all about Jack. age 2

I like to refer to Jack as Absalom, who turned the hearts of the people.  It’s a pretty terrible analogy but it makes me laugh for various reasons. But it’s true. With a tiny smirk on that blonde head, hearts melt.

But we kind of talked about that already when Jack turned two. So what’s new with Jack? He’s sort of communicating! Praise hands and dance parties. We have deduced that he wants to sleep with his door open and this has reduced screaming parties in our house by close to 83%. Praise the Lord. (Oops, spoke too soon, or maybe it truly was the houseful of company and he’ll go back to this angel status).

Every other day he’ll pop out a new word without prompting and my heart flutters. For instance, ‘Ivy! Baby. Kick kick kick.’ A whole sentence. I almost fell over but I was still laying in bed and was spared a fall. I really like his rendition of ‘firefly’.

Have I mentioned that he has got the toilet thing all figured out? Another reason to truly rejoice. And another reason to cover my eyes as I look out the window where Ev has helped him remove his underwear to water a bush in the front yard. Most times, he’ll let her or me get him back dressed but occasionally, HE has to be the one to put his underwear on and so I have to endure watching him stick both legs in one side seven times before he’ll finally receive help.

Jack is incredibly trusting. Or fearless. Or brave. Or something. In June of 2016 Jack was tubing with his dad at 13 months old. June 2017 rolls around and Jack is now wake surfing with his dad. I truly do think his mindset is just, ‘well I’m with dad, so naturally it’s ok.’

His determination provokes a bit of awe in me. I mentioned he got a strider for his birthday and he was going to conquer it. And so in the blazing heat, he painstakingly walked his strider (definitely hasn’t figured out the gliding motion yet) down to the pond and then back up the hill again. And then was so incredibly proud of himself. Go Jack.

He’s such a boy. He’s such a thrasher. He loves to do whatever big sister does, whether running, hopping or jumping. He has a great smile and if he laughs, you laugh, its unavoidable.

We’re lucky to have him.


Love you Jackie boy.

(Our new bedtime routine involves me singing ‘Jack goes hopping into bed hurrah, hurrah, jack goes hopping into bed hurrah, hurrah! Jack goes hopping into bed, momma bends to kiss his head and we all go hopping down to the ground to get out of the rain, bomp bomp bomp. Works wonders. hurrah.)




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Poppi and megee

Two days after Davey and Jennifer left, Poppi and Megee arrived.

This was great timing as I was pretty ready to sleep. Cold + poison ivy + prednisone + benedryl wiped me out. And so after a couple days of sending the dear children out to poppi and megee in the morning, I felt a little more like myself.

They arrived just in time for us to party like it was July 4th. And once I realized how decent we all looked, the kids had to be removed from the car so we could take red door pictures before venturing on to the firework show. Which was kinda hilarious. The kids did enjoy it but I think the fireflies were almost just as exciting as fireworks.

Dad got Jack a strider for his birthday and we saved it until they arrived. It was truly one of the cuter things I’ve seen. Jack diligently opened up the amazon box and then got his first glimpse of the bike. He pointed at it and said, ‘um! um! um!’ and then turned around to me and dad and clamped his hands over mouth for a split second before his face split into the biggest of grins and his eyes shined with many many stars. It was adorable.

So was his determination to master the bike.

Dad too got to drive snazzy cars around with Wes trailing him with the drone.

Dad and Mom both could go into Jacks room (after I would be in there singing, rocking, crooning, praying for a half hour and then walk out the door to immediate bellowing) and just politely ask Jack to be quiet and he’d sniffle and roll over and sleep. Honestly?

We didn’t do any running but we did get several nice sessions of Yoga with Adrienne in. Some more peaceful than others.

Spent a lot of time out on the front porch. It’s really a great spot.

And it was really a great time.

Three cheers for family in town.

Hugs and love.

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Davey and Jen Jen


It’s been a whirlwind 3 weeks. And right now, all is calm and all are asleep. Ahhh.

So. Three weeks ago, Davey and Jen Jen breezed in after doing some eye doctor legislative stuff up in D.C. The day they came in, I came down with an epic head cold and was blossoming with poison ivy. Everywhere. Ankles, legs, torso, shoulders, nose, ears, forehead, fingers.

I met them at the lake and while I felt like my head was underwater, it was still a blast. Like I forgot how good it is to just chew the fat with my brother and SIL. And I forgot how much Davey makes me laugh. Always good medicine.

Wesley’s been filming cars and so Davey and Jen Jen got all dolled up a couple times to model cars. And it was such a hoot watching them on the big screen. We need to put together just a highlight reel of them driving around $100,000 cars.

The kids had a great time and I loved hearing all the comments Ev would say to them. One of the first days, I was napping with the kids and Ev woke up and went and found Davey and Jennifer and chattered on about everything and eventually told them, ‘my mom has coffee beans if you’d like to make a hot or cold coffee.’ Heart eyes. What a little hostess. And she’d snuggle up and rub their backs and say, ‘I’m really glad you’re here, it’s fun hanging out with you!’

I’m going to assume that Jack was having such a good time with them that when it was time to go to bed, he hollered and yelled so much because he didn’t want the party to stop. Seriously bellowing. So after trying everything, we would escape to the front porch and visit and chat and watch the fireflies and it was wonderful. And quiet.

The last night they were here, Jack was bellowing away in his bed and Davey popped his head in and very politely said, ‘You know Jack, you’re just a little bit loud, wonder if you could just take it down a few notches so I could go to sleep, you’re kinda hurting my ears.’

It was like flipping a switch. He immediately stopped and never made a peep afterward.

Too bad it doesn’t work when his parents try.

Jen Jen and I got to take the afternoon off and hit all the thrift stores around town. Jen has a great etsy shop and is delighted with the local thrifts spots here. So that was fun.

We, of course, ended the trip with brunch at Jacks; always a great time. Got to see a couple of the locals and picked blueberries at a beautiful Virginia farm.

Great times. Great memories.

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All about Ev. Age 3 

Someone once said that, for various reasons, three was their favorite age. I think Ev was probably two at the time and so I silently disagreed. But now, Ev’s three and I know what they’re talking about.

It’s about one hundred different things that I couldn’t possibly document but want to try to anyways.

It’s every time I’m in the kitchen and she comes in, ‘How can I help you mom?’.

It’s all the times she helps Jack go to the bathroom, ‘here Jack, I’ll help you.’

It’s how she loves all my friends and will talk their ears off as they try to leave my house-every step they take towards the door, Ev has another question she’d like to discuss with them.

It’s how she goes over to her Mimi’s house and picks a bowl full of blueberries and then tells her Mimi, ‘here! I picked these for you!’ And then disappears into the house and finds a quart ziploc and transfers all the berries and then runs back outside to join us and deliver the goods.

It’s the request for ‘turn your asparagus’ song at nap time. Which translated to ‘turn your eyes upon Jesus’. She’s requested ‘turn you asparagus at every nap and every bed time’ and asked last week when we were ever going to get to the asparagus part. I told her it was really just eyes upon Jesus even though it kind of sounds like asparagus. And finally, last night, she requested eyes upon Jesus.

It’s how she talks on the phone to her Megee and then comes out to tell me she’s talking to Megee because Davey and Jennifer were unavailable and Megee’s reading the newspaper and Poppi is relaxing. And then launches back into conversation with Megee, ‘and so…the main point is…’.

It’s how she proudly runs into our room to let us know she made her bed and even found a sparkly pillow in the linen closet and has decorated her bed with it.

It’s looking out the window as we drive down the road and remarking, ‘wow, look at all the beautiful things God has made.’ And then letting us know that we are now on Main St and that is sure is busy at Mad Local, there’s four people there!

It’s her memory which seems to rival that of an elephant. ‘Mom do you remember a wong, wong time ago…’ and then she’ll tell me something that happened a year ago.

It’s all her planning for the day which usually involves going over to Mimi’s house while I go on a little date. ‘Does that sound like a good idea?’

It’s the three full solo cups of cold water in the fridge. Why are they there? I have no idea but I’m sure she’ll be able to tell me all about it when she wakes up.

It’s how she’ll play forever in the sandbox. Or making seahorses with her playdoh.

It’s when she’s walking through our bedroom talking to her baby and says, ‘You’re killing me smalls’. (We died on this one).

It’s her love of worms and fireflies. Little beetles are ok, big ones are not.

Its her adoration for Ivy and her general encouragement to the family. ‘Mom you look so pretty today!’. ‘Good job baby!’

It’s her excited, ‘MOM! I didn’t know I was going to pump today!!’ as she masters the art of swinging.

It’s how she can never just say ‘weekend’. Its ‘the weekend because Dads going to be home!’.

It’s how she translates all of Jack’s grunts for us. He’ll be fussing in the car and she’ll say ‘Jack did you want to go to Mimi’s?’ ‘Tsss,’ he’ll respond. ‘Well we’re not going to Mimi’s house, we’re going to Jacks Shop Kitchen!’ ‘Oh,’ he’ll say and stop fussing. I don’t know how much is the power of suggestion but she will generally just suggest until she finally gets an ‘oh’. And then, ‘Mom. Jack wants …’. She truly carries on the most amazing one sided conversations with him.

Ev. We adore you.

Stay tuned for all about Jack.

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The kids and me

Hey peeps.

So. Even though dear Jack’s birthday was a rather dismal beginning to the week, I’m kinda pumped about life these days. I’m sure clear days with sunshine has something to do with it. And the fact that the past two days I’ve been able to have some time in the morning while the older two sleep and I jostle Ivy around while I do some yoga, read and write. It’s really nice. Remind me to do that more. I really should set an alarm.

And yes. I ran a mile for the first time in over a decade last night. So I was pumped. And after that I was stretching and I touched my toes for the first time in my life. What?! I mean really. How much more amazing could a Tuesday evening get? haha.

Plus all my kids are asleep right now. If you’d like to know how peaceful nap time started here’s the cliff notes version.

I went into Ivy’s room 9 times to flip her back over and stick her paci in.

During those times, she would shriek and flip back over while I was in Jacks room trying to tell him he doesn’t need two heavy fleece blankets since its 80 degrees in our house. Back and forth between those two while Ev would helpfully get out of her bed to stick Ivy’s paci back in and I would say ‘thank you ev but just go get in your bed’.

So basically I did 100 laps around the upstairs while two children bellowed.

Ahh. But then I went downstairs to a new pair of shoes and a swimsuit in the mail.

And I’ve picked like 15 cups of strawberries from my mother in law’s garden and made 5 pints of jam and picked probably 6 pounds of asparagus and 4 heads of lettuce and that’s just fun stuff. So yes. Just feeling like a hero this Wednesday afternoon.

Now for kidlings.

Jack had to take the tiny drone to bed the other day. Very attached. Very adorable.

Generally a very sweet baby. Just not right now when she’s going to sleep.

This guy wants so many hugs. Today it was kisses all around.

My fan club on one of my runs.

My girlies. Heart eyes.


First time in a car wash.

Mothers Day at Jacks. Amazing.

Full heart.

And now they’re all waking up.

So long!

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Jack turns 2

You guys. If there was ever a day that epitomized why I don’t do birthday parties, it was yesterday. Oh em gee.

My dear darling boy who I cherish and adore and who melts my heart woke up on the very wrong side of the bed. It was a classic case of the Mondays times seven. First, he woke up too early and then he was mad that it was his mom, not his dad who walked in his room to bid him good morning.

And that kind of set the tone for the day. Such wailing and gnashing of the teeth when Ev took her cup away from his place setting. After he decided that we should all go back to my bed and cuddle for 20 minutes, we found some peace but it was pretty much touch and go all day.

I do love it when Wes comes home to save the day and Jack (or whoever) is just as ornery as he was all day long and Wes looks at me like, ‘holy cow, you weren’t kidding, this kids’s mess.’ Ahhhh. Yes.

Not that you’d ever know from looking at these pictures. So yes, we had good moments, thank the Lord for cameras to capture the happy moments so you can look back and see the cherubs.

We had lunch with Wes and the grands and picked a boat load of strawberries for our pancake dinner. Then ventured over to Yoders for ice cream and feeding goats because that’s just how we do birthdays over here.

Ivy is pretty much the only one in the family who can almost always make Jack sweet again. So praises for them and their relationship.img_2140

And then it was party time and the grandparents came back over to attempt to sweeten Jacks disposition. He had to be convinced to leave his swing to open presents but I think he was happy with his decision.

I’ll have to say, watching a two year old dive into his loot is pretty fun. He was pretty stoked with all his gifts, the best (or worst), but definitely funniest was a remote control car that I picked out for him. He loves Wesley’s drones, so I thought he’d like a drone that he could drive; as in car. He loves it all right but as of currently, does not desire your help. So hands off, I will drive this car where I want to.

Oh Jack. It’s 9:30 in the morning and you’re still asleep, (so is your big sister and finally, your little sister) so I already forgive all the wringers you may put us through today.

Your smile melts butter, your snuggles melt me and your ‘hey!!!’ to our neighbor walking by as you drove your car into the road soften us all.  I often wonder if it was just you and me, how long would you want me to hold you? All day? I often hide in my closet from you but my heart is always so incredibly thankful that we were blessed with a little boy to love. Because you are truly one of a kind. As Poppi says often, ‘Jack, you’re something else.’

You really are bud. Love and so many hugs.

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It was April 

It was April. My favorite month in Virginia.

The grass turns from brown to green.

The flower beds go from mulch to impatiens. Peonies pop up and surprise me.

Buds bud.

Ivy goes from peanut to squish with personality to boot.

Jack goes from diapers to underwear.

I go from white to not as white.

Ev goes from nut to nutter. And carries on full conversations with worms and slugs as she carries them about the yard.

Wes goes from drone job to drone job.

Parties take place outdoors.

Jack adds ‘no’ to his vocabulary of ‘trash’. We rejoice and continue practicing using our words.

Car rides to the zoo. And over the hill to the donut shop by the spring.

Dinners outside on Main Street and some fabulous desserts at Jacks.

Great month.


Love to you.

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