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Before I launch into my story, allow me to show you what glee looks like. First imagine a pick up game of football in the backyard where first touch down wins. Picture five failed attempts to make this touch down. … Continue reading

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Monday: A List

1. This is my happy spot. Whenever life seems overwhelming, I sit amongst these flowers and their beauty ministers to my soul. Perhaps a little Mathew 6:28 taking place. 2. My dad’s coming to visit me. When I found out … Continue reading

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hole in many

I have a new hobby. The satisfaction one gets from whacking a ball and making it go soaring into the air is immensely wonderful. This¬†satisfaction lured Wesley into the game quite a bit before me and I decided if he … Continue reading

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Trouble in Paradise

Actually, I’m not sure if I would call Charlotte, North Carolina paradise. In fact, last night, it seemed rather the opposite. As its morning now, things are looking a bit brighter but if that was all I talked about, I … Continue reading

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there you are!

When I was about age 3, I loved to talk. Or so they tell me. ¬†And I loved to have an audience. (Don’t act so shocked). So I’d follow my dear mother every where she went and chatter on about … Continue reading

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I blinked.

And they were gone. And so was April. And so was my ugly patio. And now I have an amazing new patio. You should come over. And my pool is open. And flowers are planted. And some have nice trellises … Continue reading

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We’re going to take a brief break from food to discuss the importance of teamwork. Really, anything can happen when you grab a partner and work together on something. One’s strengths will help the other’s weakness and vice versa. For … Continue reading

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