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I adore you. 

Wes and I (with Ivy) hop on a plane for Chicago nest week for the wedding of my oldest friend. Not oldest being age, but oldest being first friend ;). And I’m excited. I haven’t seen her since my wedding … Continue reading

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Ev turns 3

Oh but wait, somewhere in there Ev turned three. She was so excited about this and it was kinda adorable. We asked her over and over what she wanted for her birthday and over and over she would say, ‘cupcakes!!!’. … Continue reading

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where i am a hero

I know, it’s not very exciting to read about me blabbing about my hero status, but I’m on a high from exercise endorphins and feel like this week deserves to be documented. Because after all, it’s not every week where … Continue reading

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Sweet communion

Ahhh. There are few things more wonderful in life than watching your kids commune together. I’m all the sudden sensing all sorts of spiritual parallels here and I’ll let you noodle on those in your spare time. After months of … Continue reading

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chitter chatter

Conversations with Ev are amazing. She talks pretty much nonstop and not only does she have some great one liners, she has incredible voice inflection. My aunt googled it and declared it, ‘great cadence.’ For instance, her tone might start … Continue reading

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The rest of the story

There’s a few more memories floating around my head of the trip….like dumping a sleeping Jack into Dads arms when we arrived at the airport around midnight California time. Jack apparently decided he’d known my parents his whole life. He … Continue reading

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mornings at scout

One of the more enjoyable aspects of vacation in California are the leisurely mornings…for me that is. For the majority of the time, my parents got up with the little darlings (who rose very early in the mornings), fed them … Continue reading

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