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i’ve been dreaming of this.

I went to the doctor yesterday. They were having trouble with the ventilation system and I got hot and a bit uncomfortable. I took off my rainboots, socks, jacket, turned out the lights and laid there in the dark for … Continue reading

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Ev’s tricks. 

Because when it’s a rainy and cold day, and poppi and megee won’t answer facetime, we take selfies of our tricks and then text them over. This also seemed like great baby book material. (Can anyone say first child?). So. … Continue reading

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i’m a rockstar.

I have this friend who exercises about like me. As in, ‘hey, we should get together and exercise because we’re weak sauce!’. la la la. And that’s as far as we get. So back in February when I ordered my … Continue reading

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the entertainer

Oh you dear people who tell me that I make you laugh. You just make my day. (thank you relatives ;). I also hope this is going through your head. I just took a personality test. Wes helped me answer … Continue reading

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me and the bebes.

I know. These are everyone’s favorite posts. But my poor children don’t have baby books. So there you have it. I didn’t even save a clipping from Evelyn’s first haircut. (gasp). I couldn’t figure out what I would do with … Continue reading

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In like a lion. 

Hello dear friends! It’s March!! And it matters not that tomorrow’s high is 28* and the low is 7* and that we’re supposed to get four to eight inches of snow because just like the watchman who waits for the … Continue reading

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