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The twinkle toes

Oh gosh, these two. Twins are, most definitely, an experience. They’re hilarious, amusing, trying, captivating, fascinating and nonstop. I think it was in the month of November when the kids and I really settled into a nice rhythm; breakfast together, … Continue reading

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A summer week

It’s sabbath. Sunday. The best day of the week. We stop. Rest. Delight. Worship. And then the kids or Wes go out and invite various neighbors over to grill pizza with us in the backyard. This Sunday John and Debbie … Continue reading

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six seven eight nine ten

I wrote this post on our five year anniversary. I was pregnant with our first, we were fresh off a babymoon to Florida and getting ready to meet my parents up in Maine in the upcoming weeks. Ten years ago … Continue reading

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cayucos 2018

I can remember as a kid, those last few moments of our vacation at the beach. I would go stand on the bluff and watch the sun set while soaking up every minute of beauty hoping it would keep me … Continue reading

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Ivy Mae turns one.

It never fails to blow my mind how much they grow and change in that first year. I’m amazed at what they comprehend, the tricks they do and how big they are! Ivy is pretty much just the sweetest baby. … Continue reading

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Poppi and megee

Two days after Davey and Jennifer left, Poppi and┬áMegee arrived. This was great timing as I was pretty ready to sleep. Cold + poison ivy + prednisone + benedryl wiped me out. And so after a couple days of sending … Continue reading

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Davey and Jen Jen

Hello! It’s been a whirlwind 3 weeks. And right now, all is calm and all are asleep. Ahhh. So. Three weeks ago, Davey and Jen Jen breezed in after doing some eye doctor legislative stuff up in D.C. The day … Continue reading

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