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thank you.

When I was telling everyone I was pregnant with twins, a mother of twins told me, ‘it’s not as hard as everyone says.’ I was grateful for the positive outlook. It comforted me and made me feel like maybe we’ll … Continue reading

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Sweet communion

Ahhh. There are few things more wonderful in life than watching your kids commune together. I’m all the sudden sensing all sorts of spiritual parallels here and I’ll let you noodle on those in your spare time. After months of … Continue reading

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Lake moomaw

You may remember I mentioned between grandparents and the second Texas family, we went to Lake Moomaw. Let me just begin by saying that camping in Virginia is challenging. At least for us. We’ve had spectacular weather at Moomaw once. … Continue reading

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A gray day in May. 

The joke here is that 95% of days in May were gray. It was a dreary month. And in it, (the Monday after mother’s day) I had my first, ‘ok, I’m labeling this the hardest day of motherhood so far.’ … Continue reading

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Fun stuff. 

I kinda fussed during this vacation. I know. You can shake your head. Wes logged 24.6 hours in the airplane (plus travel time and study time) and I just plain missed being with him. And missed being with the four … Continue reading

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it was the best of times.

It was the worst of times. Well. Not really. But three of us have caught colds this past week and Jack has been pretty miserable. We shoot saline spray up his nose and then unplug him and he hollers and … Continue reading

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four days in new england.

I first started this blog because of a four day trip we took with my grandparents to New England…five years ago. Kind of blows my mind. And I just peeked back at that first blog post. It made me chuckle … Continue reading

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