Jack and ev make friends

My kids have the tendency to be little mice. They will often sit back and just observe whatever’s going on with a ‘huh. how intriguing’ expression. While this can be nice in certain settings, such as library hour, it’s also really wonderful to watch them get out of this mode and make friends. Like, one of my favorite things because…it’s adorable.

Such a fun evening. Wonderful having friends on both sides of the country.

Also. Fun fact. Whenever people ask how Wesley and I met, I tell them we met at a friends wedding reception; I knew the groom, he knew the bride. Those little girls happen to be the children of said groom and bride.

Most people (women), give a little sigh and say ‘how romantic.’

I laugh. Fooled them!

About A Story of Us

My grandparents 57th wedding anniversary and my first wedding anniversary motivated to journal the adventures life brought our way . I hope to amuse the friends and family I have all over the country and, when I am my grandmothers age, look back at what I have written and chuckle. It's been four years since I began and the snickers I bring myself as I look back propel me to write on. Cheers to the future and happy memories of the past.
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2 Responses to Jack and ev make friends

  1. good thing you blog. i just love these pictures… wish we had a video of Ev and Cass playing in the fountain!

  2. RaeAnne says:

    This is so sweet. So good to see y’all!

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