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In the Backseat.

Whenever my dear brother comes back here, I hear, ‘Ooo, I’m so excited! Bodos, Raising Canes, Spudnuts, Ronda’s pretzels…ooo.’ Very little is said about being thrilled to hang out with his cool sister and brother-in-law. We somehow manage being backseat … Continue reading

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silent night.

Something unusual has happened. Something that I always desperately wished for when I was in grade school and this ‘something’ happened to other kids. I thought it would be so cool. And now it’s happened. And it’s not really that … Continue reading

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We’re off to pick up my family! They’re nice folks to have around. Hope my mom brings a menu with her. Hasta.

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Good Night, Sammy-the story of my life.

Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. So, that’d be lovely, if it worked. But for us folks who lie awake at night and toss and turn and think about solving the worlds problems-it’s … Continue reading

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earth day!

Hey friends! Don’t forget to go to Starbucks today with your to go cup and get a free cup of coffee. I’m currently sipping away and plan on toodling back over there in the afternoon for my half passion half … Continue reading

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This week, I had the┬áprivilege to toodle over to a friends house to watch a K9 demonstration. Brookie was still here and got in on the action. A nice crowd had showed up and we all listened with rapt attention … Continue reading

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when brooke comes to town.

Things can get interesting. Yes. She’s in my shower. Standing in a bucket. I snort a lot. Cause we see things like this. And follow him around. And ponder how on earth he mounts and dismounts. And when Brooke is … Continue reading

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