Labor Day 

Pretty much the best labor day weekend on the books although I guess I’d have to go back and examine the books to make sure.

But golly, it was a good one. After being sick for days, and our friends being sick for days, we were finally able to get together with quite a few of them.

We kicked off Friday night with a trip to a near by lake to fish and have a picnic dinner. Ev caught the biggest fish, loved holding the worms, and a couple of us tried to hold back mirth at Wesley’s amazing attempts to cast with a hot pink, two foot long, Disney princess fishing pole. Ah Wes, he’s such a good sport.

Did I mention that after loads of heavy, humid weather, Friday brought us four full days of supremely delightful weather-it was pretty much like living in San Luis so that was amazing.

Saturday we drove around looking at real estate. I’ll detail this later, I promise.

We ended the afternoon excursion at Yoders where watching the kids never gets old. Such delight at feeding the goats. Jacks giggles and excitement are extremely contagious. Ev was entranced with the bunnies and I sat back on a bench watching Wes watch her and wondered how long it would be before he mentioned getting her a bunny. About seven minutes later he came over to me and said, ‘I wonder how much work bunnies are.’.

Ah Wes, you’re the best.

Wes mowed and Jack fell to sleep and it was adorable.

img_9374And so were popsicle treats.


Sunday, we ventured to Jack’s Shop Kitchen (my third time that week), to have brunch with some friends we haven’t seen in ages. That was top notch. And then that evening we got together with five couples, all Virginia guys that had married California girls. And gosh, was that ever a hoot. I think I mainly just laughed.

Monday, Wesley took the family flying. I’ll perhaps blog about the anxiety I can get while he’s away from me flying, but as long as we were all with him, I don’t have too much fear. I did think, ‘Oh my gosh, if he had a heart attack or something, I would have absolutely no idea how to get out of the sky.’ That was a rather panicky thought so I asked him how to contact the ground. Ha.

img_9398 img_9392 img_9403 img_9393 img_9395

And then we looked at the most beautiful home ever.

And then we went over to a friends house and cooked out over the fire.

Can you say top ten?

I’ll say it.

Top ten.


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chitter chatter

Conversations with Ev are amazing. She talks pretty much nonstop and not only does she have some great one liners, she has incredible voice inflection. My aunt googled it and declared it, ‘great cadence.’ For instance, her tone might start out at a G below middle C, but towards the end of the sentence, she’s up in her falsetto at a B flat.

So while the stuff she puts together cracks us up, how she says it just really sends us over the edge.

The other night she was watching football and just giving play by plays to no one in particular. ‘Oh I love basketball! You just spread out and you run. There they go! Wow! They are running so fast! Oh they all fall down!’.

Sitting on the stairs watching Jack tumble around, ‘Mama, I love you and daddy loves you and all the children love you and that makes you happy!’.

‘Dad, I don’t want you to go to work this week. I want you to stay home with us this week. No, you’re the best Dad.’

On my birthday, fingering my new dress, ‘Man! Look at you! You look so pretty!’.

Last week outside, we were all sick and rather comatose and she held Jack in a chair and combed his hair with a Popsicle stick for at least 20 minutes…and quietly chattered to him the whole time. ‘Wow, Jack! You are being so brave! Good boy Jack! Are you so brave? I wuv you! Good boy! Oh! Do you hear the airplane Jack? Do you remember the big airplane we were on yesterday? Do you ‘member? We flew on a big airplane to see Poppi and Megee! Do you ‘member that Jack? You’re being so brave Jack!’.

Tonight lounging on the bed, Wes asks me if I know where his book is, Ev immediately interjects. ‘It’s in the wiving room. Yeah. You were reading it yesterday.’ Wes asked her if she’d go get it for him, ‘sure! I’d love to!’. Off she dashes and we shake our heads as we shake with mirth.

This day was all about how wonderful smoothies were and how she was going to drink more plus do I see how she’s keeping her dress down so you don’t see her underwear and do you know the trick about crossing your legs suddenly interspersed with, ‘Wow! Look at what daddy did to the grass! It looks sooo nice!’.

Ev. You’re amazing.img_9323 img_9324 img_9319 img_9320 img_9326

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someone was praying.

I think it was my grandparents.

A couple days before Wes took his pilots license test, I was growing weary in the long evenings with him gone. He had one last prep flight from 4-6 and so we decided I’d just take him and drop him off and go to Target and Chik fil a with the kids in the duration. We wandered Target for as long as possible and then paused at the food station for a Jamba Juice. {Corralling Jack in Target is similar to herding cats.}

Jack loudly protested the sharing of the smoothie and I finally decided we should probably head for the check out before things got too crazy. As we made our way, I noticed another mom with two kids and then we both did a double take. I was like, ‘Hey…..I know you but I don’t know why I know you….’.

She filled me in and we caught up and I told her what I was doing. She was like, hey if you ever need a place to crash, I live right by the airport. I was like no way. We exchanged phone numbers and I told her I thought I’d be good this time but thank you sooooo much.

And off to Chik fil a we went.

After the joys of dining with a 1 and 2 year old and the terrors of the public bathrooms and allllll the children in the play area I looked at my phone and saw that it was a quarter til 6 and that I could probably start to pack up the kids and head to the airport. And then I got a text from Wes saying they were just now getting up in the air because of the thunderstorms and it would be well past seven before they were done.

You can picture the emoticons that went rolling through my head. More hours at chik fil a? Gasp, despair, the urge to weep. And then I remembered the girl from Target. And I was like, I’m a totally texting this girl that I’ve met twice and asking if I can bring her a milk shake and indeed, crash at her house.

And twenty minutes later, I walked into her play room, her dad was laying on his air mattress with an iPad, her husband (whom I’d never met) was looking at me somewhat quizzically, her girls were happily playing and her face was full of kindness.

And so I sank to the floor and was like, nope, this isn’t weird at all. This is divine.

And so it was. Evening saved. Someone’s prayer answered. No emotional breakdowns at Chik fil A.


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The rest of the story

There’s a few more memories floating around my head of the trip….like dumping a sleeping Jack into Dads arms when we arrived at the airport around midnight California time.

Jack apparently decided he’d known my parents his whole life. He slowly woke up in a strange airport in the middle of the night and gazed up at Poppi and jabbered a bit before cozying right on down. The next morning when I blearily joined the crowd, he was diving into my mom doing the  whole wallering routine. He’s the snuggliest little guy and we love it.

More memories…Davey gazing at Evelyn with his brow furrowed and then shaking his head as he remarked that he felt like he was watching a midget Kelsey. Dad asked her if she could go get him a sparkling water out the fridge and she just kind of smirked at him. He waited a few seconds then told her he’d just go get one. She immediately pivoted, shooed him back in his chair with her hands and said, ‘No I’ll do it,’ and then ran into the house. We laughed as we heard the fridge banging into the wall and then, ‘Poppi! I couldn’t find a bizzy water, would you like a gatorade?’.

Ah Ev. You’re such a card.

She slept in the closet in our room in her ‘super, cozy bed,’ and had to be peeked in on several times by several people because it was too adorable.img_9150 img_9154 img_9147

And running out with her high pitched voice, ‘Poppi! Do you need some help?’


Ahh. Good days.

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Why we went. 

Well, we journeyed for a couple reasons. One, I was ready to get out of dodge and relax with Wes. I’ve mentioned the pilot journey once or twice on here already.

And two, I really wanted to go to California one last time before my brother and his wife moved to Arizona. We flew away from San Luis on a Thursday and they drove away two days later. And in between arrival and departure we had some great days.

Lots of times revolving around food, Davey and Dad took Wes mountain biking which he of course loved, we celebrated Jen retiring from Morro Bay Oyster Company and played an excellent round or two of Password.

And the little darlings had two more people to spread their affection to which is always lovely.

Very thankful for them. Happy we got to be in California together, very curious when that will happen again, and thankful they are safely settled in Phoenix.

Jen, your a gem! (heh heh, wink wink, Jim!).

(Jen hears Jim when we say Jen. I’m trying to get her to hear gem instead of Jim as in a priceless stone that is admired for its excellence because really, she is. Insert red dress emoticon lady.).

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We’re that family. 

I’d like to begin by patting myself on the back for packing for a family of four for the duration of eight days away from home. Maybe that’s not really amazing but I always feel a nice sense of accomplishment. So there you have it.

But moving on, we’re that family. That family you see in the airport and hope they’re not on your flight. That family you see walking down the skinny aisle between the rows of flights and pray they’re not sitting next to you.

I smile ruefully at my fellow passenger and wish her good luck as she shares a row with us. The college fellow sitting next to Wes disappears after about 80 seconds to miraculously locate himself aisles away from us.

This was indeed wonderful as it gave us four seats in a row on our first flight out.

Five hour flights are incredibly long. I said many praises for Wesley being along for the ride. When we were relaying travel stories to the grandparents they remarked on how Jack had sat for ten minutes looking at books quietly. I had much mirth as I considered ten minutes on a five hour flight.

But it was totally worth it and wasn’t as bad as it could have been and I’d do it all over again.

Plus, hurray and hallelujah for smooth travels and great connections.

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mornings at scout

One of the more enjoyable aspects of vacation in California are the leisurely mornings…for me that is. For the majority of the time, my parents got up with the little darlings (who rose very early in the mornings), fed them and then stuck them in the stroller and headed downtown.

I’d get up around 8, stick a delicious breakfast burrito in the microwave, then hop on the tandem bicycle with Wes and join the family, usually down at Scout. And really, there’s not a whole lot like arriving at the coffee shop and watching your kids watch your arrival. Utter delight. It’s adorable.

They also were pretty delighted with Scout in general.

img_9152 img_9148 img_9153 img_9151 img_9193 img_9197 img_9201

Ah. City life. It definitely has its perks. (haha. good pun Kels.).

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