of California to Virginia transplants as we persevered to cheerfully make it through that week with the 10 degree high.

I also got in touch with another California transplant who has resided in Detroit, Michigan for the past two months. “Jane,” I said, “tell me your secrets. I desperately need them this week.”

And then what do you know. The sun broke through and it warmed up to 50 on Sunday. And so I posted this image on IG of myself sunbathing and we all chuckled together.

And then the three of us got out of the house and ventured around town and they really just make everything better.

It’s freezing again, high of 27, and I’m currently dragging around chairs to various sun streaming locations and puttering around with my little plants.

I seriously almost cried when I saw the first bud on my lantana.

Yep, I’m a tiny bit crazy.

March, come quickly.

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Bee it ever so bumble.

There’s no place like comb.

That would be a direct quote from Cheaper by the Dozen.

And yes. This post should have been posted weeks ago but you know how it goes. One thing leads to another, we find out our computer is a refurbished computer instead of brand new, send it back to Amazon and are still waiting for the replacement. And I just really don’t enjoy typing on iPhones or the like. So this might be brief.

Our last week in San Luis was lovely. Wes and I left Ev overnight for the first time and journeyed over to Avila, where we had begun our honeymoon six years ago. (What?) I had a hard time not thinking about the little cherub the whole time, but as I was contemplating, realized that in 20ish years, it’ll be back to just me and Wes. That was a rather novel and startling thought and helped me to focus on enjoying the getaway.

But of course it was delightful to get back to the cherub. She learned how to say banana while we were gone and it’s one of the more adorable things. IMG_5253



Wes got in a lot of hiking and while my parents offered to push me up the hills, I declined. It did look rather stunning in pictures and, in Wesleys rather amazing video of the central coast. Have I mentioned he has a drone? He came home drooling a few months ago over some drone video and I rolled my eyes and told him to sell one of our four cars before purchasing his toy. Our beloved 1998 forester immediately departed from us and next thing I knew, Wes was hyperventilating over packages arriving from Amazon. He and his coworker ran over to his moms house where they thought the drone had mistakenly been delivered, tore into the box only to find a bunch of those coffee pods and a digital wall clock. I laughed and laughed when he told me, imagining their excitement level and then utter chagrin at discovering coffee pods. Oh it still makes me laugh. But all that to say, I’ve been pretty darn impressed with the movies he’s put together. If you haven’t seen this one, I personally think it’s worth your four minutes.
We arrived home after a very smooth day of traveling, sank into our bed, said, ‘ahhh’, (twin beds + tall people = lots of appreciation for own bed), and recounted our trip highlights.

We loved watching Ev love the beach and charge into the water. I don’t think I would describe her as adventurous and so it was great to watch her expand her world.

We were incredibly thankful for the time with the family. Three weeks is a long time and I think we all still liked each other at the end. And that feels pretty impressive.

Overall, to have the opportunity to hibernate to California for three weeks in such a beautiful location just is pretty amazing. So we came home with happy hearts and a stock pile of vitamin d. And now we’re just holding on to that pretty darn tightly as we watch the 10 day forecast and hope for March.

Hugs and love.

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