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oh happy day.

A Saturday together. The sun was shining brightly. The temperatures were soaring (towards 60 degrees). Birds were singing. My snow drops bloomed. Did some shopping. Bought a new straightener.  (Blew the last one up in Turkey). (And all the things that required … Continue reading

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in other news..

For the 1% of you that don’t follow the weather/instagram/blogs/whatever, we did have our first substantial snow storm. Gladys was real nervous before it hit. This equals be-by-you or hide underneath dining room table. Then when the storm finally hit, … Continue reading

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4d sed. (fordy said).

So I still love my job. I know I’ve told you how I can walk away after a day up there and feel like a champ. Never happened at Allstate (sorry allstate, you were lovely to me for many a … Continue reading

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