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shout out to 2014.

Well before this year goes c’est la vie I thought I’d better dole out some recognition. So, most recently, shout out to my parents who celebrated thirty years of marriage a couple days ago. woot. Happy to call them mine. … Continue reading

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Charleston and back.

A couple weeks ago, I leaned over to see Wes on Amtrak’s website. ‘We going somewhere?’ I asked. He told me his idea, I thought it sounded brilliant and on Thursday we boarded a train with some friends bound for … Continue reading

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a day in the life.

What’s on at five these days? Ellen? Dancing with the Stars? Whenever we can, Ev and I like to curl up on the couch and watch our five o’clock show. It’s called The Birds. And they’re there come ice or … Continue reading

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a touch of illness and a dose of thanksgiving.

Well. I do believe that was the sickest I’ve been in over a decade. The last time I felt like a train was running through my body was when I was 14. This time it took about six hours before … Continue reading

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all in a week.

So, the new game of the month is Liars Dice. At least around here. Mom bought it while they were out here and it somehow made it back to California in her suitcase. Not sure how that happened but I … Continue reading

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rainy days and mondays.

Interestingly enough, Monday was just the loveliest of days. It’s rather hard to believe it was warm enough to do a little splashing. The rest of the week has been…well, dreary with perhaps a touch of depressing. Very glad I’ve … Continue reading

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