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Fall. The most wonderful time of the year

Well, to be truthful, I think spring still has my heart. But oh my word, a weekend or two ago and days surrounding have made me question which is my favorite season. I’ve taken way too many pictures like this … Continue reading

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first birthday shenanigans. for the memory books.

Ev’s first birthday was last week. She woke up at 8:45 and it was a lovely way to start the day. (Early morning riser, I am not). I had decided not to do a birthday bash and instead do a … Continue reading

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last year i was pregnant…what?

So yeah. 365 days ago, I had a nice melon hanging off the front of me. ¬†You may remember me posting this picture.Several people thought it was a lizard on a rock but no, just getting harder to see my … Continue reading

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pass it to the girl.

So remember that week where I wasn’t falling to sleep? Good news is that I’m very much on Virginia time and its no longer a two hour task to fall to sleep. woot. Other news is that I wrote lots … Continue reading

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last gasp of summer post.

It would seem remiss of me to not post at least a picture or two of summer’s most frequent activity.It seemed about every other weekend we’d find ourselves heading off to the lake for a Saturday. Wes adores it, I … Continue reading

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duck duck goose.

I dreamed last night that I was on a sailboat, floating along, listening to the lapping of the water on the boat. I always have these dreams after being on the water. This on wasn’t quite as relaxing as normal … Continue reading

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