Lake moomaw

You may remember I mentioned between grandparents and the second Texas family, we went to Lake Moomaw.

Let me just begin by saying that camping in Virginia is challenging. At least for us. We’ve had spectacular weather at Moomaw once. Last year when we canceled the trip due to weather and then just waited on the forecast and four days in advance saw a clear weekend.

Nevertheless. These pictures (not taken by me) do make me look back fondly on the time. And it was a good time. In fact, it was such a good time that Wesley could hardly move when we got home. I was not the most empathetic person in the world, ‘Oh, you’re so sore because you had too much fun wakeboarding for hours while I wrestled the children? Tell me more!’.

bahaha. I generally am a nice wife. Promise. hahaha.

I chose of my own accord to not jump on the twenty year olds boat where Wes was but instead, ride with the forty year olds in the hopes that Jack would be quickly lulled to sleep and then stay to sleep. Also, there’s a bathroom on board. Good decision all around. I laughed until I cried at the humor on the forty year old boat. Also at the fog horning done by a certain person two feet away from a sleeping baby. Nothing cracks me up more than someone who is cracking themselves up. Ahh. Good times.

Other than Jack waking up with a night terror and screaming bloody murder, the kids did pretty great. Very thankful for a trailer and for safety in the water.

Until next year!

About A Story of Us

My grandparents 57th wedding anniversary and my first wedding anniversary motivated to journal the adventures life brought our way . I hope to amuse the friends and family I have all over the country and, when I am my grandmothers age, look back at what I have written and chuckle. It's been four years since I began and the snickers I bring myself as I look back propel me to write on. Cheers to the future and happy memories of the past.
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One Response to Lake moomaw

  1. Addie says:

    Sounds like a fun time! But the night terrors! Why why why do they always happen when camping?!

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