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my life is making sense.

How do I know this? Because I baked muffins on Sunday, cookies on Monday, and a quiche on Wednesday. All extracurricular food that we did not need for survival, which points to the fact that life must be developing a … Continue reading

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do we think we’re crazy?

It takes us a minute to get there. But generally we find out that yes, we do think we’re crazy, when I tell Wes that someone is expecting a baby and they have twins Ivy’s age. And he’s like, ‘what?! … Continue reading

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when my family swept in.

I’m not quite sure if I knew how desperately I was needing a break. And then they were here and I was like, ‘ahhhhhh’. Mom was on it and let my brother know before arrival that they were not coming … Continue reading

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is it fun?

Some dear soul asked me this when the girls were seven weeks old. I may have looked at them like they had lost their brain. haha. No. It’s not fun. There is sweetness and joy as they started to respond … Continue reading

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thank you.

When I was telling everyone I was pregnant with twins, a mother of twins told me, ‘it’s not as hard as everyone says.’ I was grateful for the positive outlook. It comforted me and made me feel like maybe we’ll … Continue reading

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and we become a family.

The first time I saw Wes after the delivery, he told me he was pretty sure the baby still in the nursery was Hazel because she seemed pretty aggressive. He was right. And so our third little girl was named … Continue reading

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hazel wren and violet rhea. the birth story.

I somehow managed to get two birds in their names. Impressive eh? The girls were breech and transverse the entire time. Which honestly made it easy on my brain. The doctors weren’t keen on anything other than a cesarean but … Continue reading

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