Lake moomaw

You may remember I mentioned between grandparents and the second Texas family, we went to Lake Moomaw.

Let me just begin by saying that camping in Virginia is challenging. At least for us. We’ve had spectacular weather at Moomaw once. Last year when we canceled the trip due to weather and then just waited on the forecast and four days in advance saw a clear weekend.

Nevertheless. These pictures (not taken by me) do make me look back fondly on the time. And it was a good time. In fact, it was such a good time that Wesley could hardly move when we got home. I was not the most empathetic person in the world, ‘Oh, you’re so sore because you had too much fun wakeboarding for hours while I wrestled the children? Tell me more!’.

bahaha. I generally am a nice wife. Promise. hahaha.

I chose of my own accord to not jump on the twenty year olds boat where Wes was but instead, ride with the forty year olds in the hopes that Jack would be quickly lulled to sleep and then stay to sleep. Also, there’s a bathroom on board. Good decision all around. I laughed until I cried at the humor on the forty year old boat. Also at the fog horning done by a certain person two feet away from a sleeping baby. Nothing cracks me up more than someone who is cracking themselves up. Ahh. Good times.

Other than Jack waking up with a night terror and screaming bloody murder, the kids did pretty great. Very thankful for a trailer and for safety in the water.

Until next year!

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The weekends are better

Basically, life is just better when dad’s around. The past two weekends have been pretty much commitment free. No flights, no editing, no major responsibilities of things we need to be doing. And it’s been wonderful. I hear ‘mom’ and ‘uh’ hundreds of times during the week but when dad’s home, they pretty much take all their cares and conversation to him. I sit back and revel.

This weekend I pretty much had the mornings off til around 10:30 and it was heavenly. We spent a few hours at the lake on Saturday and it was wonderful. Everyone had a blast, there was no droning which meant for more hands on deck if you get my drift, and we got home before it was dark. Five stars all around.

We left a clean house and yard to go to Jack’s shop and then on to the grocery store which is of course, that much more fun with Dad.

(A baby went by).

These two days filled me up and left me thankful.

So three cheers for the weekend too.

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back at the park.

Hallelujah. Wesley’s been in full on prep mode for his pilots license exam and the other week he flew Wednesday, Thursday, Friday night, then went to the shop to work on the boat until 11:30. The weekend came and we breathed. And then he was back flying Monday and Tuesday night. His exam was scheduled for Wednesday night but his examiner got stuck in Europe which was real disappointing. But. We got a breather. Which has been really quite lovely.

And so. Every night we’ve been eating around the table as a family. (what?!) And then after the kitchen is clean we walk to the park where this happens.

I sit and watch and it’s just really wonderful.

Three cheers for dads.

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dances with fireflies.

Ahh. These evenings of running around chasing fireflies makes me just want to bottle up the essence of childhood innocence. And I love that these evenings are what will be in the storehouse of the kids memories because what could be more picturesque and stereotypical than capturing fireflies on a humid Virginia evening?

Ev cracks me up as she waves praise hands around hoping one will land on her hand and then shivering like mad and shaking her hand when one does.

Speaking of Ev, many of you enjoyed stories of the little miss and all her morning adventures. Well the other morning, my mother in law stopped by with some milk that she had just milked from like a real live cow and some eggs from the farm next door (how cool, right?). She thought she was just coming over to drop goods off but she kinda arrived in the middle of a disaster zone.

After assessing the damage, one of the first things she did was take out the trash. With my head buried in the fridge I asked Ev if she could put in a fresh trash bag for Mimi. So, Ev whips open a cabinet and pulls out a trash bag. She expertly shakes it out and then stuffs it the trash can and carefully curls the bag over the can. She slams the trash door shut and nods her head at her efficiently well done job. Meanwhile, Mimi is exclaiming over and over, ‘Oh Evelyn, oh my goodness, you are such a big helper! Wow, what a big helper you are for Mama!’.

My head is still in the fridge as I’m attempting to wipe up a half gallon of tea and sort through all the items that have been soaked by a certain someone who I’m assuming was moving the jug of tea so she could get to the watermelon. And I’m shaking with laughter and mouthing right along with Mimi, ‘Oh, yes, SUCH a big help to mama!’.


ahh. These are the days.

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And more family!

Three days before my grandparents landed, my uncle and aunt stopped in on their way from Pennsylvania to Texas. Eight days after my grandparents left, my gram, another aunt and cousin arrived. Between the grandparents departure and the arrival of the next crew, we loaded up a trailer and ventured on over to Lake Moomaw for a three day camping trip.

You could say that it was a busy few weeks.

Also. I need to point out that my kids have great grandparents in California, Texas, Mississippi and Virginia. And the year is barely half over and they have got to spend time with all great grandparents. I find this very impressive and something to praise for.

So. A busy but great few weeks. The day before it all began a dear sis-in-law came over and helped me whip the house into shape and store up goods in the freezer and fridge. I wrote up a list of everything we accomplished just so I could look at it and marvel. And then they came!

Uncle Dave and Aunt Stacy arrived in a big bus which was pretty exciting because there’s a few of us around here who are obsessed with wheels on the bus. There was a huge storm that night and Uncle Dave and I were definitely kindred spirits as we could have sat in the living room the whole evening with the lights off so we could watch the lightening. I eventually turned them back on for the comfort of the rest of the crew.


I think Uncle Dave told Evelyn ‘one more book’ eleven times. I guess they were kinda hard to resist. A few more moments together admiring Virginia scenery and gardens and they were off.

And then the next wave from Texas. I had my first pretty much all day girls day with my Gram and Aunt Amanda and Avery and it was really spot on. I was pretty much giddy all day. You would be too if you had some birthday money burning a hole in your pocket and enjoyed your first manicure and pedicure of the year plus all sorts of dresses on the 50% off rack plus I took the plunge and bought some of those pants that my friend was wearing that I wanted to pull off.

A day at the pool and breakfast at Jacks Shop Kitchen and it was a five star couple days.

Many thanks to all the travelers who made the effort to trek out here.

Hugs and love to you all.

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my grandparents and my kids

To the wonder of everyone, (including my grandparents), Grampa and Grama flew out for a week long trip with us. I remember getting all emotional back in 2012 because I felt like it was probably their last trip out to see me. They’ve been here at least twice since then. So there’s a little lesson for you about worrying for tomorrow.

I think they had a really great time. They got to adventure off to see some of their dear friends, Grampa, at age 90 decided he would like Wesley to take him flying, and we got some quality time together as well. The kids had a blast. My favorite part was listening to Ev chatter on a mile a minute to Grampa while he watched her with an amused look on his face. Jack loved both of them and Grampa was quite pleased when, at Jacks Shop Kitchen with the family, someone told him that Jack looked more like him than Wesley.

Grama was a huge help while they were here, always making me a little nervous for her as she carted Jack around (he’s a lug) and I barely washed a single dish as she was very often scrubbing away at the kitchen sink. Many books were read and Ev really enjoyed having company bright and early in the morning while her mother and Jack snoozed upstairs.

Always grateful for the time together and so thankful for smooth travels.
DSC_0392 DSC_0398

See you in two weeks Gramps and Grama! Ev is over the moon!

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The two of them together. 

I’ve also discovered why people have children close together. (In reference to last post.)

Here are my reasons. 
img_8811 img_8810 img_8763 img_8829-1 img_8833

Ah, these kids of ours. It’s good for me to occasionally look back at how adorable they are because most days they’re just stuck to me like little barnacles. And I wonder how we willl survive this winter. And I just want to close the bathroom door without children falling apart. As in, screaming. And then, twice in a blue moon, I’ll realize they’re happily playing together without me in the room. It’s a rare and wonderful thing.

And I’m so happy they have each other.

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