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four days in new england.

I first started this blog because of a four day trip we took with my grandparents to New England…five years ago. Kind of blows my mind. And I just peeked back at that first blog post. It made me chuckle … Continue reading

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be by you.

Is this phrase used in every household? Or was it just in ours? ‘Ugh, the dog was soo be by you today.’. Or, ‘Um, I’m feeling very be by you.’. Ev is very be by you. She generally follows me … Continue reading

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Our new fall routine. 

A couple weeks ago, we were trapped in our house for about ten (ish) days of rain. And before and after and during that time, we were trapped in our house due to stink bugs. Seriously. They would come out … Continue reading

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Sibling love. 

Might have mentioned this once or twice, but I love watching my two goobers interact.Yes. It’s a bit frightening that Ev goes through the selfie motions. Also mildly hilarious.    I love having white carpet. It’s so easy to keep … Continue reading

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