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jack’s birth story.

Preface: Evelyn’s cesarean birth taught me a lot. So my prayer for this baby’s arrival was that God would bless the birth with a safe delivery for a healthy baby and a healthy moma. How the story came to play … Continue reading

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oh jack.

Jackson Earl entered the world on five, one five, one five at eleven eleven pm. He tipped the scales to six pounds, fifteen ounces and measured nineteen and a half inches. Jack. You are melting our hearts and we absolutely … Continue reading

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this fortieth week.

Happy due date to me, happy due date to me, happy birth day dear baby, happy due date, to me. Well. Here I am. Doing pretty darn well for arriving at this fortieth week. And while today is not looking … Continue reading

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it’s real.

The fatigue. The hormones. I’ve been going about today with a dripping nose and leaky eyes. I feel like a whale who swallowed a puffer fish. I keep thinking this cold is getting better. And now I feel like I … Continue reading

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this 39th week.

Stars continue to align. … I finally received an inquiry on my bedroom set on Craigslist. They seemed very interested and were coming to look at it so I spent an hour thoroughly cleaning everything and removing remnants from the … Continue reading

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