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first birthday shenanigans. for the memory books.

Ev’s first birthday was last week. She woke up at 8:45 and it was a lovely way to start the day. (Early morning riser, I am not). I had decided not to do a birthday bash and instead do a … Continue reading

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this 37th week

Two things. Gladys has been doing an excellent job of getting us ready for a child. This past week, as the weather has gotten chillier, she has decided that the furniture is a much cozier place to spend the night … Continue reading

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all in a days work.

Wes gets up and goes to work at 5, 6, 7, or 8, depending on the day. I faithfully stumble in around 9:15. Gladys and I unload lunch, toys, bed and coffee, then off we go down the driveway. Gladys … Continue reading

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this should be a running commercial.

Seriously. If Run While You Can has’t contacted me within the week, I’ll be shocked. I occasionally like to pretend I’m a runner. Especially at the beach and especially with my dogs. They’re so joyful and cheerful and exuberant that … Continue reading

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check one two three. check. reality. check. reality check.

Hi friends. I’m back on the east coast with only a one hour delay to speak of. Pretty darn impressive. And it was good to be with friends today. Because as we flew away from L.A. and I gazed at … Continue reading

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bound for the beach.

Two dogs, one cat, and one fish, all packed up and ready to go.Me too.

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Olivia and Tessa.

Have you all read Olivia books? You really should if you have not already. They’re full of adventures,and everyday life, and days at the beach. I was going through some pictures of Tessa, and they just reminded me of Olivia. … Continue reading

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