lean on…someone besides me.

Last night…

Wow. What a night.

It all began at a nice little wedding yesterday. Wes and I were in charge of making ice cream freeze.

And thank goodness we’re opposites. Heh. Because I can’t handle the methodicalness of making sure lids are on correctly, engines are attached properly, etc. I just dump everything in, slam things together and get annoyed when things don’t work. Similar to when I clean out the fridge and am trying to put the shelves back in. Wesley is an expert at gently putting details together.

Glad was in attendance and helped us make sure the empty ice cream cartons were indeed, empty.

We made quick time and soon had all ice cream freezer neatly stacked in the garage. Along with the cherries and chocolate that had been mixed in. Gladys was tied to a hose. You can put two and two together.

At the end of the day, Wes loaded Gladys up and noticed that the chocolate chip bag was empty and inside out. He checked out the bag, didn’t see any signs of chewing, scratching, or drool and wondered. Then he picked me up. And we started wondering together. Glad was happy as a clam. But all we could think about was the approximately two cups of chocolate chips that were suspiciously missing.

We were almost home when Wes told me I should google it on my phone. I told him I couldn’t. I didn’t want to know what google would tell me.

We arrived at home. I curled up on the couch and Wesley was silent in the computer room. He came out, and I asked him what he had found. He kinda hem hawed around and told me that chocolate to dogs was sorta like alcohol to humans. Depends on several things as to how it affects them.

Then he went outside and called a vet.

I sat inside sniffed.

The vet said to make her drink hydrogen peroxide to make her throw up. Wesley looked around the house for the goods while I sat on the couch and cried.

We three then hopped back into car, (I shuffled actually), and went off to Walmart to buy hydrogen peroxide. Wes cheerfully told Gladys about the health purge that she would get to have and I sniffed and cried, ‘Wes it’s not funny!’ and whispered to Gladys, ‘I’m sorry.’

We got home and Wes stayed outside with Gladys. I curled up back on the couch, plugged my ears, and cried.

After picturing her dead for ten minutes I peaked out the door to see Wes on the phone with the vet again. Glad had thrown up immediately and, not to be too graphic, there was lots of chocolate around.

The vet was very happy with this news, said this was a very good sign, that most people would not bring their dogs in at this point but if we wanted, we could bring her in for an examination.

Back to the couch I went, sniffing.

Wes decided we would go to the vet. Back in the mighty Forrester we went. I couldn’t handle the thought of going in the vet. If anyone so much as looked at me, I’d just cry. So I tried to distract myself with my iphone. And then I looked up and saw this.

Wes was busy filling out paperwork and Gladys was merrily exploring.

So I had to go join them. The doctors came and checked her out, said she appeared to be in good health but went ahead and gave her a bowl of coal sludge, which she very much enjoyed, and fluids to help her kidneys wash away the high dosage of caffeine.

They assured us that she was very safe and if in 24 hours, she showed no abnormal signs, then she was good to go.

With a relieved heart, but still feeling terrible for what had happened we drove home and crashed.

And yes, for the first time, Gladys slept on the bed. (NOT on the white piece of art that I created šŸ™‚ ). She was so incredibly tickled and as we both crashed onto our pillows, she came bumbling up between us, peered down on us with her ears in her face as if to say, ‘Wow guys, this is great! A sleepover!’

It was kind of cute.

I’m grateful she’s ok. Amazing how quickly they can snag your heartstrings.

And I’m way more grateful for Wes. I was pretty much weak sauce last night, in case you didn’t pick that up. I just sat on the couch and sniffed while he made all decisions and made the poor dear throw up.

Wonderful to have someone to lean on.

Love and hugs to the dog people whose stories aren’t ending as happily. I’m thinking about you.


About A Story of Us

My grandparents 57th wedding anniversary and my first wedding anniversary motivated to journal the adventures life brought our way . I hope to amuse the friends and family I have all over the country and, when I am my grandmothers age, look back at what I have written and chuckle. It's been four years since I began and the snickers I bring myself as I look back propel me to write on. Cheers to the future and happy memories of the past.
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4 Responses to lean on…someone besides me.

  1. Kristy says:

    oh my word. what an end to the day!

  2. Mel says:

    Ahh, Glad…really? a whole bag of chocolate? one would think you were part Beagle or something. I’m so gruntled that you are unfazed. Give that mom of yours a hug for me…and thanks for making me tear-up. Again. (AND, Kels, I hear ya in the hubby department. Three cheers for ‘just do what’s gotta be done’, ‘take it one step at a time’, and ‘tie up all loose ends’ hubbies.)

  3. Chad says:

    I’m glad everything turned out ok.

  4. Amber says:

    you my friend are so adorable. this post had me chuckling. the mental picture i was getting reading this was too funny. i did feel a bit of sorrow to for you and gladys. pretty wild how attached we get to our lii creatures. šŸ™‚ glad your baby is ok!

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