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I remember being in first or second grade and one of my friends came up and said, ‘Do you know how to spell Mississippi?’ I didn’t, but she did and rattled off, ‘M I S S I S S I … Continue reading

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a rich day

Yesterday, I drove to the capital  of Virginia to take some friends to the airport. Actually it was more like, ‘Sure, I can take you to the airport,’ (that way I just get a bonus trip to Richmond to toodle … Continue reading

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I shall now unveil the masterpiece.

Remember that one day that I was feeling amazing? Because I was actually creating something with a sewing machine that I just felt was beautiful. And remember last week I was talking about making pillow shams? Well. I shall now … Continue reading

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getting my craft on.

Yesterday, I spoke these words to my mother-in-law: ‘So, I’m kinda actually getting into the spirit of winter. And getting excited about all these projects that I can do’. Wherein she interrupted me saying, ‘hold on, wait just a minute…’ I was … Continue reading

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simply marvelous

Today, I have the joy of spring in my heart. First of all, I woke to a text announcing the arrival of a little gem. And that’s always a great way to wake up. And then I stepped outside. And … Continue reading

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good morning

The heavens declare.

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this should be a running commercial.

Seriously. If Run While You Can has’t contacted me within the week, I’ll be shocked. I occasionally like to pretend I’m a runner. Especially at the beach and especially with my dogs. They’re so joyful and cheerful and exuberant that … Continue reading

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