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hazel wren and violet rhea. the birth story.

I somehow managed to get two birds in their names. Impressive eh? The girls were breech and transverse the entire time. Which honestly made it easy on my brain. The doctors weren’t keen on anything other than a cesarean but … Continue reading

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Ivy Mae’s birth story

Ahh. I probably should have penned this a week ago when I was absolutely high on Ivy. My brain has come more fully to terms that there is now more to life than snuggling my newborn but that first week … Continue reading

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oh you mean quinoa.

Why yes. Yes I do. … When we were in California I was in a discussion with Wes and some old friends and I dropped this cool word that I can’t remember into conversation and was questioned as to the … Continue reading

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My kids and my grandparents. 

When I was a kid I used to get kind of sad thinking that my kids would never get to know my grandparents. I guess I just assumed that I wouldn’t have kids while they still lived on this Earth. … Continue reading

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in the land of the small folk.

Well. Seems like it’s about time for a little update on life with the goobers. Despite some sickness and such, it’s been a pretty fantastic month. Mainly because you can go outside and breathe! And yesterday there was this lovely … Continue reading

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jack’s birth story.

Preface: Evelyn’s cesarean birth taught me a lot. So my prayer for this baby’s arrival was that God would bless the birth with a safe delivery for a healthy baby and a healthy moma. How the story came to play … Continue reading

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i’m a rockstar.

I have this friend who exercises about like me. As in, ‘hey, we should get together and exercise because we’re weak sauce!’. la la la. And that’s as far as we get. So back in February when I ordered my … Continue reading

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