Friends! Hello!

I’ve finally managed to steal Davey’s computer and he’s handily been able to connect me to our hotel’s wifi-no simple task. Sorry that this is the first time to say hello although I’ve been able to update a few of you with Instagram and Facebook.

But if this is the first time we’ve connected, let me tell you we are having a simply harika time. Harika being wonderful. My knowledge of the Turkish language is simply growing by leaps and bounds. I’m going for two new words a day and I dearly love trying them out on the locals. Indeed, hob-knobbing with the locals has definitely been very close to the top of the highlight list. We’ve been getting along fabulously. I do believe I impress them in the first minute of conversation where I prettily say my thank you’s, wonderfuls, and yes’s, but  as that’s all I say, they quickly figure out I’m not too brilliant and we all have a hearty chuckle at our Turkish and their English (far more impressive than our Turkish).

The art of communication. It’s a blast. I’ve added ‘nice to meet you’ and ‘very beautiful’ today and have very much enjoyed using them.

So the locals are great, our tour guide Selcuk is amazing (he’s been a tour guide for 26 years),and the places we’ve been-chok guzel (add some squiggles on the c and some dots over the u and you’ve got ‘very beautiful’.

Walking around in Ephesus was pretty cool. This city housed 250,000 people back in Pauls day and being there with about 4,000 other tourists gave you a small taste of what it could have been like.

*Fun fact of the day.*

A great number of tourists who come to Turkey are from South Korea where there has been a great missionary influence in the past decade. They are devout Christians who desire to journey in Paul’s footsteps.

So if you read Acts 19 and then see the actual coliseum where the great riot took place, it’s kinda like ‘wow’.

Another fun fact of the day. This is just a Kelsey fun fact though so don’t get too excited.When I was a wee child, my father was reading Acts 19 to the family. And I didn’t fully understand what a riot was. And he explained that it was when a bunch of people got together and shouted things for reasons they didn’t even know why. For instance, one group would shout ‘apples!’ and the other ‘oranges!’.

And to this day when I recall the riot at Ephesus, I picture a large number of people shouting about apples and oranges.

Anyways, back to Turkey. So we generally get up at the crack of dawn, tour away, drive on the bus-a plush 2012 Mercedes Benz, eat lunch, tour a bit more and then arrive at our hotel.

And that’s just really harika.

Back and forth, back and forth. Aegean Sea, infinity pool…

Overlooking ‘the narrows’, a key location in Turkish history because of World War I. I’m now a major Turkish history buff. Ask me a question and I may not have the answer but I sure can tell you a good story.

And of course. How could we resist.

And now, I am tired of fighting with Davey’s laptop so I shall leave you. Perhaps I’ll get more writing done during our nine and a half hour bus trip tomorrow. Ooch.

Because I do have such fine adventures to share with you.

But until then, it’s been harika. See. You think I use it often here? You should hear me here. As it’s one of my seven words, I use it about 100 times a day. The locals love it. (I might love it more).

Good night friends! (It’s 11 here or, as they put it, 23:00)


About A Story of Us

My grandparents 57th wedding anniversary and my first wedding anniversary motivated to journal the adventures life brought our way . I hope to amuse the friends and family I have all over the country and, when I am my grandmothers age, look back at what I have written and chuckle. It's been four years since I began and the snickers I bring myself as I look back propel me to write on. Cheers to the future and happy memories of the past.
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11 Responses to Merhaba!

  1. Dana says:

    Can’t wait to hear more stories of your trip!!! It looks like its been a fabulous time!!! 🙂

  2. Chad says:

    I enjoyed the post and the pictures you have been posting on FB and Instagram. You and Wes are invited down to RVA when you get back for a full report (and slideshow) on your trip. I will bribe with food if I have to.

  3. LSM says:

    Whooee, sounds like an excellent adventure! Will look forward to more posts as Davie’s laptop allows.

  4. NST says:

    We always enjoy your posts, they are very interesting, sounds like you are having fun.

  5. U Dave says:

    Thanks Kels, I thought about texting your Dad the other day, then realized the international charge he would incur might spoil the effect of all the relaxation.
    Thanks for the updates on “social media”. A very proper use, I might add.
    See you soon!

  6. A friend says:

    I can’t believe you are so far away from us. It looks grand there. I can’t wait to hear lots and lots of stories. I’m especially looking forward to hearing of the chess game. Miss you a lot.

  7. Amber says:

    So i’m already planning dinner/dessert with you and wes so that you can share your adventures with us. We might have to crash at your place to do this because my house is full of boxes. 🙂 I will bring all the food if you willl provide the place and comedy….chuckles!!

  8. Whitney says:

    Looks like a blast! Who knew Turkey was so beautiful? 🙂 Glad you all are having fun!

  9. PaulaJ says:

    I just discovered your blog and it is HARIKA! You are one lively, fun gal!
    I live in Central Oregon, and some of your cousins visited us the past two days. After they left, I was reading their blog and, somehow, from there I discovered your blog. I have had so much fun getting to” know you” through your writings and pictures.
    My husband met your grandfather-in-law in 1941 in Amarillo, Texas, and when the Cottens moved to California they lived in my husband’s mother and father’s backyard. My husband knew your grama Ruth (so good to see her and Grampa Dave looking so well) since she was a young girl, also, and we know your parents and grandparents and some aunts and uncles. My sister is sister-in-law to your aunt Kristy. So, even though we have never met, we are “connected’ and know and love many of your relatives. And, most importantly, we are family because of Jesus Christ our Lord!
    What an opportunity you have to visit Ephesus. We have begun reading Revelation during or Sunday fellowship and are reading about Asia Minor (Turkey) and the seven churches–and you are there! Harika!

  10. PaulaJ says:

    our Sunday fellowship, not or!

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