Summer days

Last night after Wes came back from putting Ev to bed I told him, ‘I seriously feel like melted butter every time she goes to bed.’

‘I know,’ he said, ‘I could cry every time.’

So it’s not just me and my hormones. Ev really is turning us into mush. We’ve been getting home late many summer nights and so bed time routine involves the four of us on our bed, changing diapers, brushing teeth and the more tired she is the funnier and more affectionate she is. There’s kisses for everyone, over and over, and as she comes in for the kiss she has this pleased look on her face and then after she makes her little kiss noise, she leans back with the biggest grin on her face. And then snuggles and talks about life in her little baby voice. And then does a little singing. After a few more goodnight kisses for me and Jack, Wes carries her off and she waves and smiles at me the whole way out of sight with her pig tails still happily perched on her head.

And I melt into a puddle and whisper, ‘thank you so much for our little girl’.


IMG_6039Such a goober head.

She’s coming to life in more ways and finally getting her explorer on. We have a good size field next to our house and she loves to hold your hand and run around with her head tilted back, laughing and gasping at the same time and then falling down and then getting up, throwing her head back, and laughing more. It’s the most beautiful visual of a carefree childhood and I adore watching it.

I’ll tell her to get the bug and she gets her chubby little foot out and stomps on the ground and then giggles uproariously when the ant appears from under her foot. I had the best time watching her and her aunt J catch fireflies together. She seemed to think that it was her job to blow on the firefly after it was caught and was rather delighted with the whole process.

I’m seeing more and more of me in her and it’s a mix of ‘oh boy’ and laughter. If she gets frustrated (i.e. can’t get her food on the fork), she squawks and bangs things and throws things. Kinda like me when I’m trying to put the refrigerator shelves back in and just want to chunk everything. We went over to a friends house and on the way told her, ‘Ev, it’s okay if Finn touches you, that’s her way of saying hi.’ Because often times, if her personal bubble is violated, more squawking  and pushing comes out. And once again, I see myself.

They did pretty well.
IMG_6037I love watching her interact more and more. For instance. With this guy. IMG_5984 Ev was very leery of him and his brother but eventually warmed up and found them pretty amusing. Imagine.

I tried to take pictures of her and Jack in outfits that Aunt Stace had purchased for them but mainly just got classic pictures of Ev in her, ‘Please. Just give me the phone!’ pose.

IMG_6010What a goober.


They turned out so well!

I braved the grocery store with the two of them and it went pretty well considering the last time I was in Walmart with Ev, she screamed her head off at me. So pleasant. She did quite well as she mowed on a banana this time and I played the pacifier game with Jack until he got quite fed up with it and burst everyone’s ear drums as we checked out. I tried not to wince through my smiles and thank you’s for the help loading the cart.


Little miss likes helping out, whether its stuffing Jack’s pacifier back in or her new love of dish washing. Also. Believe I’ve mentioned that it’s impossible to vacuum without her help. So you can basically vacuum in a straight line. So there’s a clean path in my house. And that’s it.

IMG_6036 IMG_5988Also. Who wears clothes in the summer? (I do). But summer babies are really where it’s at.

And Jack. People want to know how Jack’s doing.

When Ev was three months old, we were out in California and Davey let us know that he finally realized why parents talked about their babies poop so much. ‘Really, it’s about the most interesting thing they do all day.’ hahaha

And so goes it with Jack. Wes will come home and ask me how Jack’s been and I’ll be like, ‘good. He did have an epic diaper today.’ So he eats and sleeps (6-8 hours at night this week, party in the house) and yes, he poops.

He also adores visiting with you and gives the dreamiest, goofiest baby smiles at you.

Him and Ev are basically on the same schedule and at least this week, have been sleeping in to 9, 10,  or 11, and then napping together. It’s lovely.


So completely grateful for this life with my bebes.

Hugs and love to you.

About A Story of Us

My grandparents 57th wedding anniversary and my first wedding anniversary motivated to journal the adventures life brought our way . I hope to amuse the friends and family I have all over the country and, when I am my grandmothers age, look back at what I have written and chuckle. It's been four years since I began and the snickers I bring myself as I look back propel me to write on. Cheers to the future and happy memories of the past.
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One Response to Summer days

  1. Raen says:

    Your kids are so cute! Jackson really reminds me of his Uncle J in these photos. I enjoy your stories of them. They sound like amazing sleepers…lucky. 🙂

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