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swing wide the door.

Alright. That really has nothing to do with anything. I think it’s a title of a book I’ve read. But as I was looking through photos for a post I really couldn’t not (I hate double negatives) title the post … Continue reading

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bust. (travel problems and meltdowns)

Basically, Texas weather can be of great inconvenience. Here’s my two on day one of attempted leave of Texas. And here’s Dad at midnight that night rocking Evelyn to sleep. Our alarm clocks went off at four am and we … Continue reading

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texas or bust.

We did have a bust. But that was on the way home. So I’ll chronicle the good stuff first. My cousin Brookie got married last weekend and the whole family (minus Uncle Davey, sniff sniff) got together to celebrate the … Continue reading

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we’re officially parents.

The other night, Evelyn wasn’t really into going to bed. We tried to put her down a couple times but she wasn’t interested. She delightedly joined us in bed and visited with us while sitting on my chest. Soon she … Continue reading

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