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there you are!

When I was about age 3, I loved to talk. Or so they tell me. ¬†And I loved to have an audience. (Don’t act so shocked). So I’d follow my dear mother every where she went and chatter on about … Continue reading

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The Emperor’s New Groove

How I have never done this, until last week, I do not know. But I have now done it and will share it with you. Down the road from us is a little country market that goes by the name … Continue reading

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hey there little guy

Up and coming. Meet the goat. Hi there. No, he’s not ours. But you’ll hear more of him soon. Promise. Goodnight with love from me.

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I blinked.

And they were gone. And so was April. And so was my ugly patio. And now I have an amazing new patio. You should come over. And my pool is open. And flowers are planted. And some have nice trellises … Continue reading

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