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So we’re moving. 

Indeed, if all goes well, we will close on our new house this Tuesday. And we’re both stoked and excited but before we go there, let’s talk about this last month and years at the hills house. It’s really been … Continue reading

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baby number 3

Gosh. Lots to talk about over here. But first, in case you missed it, I am indeed pregnant with baby number three. We told Evelyn after my first doctor appointment (which is a story in and of itself, I took … Continue reading

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where i am a hero

I know, it’s not very exciting to read about me blabbing about my hero status, but I’m on a high from exercise endorphins and feel like this week deserves to be documented. Because after all, it’s not every week where … Continue reading

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mornings with ev.

Mornings are not quite as interesting as they were back in early summer. So that’s nice. Generally, I hear Ev trot down the stairs. She runs into our room and checks on Wes’s side of the bed. If it’s during … Continue reading

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Sweet communion

Ahhh. There are few things more wonderful in life than watching your kids commune together. I’m all the sudden sensing all sorts of spiritual parallels here and I’ll let you noodle on those in your spare time. After months of … Continue reading

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Afternoons with Jack 

The days where it’s just me and Jack in the afternoons are slowly diminishing, but it’s working out well. I’m  enjoying the time by myself while both kids nap together (red emoticon dancing lady) but also enjoying his squishiness when … Continue reading

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