this will be funny one day.

At least I hope so.

Just in case you think things run a bit too smoothly over here…

The day began at 6:47 and by the time 10:06 rolled around, I was very ready for Ivy to take a nap and for me to get out of my robe.

So I went upstairs to lay Ivy down. She immediately started crying but I decided I needed to go brush my teeth and get ready for the day to better prepare myself mentally for any coming chaos.

I kept thinking she was putting herself to sleep but 7 minutes later, picked her back up and rocked her to sleep. About this time, the toddlers ran upstairs to join me. They’ve been rather clingy with colds and I’ve told them about 100 times today, ‘guys. Go play.’

I put Ivy back down, took some laundry to Jacks room and heard a funny noise from downstairs.

As I headed down, I decided that someone had turned the kitchen aid on but when I rounded the corner to kitchen I forgot about the kitchen aid because my attention was caught by the pool of milk on the floor. And on the counter. And by the coffee grounds strewn over in the corner by the espresso machine. I steamed.

Then headed back to the stairs and said, ‘Evelyn. Get down here right now.’

Then went back to the kitchen to start rinsing wash rags for her to clean up the milk.

Then I noticed the empty juice container. And the full solo cups.

And the bread that had been rising on the stove? A nice gaping hole in it.

Truly. Every area in the kitchen had been decimated. Hashtag so annoyed.

By the time Evelyn was vacuuming up the coffee (praise the Lord I had emptied the container yesterday), and I was punching the bread down so it could re rise, Ivy was crying again and I was doing Lamaze breathing.

Oh these darlings of mine.dsc_0037I mean really, isn’t it hard to picture these faces as the masters of mayhem? (Thanks to KPerry Photography).

But really. Here’s to long naps and some time to collect my brain.

Hallelujah, my dad comes in tonight.

And the weekend draweth nigh.

Praise hands.

About A Story of Us

My grandparents 57th wedding anniversary and my first wedding anniversary motivated to journal the adventures life brought our way . I hope to amuse the friends and family I have all over the country and, when I am my grandmothers age, look back at what I have written and chuckle. It's been four years since I began and the snickers I bring myself as I look back propel me to write on. Cheers to the future and happy memories of the past.
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