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bonus trip.

You may have noticed that I rather enjoyed blogging about this trip. The kids went to bed early most nights, so I’d collect everyone’s phones, send pictures to myself, then type away. I didn’t think we’d be coming out to … Continue reading

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it’s the best playground.

I sometimes dream of living here. Of walking down to the beach and letting the kiddos have free reign.    I have so many memories digging forts, swimming in the ocean, kayaking around, falling into the pools around the rocks, … Continue reading

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did jack have fun on vacation?

Poor Jack hasn’t received much blog time. Mainly for the aforementioned reason brought forth by brother Dave. My mother has been able to experience some of instances with Jack dear where I put on Ev’s lawn mowing ear protectors. But … Continue reading

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i have a little shadow.

Grama and I were just talking about that poem and my little shadow. So many times, I’ll be holding Jack over my arm watching Wes do something and I’ll look down and Ev will be standing right next to me … Continue reading

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Evelyn and poppi 

Evelyn really likes Poppi. For lots of reasons. I’m sure the biggest because he’s just a great guy and she senses that. Also because since she was basically two months old, she has sat on his lap and bounced to … Continue reading

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He’s a good dad. 

The other month, Wes was home on lunch break. He kissed Ev goodbye, then came in to the family room to tell me bye. He told me his stomach kind of hurt and it was probably because he had too … Continue reading

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date days. 

We are in California. And it is so lovely. On so many levels. One being that the weather is phenomenal like it always is and I keep having this feeling in the back of my mind that we are going … Continue reading

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