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Did I or didn’t I?

Guess. Did we make it to California at our appointed time with no airplane problems? While your pondering, I’ll show you a nice picture. We took off in icy rain and flew and flew through cloud layer after cloud layer. … Continue reading

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bound for the beach.

Two dogs, one cat, and one fish, all packed up and ready to go.Me too.

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sunday morning coffee

When I was a kid, we had this cd called Sunday Morning Coffee. There was this one song on it, track 14 I believe, that I just absolutely adored. Come to think of it, it didn’t really sound like something … Continue reading

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Olivia and Tessa.

Have you all read Olivia books? You really should if you have not already. They’re full of adventures,and everyday life, and days at the beach. I was going through some pictures of Tessa, and they just reminded me of Olivia. … Continue reading

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brighten the corner where you are.

Why did it take me until the month of October to remember I adore bringing flowers inside? If this sight doesn’t just make you weep with happiness, I’m not sure what will. Nice job on the sign Brooke (and Uncle … Continue reading

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around the world. (CA to VA)

Well I just saw one of these monsters trying to turn around on my road today and it brought back a flood of lovely memories. So I thought I’d share. Here’s the monster. That, my friends, is a truck. And … Continue reading

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My soul is kind of wordless right now. For no particular reason. But when I look at these pictures, my soul smiles. As I watched these two walk across this big field, I was thankful I had my newly acquired … Continue reading

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