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this will be funny one day.

At least I hope so. Just in case you think things run a bit too smoothly over here… The day began at 6:47 and by the time 10:06 rolled around, I was very ready for Ivy to take a nap … Continue reading

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the first few weeks.

So this morning, Ev and I were unloading the dishwasher and I randomly burst into this kids song ‘To love and obey’, that I haven’t thought of in years and was like ‘whoa, where’d that come from.’ We’ve been working … Continue reading

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ev and jack meet ivy

Oh gosh, these pictures just make my day. One of the greater joys in life is introducing your kids to each other. Nothing like the excitement, the shining eyes, and the touch of uncertainty that melts into adoration. Ev had … Continue reading

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