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someone was praying.

I think it was my grandparents. A couple days before Wes took his pilots license test, I was growing weary in the long evenings with him gone. He had one last prep flight from 4-6 and so we decided I’d … Continue reading

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The rest of the story

There’s a few more memories floating around my head of the trip….like dumping a sleeping Jack into Dads arms when we arrived at the airport around midnight California time. Jack apparently decided he’d known my parents his whole life. He … Continue reading

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Why we went. 

Well, we journeyed for a couple reasons. One, I was ready to get out of dodge and relax with Wes. I’ve mentioned the pilot journey once or twice on here already. And two, I really wanted to go to California … Continue reading

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We’re that family. 

I’d like to begin by patting myself on the back for packing for a family of four for the duration of eight days away from home. Maybe that’s not really amazing but I always feel a nice sense of accomplishment. … Continue reading

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mornings at scout

One of the more enjoyable aspects of vacation in California are the leisurely mornings…for me that is. For the majority of the time, my parents got up with the little darlings (who rose very early in the mornings), fed them … Continue reading

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A really good day. 

We’re in California. And all days have been great. But today was another exceptional one. After I lounged outside in the morning, miss Ev arrived home from running errands with Poppi with a box of donuts on her lap. She … Continue reading

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