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family photos

Lisa Maksoudian does it again. These pictures make my heart well up and overflow. Gosh I have amazing people in my life. Hugs and love.

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if you want to see 90, be kind.

Today is my Grampa’s 90th birthday. He and Grama are the reason I started this blog. I always love listening to their story and I love being a small part of it. Grampa means a lot to a lot of … Continue reading

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you are my dream come true.

When I was in the fourth grade, I penned an essay about the dreams I had for my life. I can’t recall if there was an order or not but I remember each one. I wanted to be a teacher. … Continue reading

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oh you mean quinoa.

Why yes. Yes I do. … When we were in California I was in a discussion with Wes and some old friends and I dropped this cool word that I can’t remember into conversation and was questioned as to the … Continue reading

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and we’re home.

And just like that, we’re home. How does time fly so fast? I was talking to my cousin about our trip on the first weekend we were there and I told her that I just love the feeling of knowing … Continue reading

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The rest of the story. 

I try to limit the number of showers I take while on vacation-you know, California and the drought and such. But one morning I decided that it was probably that time so I hastened to the bathroom and turned on … Continue reading

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My kids and my siblings. 

Because we only see each other about twice a year and these pictures make my day.         Also. Jennifer taught Evelyn how to give Davey a wet willy. So that was pretty fantastic. {insert laughing face} And still there’s … Continue reading

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