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Snow can really do that to you. Especially when you’re driving. Which is not a good thing. There’s so many ways to watch the snow as its coming down. You can just watch it like its rain and get the … Continue reading

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real quick

My dad just sent me this picture this morning. Yes, that’s my mom. Carting my dogs around. There’s a small story behind this photo but who really wants to know? I think it’s better to just look and laugh. Looking … Continue reading

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the problem child

Tessa and Cody came into our lives in April of 2007. They were the cutest little fluff balls you ever did see. Tessa was this sweet, perky little number, always ready to go and Cody was a sleepy, relaxed number … Continue reading

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my weird dog

Tessa’s my baby. And I love her. But there is no question that she’s a little strange. For instance… ‘Hey guys! I have a pine cone! Isn’t it cool? Doesn’t anyone want to chase me to see if they can … Continue reading

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The Great Outdoors

A warm day. Forty-five degrees. Out for a tramp. Several layers. Dogs barking. Crunching [dead] grass. Geese honking. Wind on face. Peace.

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Musically Challenged

This is my favorite spot in my home. I like to just look at it, but I also love to sit on that bench and make melody.  When I was young, my favorite songs to play were quiet, soft, sweet … Continue reading

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Sheer Genius.

Remember that innovativeness my father was talking about? While Davey might not quite be the CEO of the lab company, and mom is still working on completing her Dyson all in one, innovativeness is coursing through someone in my family as … Continue reading

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