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this 38th week.

Lots going on around this joint. … Of most note worthy would be the little pook’s decision to walk. I guess she decided that since she had reached the eighteen month landmark, she might as well give it a go. … Continue reading

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this 37th week.

Last time around, I wrote a post called this 37th week. And Evelyn was born that night. Today’s that day. I’m 37 weeks and 1 day. And I was a little stressed this week about it, I think. Just a … Continue reading

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i’m in love with april.

Gosh. This month. It’s been incredible. … The weather has been stunning. The three of us spent pretty much every waking moment outside last weekend. It was bliss. Wesley has a bit of a hard time just lazing around (I’m … Continue reading

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a day in the life.

It seems like I should document a normal day so that next month, when newborn crazy town arrives, I can look back and laugh or cry at my idyllic, restful, scheduled life. So. Ev generally wakes up around 8:52, give … Continue reading

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