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head. is. confused.

Hi. I have some thoughts and stories and pictures to share with you regarding the past week. But those will have to wait until I’m feeling more eloquent. Right now, I’m just feeling bewildered. Bewildered. That’s a good word. Don’t … Continue reading

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makin’ memories with the bowins!

One sunshiney day three years ago, my parents, myself and a friend from Texas were cruising down the highway when my Dad started muttering and checking his rear view mirror. I immediately thought we were being chased by a CHP, … Continue reading

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we think we’re clever

Really, the amount of enjoyment we got through trying to capture these beautiful moments was probably a tiny bit pathetic. Dad, of course, had to join in the fun. In case you’re wondering, he’s washing his hair. Chortle. We had … Continue reading

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no walk in the park

All right. Here I am. As promised. I will now regale you with great tales of me conquering various waterfalls and mountains. This translates to being a hero. I’ve now been to Yosemite twice. My first excursion to the lovely … Continue reading

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oh how we laughed

First of all, I should probably thank my dear mother for being wonderful, for providing such entertainment, for letting us laugh at her, and for joining in the laughter. Because, oh, how we laughed. So, as I’ve mentioned, I went … Continue reading

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better together

I did arrive without further ado at the Charlottesville airport. I walked out of the baggage claim and there was Wes, leaning on his car with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. And I dissolved again. But I’ve been buoyantly happy … Continue reading

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Trouble in Paradise

Actually, I’m not sure if I would call Charlotte, North Carolina paradise. In fact, last night, it seemed rather the opposite. As its morning now, things are looking a bit brighter but if that was all I talked about, I … Continue reading

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