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once upon a time.

Once upon a time, a fire hydrant exploded and Davey and I enjoyed watching a series of cars get a bath. Once upon a time, there was this much snow in Barracks Road, Charlottesville, Virginia. As in, three years ago. … Continue reading

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wind in your face.

These past two days. Think spirit soaring. Think hope of spring. Watching frozen thaw. Walking the ‘full’ loop. Tail wags. Sun warmed day. Peaking bulbs. Warm breath of air. Wind in your face. It’s freeing.

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a sad story. (not really).

So. Everyone familiar with Scrat from Ice Age? You know, that funny little squirrel who goes through much tribulation to stay with his beloved acorn? Anyways. Gladys has her favorite toy. Her kong. It’s the only toy she ever really … Continue reading

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a plan.

I have never liked bible reading plans. It feels man made. Like someone is telling me that I need to go read Ezra. And I’m like, what if I want to read James? It feels suffocating. And I feel like … Continue reading

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oh how i love the simple things.

Well. Last week I had a great list of simple pleasures to share with you. But now it’s this week and I’m not really sure how many I can come up with. So we’ll just see where this goes. Sitting … Continue reading

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hanging out with Louis

When I was a kid, it was Louis the swan. Davey and I listened to tapes to put us to sleep at night. When one side was done, one of us would creep out of bed, press the eject button … Continue reading

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It’s what we’ve been doing for the past week and a half. Wes came down with the whole fever, ache, cough stuff last Wednesday. And then I felt it trickling in on Sunday night. And then by Tuesday morning I … Continue reading

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