this is my favorite.

I was going through some archives looking for a song and stumbled across some old blog posts. I chortled and snickered through them and then felt sad that I had not written in forever. So here I am. Finally. Writing this post that I thought I would write months ago.

So without further ado, a message from Gladys!
me, bebe and gladys 038Alright. Possibly the cutest thing ever seen. Gladys. Announcing that she’s going to be a big sister! And you just should have seen Wesley’s parents face when Gladys came strolling up to them with her bib on. The best.

So yes. Wes and I are expecting a little one this November. And we’re pretty much thrilled. And I finally analyzed why I didn’t share this bundle of news earlier here on the great world wide web.

First, it just seemed too sacred. I just kinda wanted to hold it close and be in awe of it. And then it seemed unreal. Like really? I’m pregnant? And the bebe is ok? And I’ve made past the first possibly scary trimester? And then it just seemed like too huge a blessing to just flaunt around. And then I wondered if I was thinking too much.

And then I didn’t have a good picture. Chuckle.

So here I am. Entering the third trimester. (what?!)

me, bebe and gladys 003

Now for all the newsy stuff. Let’s see.

We were able to tell my parents in person. Father dear required about three years ago that this news had to be told in person. And I was so thankful we were able to. It was funny. On our road trip out to Cali, I was just panting to tell them. Couldn’t wait to see their faces. Wes was just kinda like, ‘yeah. it’ll be cool.’ And I’d shake my head at him and jump around some more at the thought.

And then when we were there I kept wanting to wait. Wait until I was at least 8 weeks. Wait for the perfect moment. And then how the heck do you tell news of that magnitude?

So Wes became the giddy one. And ‘threatened’ to tell them if I couldn’t get it out. So I promised I’d tell that night. So the four of us were eating dinner. And Wes stomped on my foot continually. And Dad pretty much planned the entire month of November at that dinner-Thanksgiving at Journey’s End, but come out earlier in November and we’ll take a trip north and go to this place where they have these hot springs…etc. etc.

Stomp stomp on the foot. So I finally blurted it out. They cried. It was really sweet.

me, bebe and gladys 010

(Yes, I’m slightly also showing off my patio in these pictures. Some day I’ll show you the whole process of this here patio coming to life and you’ll understand why I’m so in love with it).

Like I mentioned before, we told Wesley’s parents with the aid of Gladys. It was so funny. They stared at Gladys and then at us for what felt like forever and then Ronda said in this kinda dazed voice, ‘are you expecting?’.

Chuckle. Yep. Sure am.

We got to tell several of our friends in person and that was a blast buzzing around the country side. One of the bigger blessings was being able to call my grandparents and share the news with them over the phone. I don’t think I’d ever thought I get to share such news with them and they were so so sweet and thrilled for me. I got my first Mother’s Day card from them.

Told an auntie via skype and penned the news to my best friend and forever long pen pal since age 6. Just about every form of communication was used.

me, bebe and gladys 016

As far as stats? Yep. Baby’s due in November. Mom says she’ll be ‘shocked’ if I make it to my due date. I’m pretty sure this ensures that I’ll be two weeks late.

I feel pretty darn blessed with how I’ve felt during the whole process. Halfway during the first trimester, I wondered if I would ever not feel tired. That was part of the reason I couldn’t believe my parents weren’t suspicious. I pretty much napped from the swinging bed, to the couch, to the window seat. Dad was like, ‘Uh, yeah. Seemed pretty normal.’

I’ve felt the bebe every day since week 20. Its a bit of a body surfer. Pretty darn cool.

We’ll be finding out what the baby is come November. I’m pretty sure it’s a boy since we have our girl name picked out.

When I pray for my baby, I generally say, ‘please bless my bebe,’ and then I stop and smile because the words that immediately pop in my head are, ‘as you knit it together in its mother’s womb.’ And I know that my bebe is already immeasurably blessed. And a feeling of awe sweeps over me. (Psalm 139:19).

me, bebe and gladys 034Anything else? (Awkward right arm shot. This is what happens when you take selfies.)

It’s been awesome.

Thanks be to God.

Oh yes. A song for your listening pleasure.

About A Story of Us

My grandparents 57th wedding anniversary and my first wedding anniversary motivated to journal the adventures life brought our way . I hope to amuse the friends and family I have all over the country and, when I am my grandmothers age, look back at what I have written and chuckle. It's been four years since I began and the snickers I bring myself as I look back propel me to write on. Cheers to the future and happy memories of the past.
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12 Responses to this is my favorite.

  1. Paula J says:

    Oh, this is thrilling news! Thank you so much for finally posting it! I love the way you told each of your special people! Congratulations and many blessings on your and your bebe! This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes. Psalms 118:23
    You and your patio are both lovely!

  2. Alisha says:

    Congrats! So excited for you guys, you will be so blessed with your new little one. Just plan on your baby being 2 weeks past due date, then you won’t be in agony if baby is later than expected! (Take it from me, Emma was born 12 days after due date, and those 12 days felt as long as the previous 9 months!)


  3. Cathy says:

    Quite happy for you and all your family! Children are a blessing and a joy!

  4. dbowiniii says:

    Cry? Not me. I’m a tough guy. Must have been the onions.

    Beautiful post. Thankful for you.

  5. Lynn says:

    Hooray Kels and Wes…Being a parent is amazing. Can’t wait to meet your little bundle!

  6. laurie says:

    my favorite post of yours so far! can’t wait to meet your sweet girl. 😉 (def a girl!)

  7. Nancy says:

    This is such great & exciting news! Yeah, I already knew but I enjoyed this sweet post of yours. And can I just say that bebe will have the hip”est” grandparents on the west coast!! Enjoy your teeny, ahdorable bump and all the fun that ensues. For ’tis a marvelous ride, motherhood that is.

  8. Karyn says:

    Aww, it’s my favorite too!!! Best post ever! The emotions and the unreal feelings…so familiar. I’m so happy for you guys and I’m so excited you’re waitin to see whether its a he or a she!!! I know you won’t regret it; it makes that incredible moment even more amazing, I was dead wrong with both of mine so the element of surprise was intense, but in the best way possible! Ahh! I am so excited…I get this way about “bebes” 🙂 forgive the rambling. Telling in person is oh so fun, isn’t it?? Glad we got to do that the second time around!

  9. Anya says:

    darling post. darling little mama. oh, kids, they change you forever — in ways you never imagine — i know you’re experiencing that now. the sweetest. ❤
    ps:your place looks amazing!

  10. Darlene says:

    This was a great post; thank you for sharing! And again, congrats. I did not soon forget your faces after I chanced to meet you and Wes at the water cooler in MM after I had learned you were expecting and told you that I was happy for you. You both had the same bright, shiny, excited eyes. It was wonderful!

  11. melmcwilliams says:

    Aww, Kelsey. I’m so happy for you guys. Pretty sure your mom is going to want to fly Lisa M. out there for a newborn photo shoot, although you do have some remarkably talented friends. Pretty sure your dad’s going to be visiting you more. Pretty sure the Fourth is going to think he is the coolest uncle ever and will have a few words of wisdom as you embark on motherhood. Pretty sure the great grands are elated. And pretty sure I can’t wait to watch your blog morph. Congrats!

  12. you and Wes are blessed and your bebe will be too!!! 😉

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