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well that was amazing.

Wes and I went to Baltimore this weekend. It was amazing. #burninglights Singing praises to Jesus with 9,000 others was pretty powerful. And loud. Really loud. And you’re thinking, if 9,000 voices raised is this loud and crazy and wonderful, … Continue reading

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these days.

The other week, I had the following conversation with my father: In case you’re missing it, that’s Wes, sacked out on the couch where we are both soaking up warmth from our wonderful wood stove. None of this surfing business. … Continue reading

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getting Davey to come visit me.

Pretty sure if you were to play a word association game (or Password) with Davey it would go something like this: Me: Charlottesville Davey: Bodos! Me: nope. Davey: Raising Canes! Me: nope Davey: Spudnuts! Me: nope. Davey: You? My sister? … Continue reading

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