california, there i went.

As opposed to California, here I come, which would also be lovely. (That link is so worth your time).

Anyways, like I was saying, we went to California. And not surprisingly, it was so wonderful. My little brother got married to his best friend and that was of course, the main attraction of the time. I’m hoping that I’ll get to show you some of the fabulous pictures taken by the photographer and tell you a bit more about the day with those. Suffice to say, it was an absolutely beautiful day in every aspect. IMG_4434

And I do love this picture. So Davey. They danced to ‘It’s Good to be Alive‘ and it was just perfect and I laughed, and smiled and sang along.

They weekended away and then we got to be with them one evening before they flew off to their honeymoon destination. It was so good to be together as a family and discuss the whole wedding and how lovely it was and just see them together.

photo 1


So, needless to say, those first few days were pretty busy. Lots of parties, people and good times.

IMG_4536(Evelyn and her twin cousins. They’re hilarious. And adorable.)

And then. It was the beach. And ultimate relaxation.

IMG_4451(Obligatory photo of Cody and Tessa). Evelyn was pretty thrilled to have them around.


We borrowed a backpack thing from Evelyn’s cousin and took her on beach walks and around town. She was pretty cozy in it. And cute.


I declared I was going to be in shape by the time we left and feel pretty successful. (ha). We hiked up to the top of the hill of Cayucos twice. I thought I was going to keel over the first time.

photo 2I fussed about stitches in my sides and lungs and everything until Dad told me he’d buy me a latte if it was a mile back down to Journeys End. As we neared the end at only .86 miles I figured I’d better do something to help it along. Dad and Wes finally turned around to see me doing huge crisscrosses in the street, back and forth, back and forth and we all died of laughter. But sure enough, made it to JE front door at 1.03 miles. heh.

photo 3

Funny enough, we were able to go to a dance class in San Luis with my parents. Aunt Betty came along to watch Ev and discovered that Evelyn was in love with her iPhone in it’s cassette tape case. She then bought Evelyn her very own iCassette.

IMG_4500It’s been pretty thrilling.

Lots of time spent with the grands and the great 4

IMG_4474 IMG_4468 IMG_4495

Evelyn is always so thrilled with herself when she gets to hold a phone. And not so thrilled when it’s taken from her.

Saw quite a few dolphins playing in the swells and even went out and kayaked a couple miles with dad to go find them. Alas, no luck, just some sammy the seals.


After a week at the beach, we ended up back at the city house in San Luis. Quite a cute place.

photo 1Mom had made sure she had stocked it for Evelyn and Ev was pretty delighted with the layout of things.

IMG_4501photo 5Our last day there happened to be our sixth anniversary. San Luis is a pretty great place to spend such a day and crazy to think back to our last anniversary when Ev was still hanging out in the womb. But as last days of trips are, it was a bit of limbo for me. I wasn’t ready to come home, not looking forward to the flights and our 31 minute layover in Phoenix, and just meh.

But fly home we did. It’s so funny as I carry Evelyn down the row of the airplanes; men and women coo at her and wave and talk to her but it generally seems that the person we sit next to has never heard of babies. Evelyn eventually won this certain passenger over with her Lionel Richie icassette and her interest in his beard.

And we made it home, smooth and safe flights.

photo 2Much to be grateful for.

Love to you and yours.

About A Story of Us

My grandparents 57th wedding anniversary and my first wedding anniversary motivated to journal the adventures life brought our way . I hope to amuse the friends and family I have all over the country and, when I am my grandmothers age, look back at what I have written and chuckle. It's been four years since I began and the snickers I bring myself as I look back propel me to write on. Cheers to the future and happy memories of the past.
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2 Responses to california, there i went.

  1. Raen says:

    It was so good to see you out here and to finally meet Evelyn. She is a doll! Glad you had an uneventful trip home- I was thinking about you! Looking forward to the next time we see you.

  2. Your stories and pictures are wonderful !!! Keep it up; it is hard to keep up with writing when you have little ones but such a valuable effort in the long run.

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