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not your typical thursday evening.

Yesterday I got home from work early, called Wes to see if he’d come home on time so we’d have a nice evening and dinner. (He’s been a bit busy at the shop). And then I lounged on my wonderful … Continue reading

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No true stories today. But thought I should pop in to say hi. It’s been a lovely few days. I’ve spent most hours outside on my patio-today with friends, yesterday with Gladys, the day before with flowers, and Gladys and … Continue reading

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happiness-it’s the small things.

Well. Large things can bring happiness too but I’d like to focus elsewhere today. For starters, this kid. His mother informs me that he’ll walk around the house saying, ‘Wes..kels….roomba…gladys..’ How cute is that. And for those who do not … Continue reading

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it’s been a good day.

Still is in fact. Friends came over and helped. A lot. Projects were started and projects were finished. (I love it when the happens). Projects are actually still being worked on. Wesley’s back is going to be so sore. (He’s … Continue reading

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what a walk with Harley really looks like.

I fear I may bore you with another tale of Harley. But this morning really was just too rich not to share. I do enjoy having Harley along. He’s big. He’s cute. He’s a nut. He’s also a bit stubborn. … Continue reading

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what a difference a day makes.

My parents were here for roughly six days. During those days we had 70 degree weather (we lounged on patio), thunderstorms (we comforted Glad and covered her ears), and eight inches of snow. I’ll highlight the snow part since that’s … Continue reading

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lean on…someone besides me.

Last night… Wow. What a night. It all began at a nice little wedding yesterday. Wes and I were in charge of making ice cream freeze. And thank goodness we’re opposites. Heh. Because I can’t handle the methodicalness of making … Continue reading

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