That was me. Catching my breath. Between building fences (the end is in sight, hallelujah), having wonderful company, throwing in a new job, adding a wedding, rehearsal, many a music night, parties, and a few other interesting things, I’ve thought a lot about popping in to say hi but haven’t done it. It seems like there’s been a few other important things to take care.

For instance, that laundry basket that sits in the corner of my room. No matter how many times I empty it and fold it, a new load replaces it. And that dishwasher of mine. I feel as if I’ve been running for the past few weeks and whenever I do a drive-by at home, I do just the right amount to keep my house from total chaos. Thank goodness for roomba.

But I do want to post about my grandparents being here. Mostly so I won’t forget all the memories. But I do hope you get a smile.

So the night they got here, I wrote a nice post on my iphone about their arrival. And then I published it. Only it never appeared. Not sure where it is in cyber space. But they did arrive and made all their connections with only a one hour delay which was just as well since I was touring the city of Richmond trying to find the airport.

And remember how I told you about the voicemail I left Gramps? How he needed to swallow his pride and take the wheel chair if that was the only form of transportation available? Well, about the time we arrived home, I heard him chortling away in the back seat and then, ‘Ruth, quick, here, listen to this.’ He then handed the phone to Grama and I could hear myself clear as day ordering Gramps about…’yak yak yak, you need to do this and then you need to do that and you just need to get over the wheel chair, blah, blah, blah.’

I sounded incredibly bossy. And wonder if that’s how I am in real life? Enlighten me.

So we arrived home. And Glad was happy to meet the family.

And the adventures began.

We toodled all around the town. Gramps and Gladys always shared the backseat. He came out one morning and went over to greet Gladys. ‘Hello Gladys, my friend and fellow traveling companion.’

She loved having someone share the back seat with her. She’d be on her side and Gramps would tell her hi and that’s all the encouragement she’d need. She’d cozy up next to him and he’d say, ‘No Gladys, go get back on your side, lay down. Sit. Down. Gladys, sit.’ And all she’d hear was him talking to her and cozy up all the more. And I’d chortle away in the front seat.

She really did like him.Last time Gramps was here, Grama and I left him to guard the car while we did a little shopping. A faulty battery and a little radio listening later, and the car was dead. So it seemed only fitting for something to happen to our car this trip.

We were stopping by McDonalds for a little senior coffee and Gramps was going to hop out but I insisted that we could go through the drive-through. He conceded as long as it was me driving through, not him. Apparently he has a vow to never use a drive-through. So there we sat in the McDonalds drive-through. About 5 minutes into our sitting, I couldn’t figure out why the AC wasn’t working. And 5 minutes later as we were pulling out with the coffees and I was still working on the AC, I happened to be brilliant and check the temperature gauge.

And we were darn close to red. So off the road we pulled. And there we sat. And chuckled about the woes of going through a drive-through. And how I should have listened to Gramps. And how he seems to bring car troubles. First time my little forrester has ever let me down.

She’s doing just fine now, I think it was just a little hiccup.

While they were here, we skyped with Davey. And that just made me smile.

I’m usually on the other sides of these phone calls and so to watch Grampa and Grama talk to Davey was just funny. To think of all the things they’ve seen in their life. Gramps remarked sometime during this trip that about the time he left home was when they installed indoor plumbing. And here they now are talking through a computer to Davey who is on the other side of the country. And just to listen to them talk…i.e., how sporty Gramps looks in his pink shirt (under his blue jacket), and the ‘favorites’ at the rest home that Gramps missed visiting with because he was here but got the full report from Davey who hobnobbed with all of them…just made me laugh.

Took Gramps and Grama to our favorite yogurt place. And snapped an adorable picture that brought, ‘aw’s’ from the ladies working behind the counter.

The day they left, Grama was helping me get the house back in shape. She was busily dusting and I was hopping back and forth between the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Gramps sat down long enough to compose a post card or two, then pretty much bebopped around asking questions and never staying still long enough to listen to the answer. And handing out bits of wisdom such as, ‘Some people make things happen….Some people watch things happen…And some people wonder what happened?’

When I asked where he fell in, he laughed and said somewhere in those last two.

After a few more questions from him regarding the luggage, Grama and I were like, ‘Grampa, you seem to have lots of extra energy, why don’t you take Gladys for a walk’. To which he responded. ‘I’m going to put my hearing aid in now.’ Which made me completely dissolve into chuckles. He sat down, and as he adjusted his hearing aid said, ‘Life is about to change dramatically, more for you than for me.’ A few more adjustments and then he looked up with something between a smile, grin and smirk and said, ‘Now, if you could just repeat everything you said in the past half hour.’

Oh Grampa. Grama and I just shook our heads and laughed.

And then he took Gladys for walk.

And it was adorable.

And then it was time for them to go. I was sad. Life is precious and you never know when your last visit will be. But I was so incredibly grateful for the time. They are wonderful and I’m so thankful to still have them in my life.

But before they went, Gramps thought it would be good to have one last picture.

See? She really does like him.

Lots of love.

About A Story of Us

My grandparents 57th wedding anniversary and my first wedding anniversary motivated to journal the adventures life brought our way . I hope to amuse the friends and family I have all over the country and, when I am my grandmothers age, look back at what I have written and chuckle. It's been four years since I began and the snickers I bring myself as I look back propel me to write on. Cheers to the future and happy memories of the past.
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9 Responses to gulp.

  1. LSM says:

    You are right. They are wonderful and fun to be with. Cracks me up how he won’t go through a drive-thru. Must be from all the years he lived in SLO. Did you know that there is not one drive through in that town? Some city ordinance or some such thing. Silly. Not sure you really needed that factoid.

  2. Aw Kelsey, I just love your stories about your grandparents! They are such a special couple and you’re so fortunate to have them. Brian always says that he hopes that we can end up with dignity in our old age. They are a great example!

  3. Amber says:

    A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!!!!! Loved your post. So fun. You are certainly about enjoying these precious moments with family. Looked like you guys had a swell time.

  4. Aunt Stace says:

    I loved reading this post because I can picture so much of it! I loved the part about Mr. B being in the backseat next to Gladys and him telling her “sit down. back on your side…” and what Gladys was hearing: “come a little bit closer…”:) Sounds like you have had a whirlwind couple of weeks!

  5. Auntie A says:

    Kelsey, that was the best post. You need a section for your greatest hits and put this one in it…I loved all the pictures and I am so glad that they got to come out for this visit. Your grandparents are truly so sweet. I think one of my most relatable moments was the part about the hearing aid. That is so Grandad 🙂 Love you, keep up the good work.

  6. Cathy says:

    Enjoyed your posting and I enjoy your grandparents! Looks like a good time was had by all!

  7. a friend of Kelsey's says:

    Smiles. Lots of them. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Darlene H. says:

    Thanks. The smile in my heart came out and planted itself on my face. Special memories. When one has had so many good times, why is it so hard to think it could be the last? We’re blessed, aren’t we?!

  9. Pingback: if you want to see 90, be kind. | A Story of Us

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