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happy girl.

Hi friends. Can’t remember if I told you that my dad was coming to town to hang out with me for a few days. He came. He’s leaving tomorrow. We have had so much fun. I love just being one … Continue reading

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earthquake earthquake, read all about it!

UPDATE: You all have to go here and watch this. Over and over again. Thank you mel for sending me this piece of golden entertainment. I laugh. Heartily. Yes, I realize this is old news. But I knew you’d all … Continue reading

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summer in your mouth

Before this wonderful season is over, you need to make yourself this treat. Just the thought of biting in to this wonderful dish is making me salivate. We call it mexican nachos. I’m not sure if mom found this in … Continue reading

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when skies are grey

You know those text messages you have that you just can’t delete? And so your phones inbox frequently is 100% full and you miss texts because you forgot to go through and delete the ones that don’t matter? Actually your … Continue reading

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Before I launch into my story, allow me to show you what glee looks like. First imagine a pick up game of football in the backyard where first touch down wins. Picture five failed attempts to make this touch down. … Continue reading

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Monday: A List

1. This is my happy spot. Whenever life seems overwhelming, I sit amongst these flowers and their beauty ministers to my soul. Perhaps a little Mathew 6:28 taking place. 2. My dad’s coming to visit me. When I found out … Continue reading

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hole in many

I have a new hobby. The satisfaction one gets from whacking a ball and making it go soaring into the air is immensely wonderful. This satisfaction lured Wesley into the game quite a bit before me and I decided if he … Continue reading

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