On the banks. 

 Hello friends. The other Saturday, we loaded up in the car and headed for the outer banks.

We had one hot day, one in between day, and then gale force winds days.

Luckily, our cottage by the sea provided ample roaming grounds.

 We went with Wesley’s family which meant there were two toddlers in the house. ( They are eight days apart and will turn two this month.) I was pretty impressed with how they got along, better than I expected. They, of course, made me laugh. Ev’s cousin J was hanging out playing in a corner counting from one to thirteen and saying things like ‘goodness gracious’. And I’m like, ‘Hey Ev. Can you say mama?’. 

haha. (Since coming home from the beach she has mastered mama, dada, and goldfish, her most used word).

Jack about did us in at night. He’d awake every three hours or so, just to holler his head off to make sure we knew he was still there. Such a pleasure. Mercifully, we were the only ones who could hear his dulcet tones.

After watching endless games of pool I announced that next year, I voted for a ping pong table instead of pool. They informed me that the ping pong table was in the garage. Oh. I said. And so we had some rousing games of ping pong. What I lack in skill, I make up for in volume.

And just like that, we were on the road back. Where we determined that traveling for five hours with small children is not for the faint of heart.

Did I mention we’re flying to Boston in three weeks?

Oy vey.

Can’t wait!

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let’s talk.

Hello friends. I’m back.

First let’s talk about my seven year anniversary. This happened to be the day of the latest and greatest band of brothers concert. Which was made possible by lots of lovely people and I’m going to guess about fifteen hours of practice.

So. We put the kids down for an early nap so that we could go out to lunch before heading to the event to set up. The kids kept sleeping and we kept switching up our lunch plans until to prevent hangriness, we raided the empty fridge for whatever we could find. And then I finally told Wes to leave and I’d bring the kids whenever they woke up.

The three of us left an hour later to join the band.

And after a fabulous concert, (it really was great), we loaded up and drove to the in-laws. Where I preceded to dump everyone off and then head to Sheetz gas station (at 9 pm) to buy two spicy chicken sandwiches and some cold fries. And then we celebrated with the kids, the in-laws, and the bro and sis-in law.

Woot. Happy anniversary to us. (I’ve requested an instant replay).

Now let’s talk about the kids.

Ev is really no longer a baby. I’m just now noticing? There seems to be no more baby fat and she’s actually saying words now. And I will miss the days when she no longer runs like a drunken sailor.

 She’s also been highly emotional the past week. That’s been great.

 Jack has been receiving five stars. Age two months was really rough on him, what with car seats and figuring out how to sleep. But three months has been great. Most of the time, I can just lay him down, pop in his paci, and leave the room. It’s miraculous.

He’s 100% more social than Ev was at his age and would smile like a goober all day long if I just sat and talked to him. He makes us laugh.


Now let’s talk about my birthday.

It was great. Early Mountain Vineyard is about two minutes from our house, so we dropped the little darlings off and had a lovely lunch date.

 And to continue the celebration, we dropped off darlings the next day in the evening and drove to coffee.

Conversations without kiddos! Truly a marvel.

So yes. It’s been rich.

Hugs and love.

Also. Does this picture…


remind anyone of this picture?

wanting dog 021

We upgraded from puppies to children!

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bonus trip.

You may have noticed that I rather enjoyed blogging about this trip. The kids went to bed early most nights, so I’d collect everyone’s phones, send pictures to myself, then type away.

I didn’t think we’d be coming out to California until January of 2016 so this trip was just a lovely bonus. I kept telling myself that no matter how terrible the flight home may be, (it wasn’t) to remember how wonderful our days out here had been.

It was marvelous to have dates with Wes. It was great watch the kids interact with my family. Ev was a ham. Jack was a squish.

And California was lovely. As always.
IMG_6377-0 IMG_6387  

So not sure when I’ll see you here next.

But until then.


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it’s the best playground.

I sometimes dream of living here. Of walking down to the beach and letting the kiddos have free reign.


I have so many memories digging forts, swimming in the ocean, kayaking around, falling into the pools around the rocks, tide pooling, chasing birds with the dogs.And I love watching Ev begin her own little beach journey.

 It’s just really one of the better places on earth.

Cayucos. You have a large piece of my heart.

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did jack have fun on vacation?

Poor Jack hasn’t received much blog time. Mainly for the aforementioned reason brought forth by brother Dave.

My mother has been able to experience some of instances with Jack dear where I put on Ev’s lawn mowing ear protectors. But for the most part, he’s been pretty darn chill. Especially as his mother has hopped on the bicycle built for two just about every day to take a spin around town. Seriously one of my favorite parts of vacation. One day Wes and I were biking along and we heard screaming. We looked down and saw some girls hollering in the car next to us taking our picture with their cell phone.

Dang. We’re cool.

And then later I got a text from a friend from high school. ‘Did I just see you and Wes cruise by on a double bike?’.

Yes you did.

We ran an errand for dad on the bike one evening. I was told to go into this nice restaurant and ask for Leonard.

So in I walked with my flashing helmet. The host came over with a quizzical eye and asked, ‘Is the big earthquake coming? Should I go get my helmet too?’.

‘Not yet,’ I told him. ‘Leonard?’.

Another quizzical look, ‘Should I know you?’.

So I told him David was my dad and he’d sent me down because Leonard was going to give him some oyster sauce.

He laughed and took me over to the bar where all four chefs stopped what they were doing to eye me and my flashing helmet.

I got pretty tickled but walked out with a little bag of oyster sauce.

But back to Jack. That was quite the segue.

He really is a sweet kid and is only loud occasionally. He smiles and visits with one and all and makes me all melty and sorry for when I get frustrated with his loudness. 

 And he gets five stars for yesterday’s performance on all flights. He fell to sleep before take off and didn’t wake up until we put him in his car seat. Ev put up a valiant fight for the first hour and a half before passing out for the night. 

We pulled in at 5:45 am and didn’t arise from bed until 1:30. 

Grateful for safety. Grateful for a fabulous trip. 

Also. Airport snuggles.  


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i have a little shadow.

Grama and I were just talking about that poem and my little shadow. So many times, I’ll be holding Jack over my arm watching Wes do something and I’ll look down and Ev will be standing right next to me with her baby slung over her arm watching away.

She’ll dance through the house with her baby, then stop mid-step to bounce up and down and shush it. She’ll cover her baby’s head in kisses and try to stick Jack’s paci in it’s mouth while making little sucking noises with her mouth.

It’s adorable.

And it also turns out the Ev has her own little shadow.

Pretty sure she just discovered it.

We were on our way up from the beach, walking on the road towards the car. She kept veering off toward the middle of the road and I kept directing her back to the edge towards her dad.

 ‘She’s trying to get her shadow,’ informed Wes.

No way, I thought. She’s just trying to get to the yellow stripes in the road to walk on them. But then I watched. And sure enough. She’d pause, and then sort of pounce on her shadow. Then she’d point to it and pounce again. And then admire the shadows crazy hair.

 Oh Ev. You are the best.

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Evelyn and poppi 

Evelyn really likes Poppi. For lots of reasons. I’m sure the biggest because he’s just a great guy and she senses that.

Also because since she was basically two months old, she has sat on his lap and bounced to Boom Boom Didem Datum Watom Choo. Holler if you need more clarification on that.

Also because he’s been waiting since she was six months old to buy her a milkshake from Scout. And he finally got the opportunity. We had a hard time coaxing her lips from the straw.

 Similar experience with her first Jamba Juice.

 Also similar experience pounding down sample cups from Yogurt Land.

 They’re pretty cute. 

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