what a difference a day makes.

My parents were here for roughly six days.

During those days we had 70 degree weather (we lounged on patio), thunderstorms (we comforted Glad and covered her ears), and eight inches of snow. I’ll highlight the snow part since that’s what I do best.

You may recall that I had wished that my parents would get to experience wintry Virginia. But by the time they were here, we were having a blast going here, yither, and yond that I didn’t really think about it. And I didn’t really want the snow to slow us down.

I’m glad it did.

When you have a dog, you have to take it for walks. So around ten am on Monday, Dad and I trotted off with Glad. Can’t believe Mom didn’t come with us.

Dad somehow did not get the memo that when in Rome, you might take a few hints from the Romans.

Astonishingly enough, it didn’t feel that cold. Perhaps you could just feel that the day would warm up. Seriously. All that snow was gone by 5:00 in the afternoon. Well almost all. A little left in shady areas but it was absolutely crazy as to how much disappeared so fast.

I kept trying to take nice scenery shots but dad’s orange shorts sure captured the attention of the camera.

True to from, Gladys kept her nose to the ground and usually had a pile of snow atop.

We have this cool little loop where you go down a tiny trail and your completely enclosed by trees.

And then you pop out from under a branch and kazam.

Really quite pretty.

A week and a half later (today), I did the same loop. In the amazing eighty degree weather. Harley had to take frequent swimming hole stops to cool off.

Living here sure keeps us on our toes.

Happy for the many tomorrows of this lovely weather.



About A Story of Us

My grandparents 57th wedding anniversary and my first wedding anniversary motivated to journal the adventures life brought our way . I hope to amuse the friends and family I have all over the country and, when I am my grandmothers age, look back at what I have written and chuckle. It's been four years since I began and the snickers I bring myself as I look back propel me to write on. Cheers to the future and happy memories of the past.
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