keeping it real.

So I feel like I spend a lot of time on here talking about happiness and joy and things that make my soul smile. And I think there’s two reasons for that. In ten, twenty, thirty years, I don’t want to read about the things in my life that made my heart sad.. I want to chortle at what a nut I was. And smile at the memories. So I write about my happiness. Because that’s what I want to look back on.

The other main reason? I have a lot of joy and happiness in my life. I’ve been given a lot. And I truly want to share my joy and happiness with you, be it in this forum or in person, letters, emails.

But in case some of you occasionally grow weary of reading about too many happy stories, I thought I’d share a story where I battled for happiness. It makes me laugh.

Tra la la.

Once upon a time, it was a gorgeous morning, and I was out walking Gladys. We traversed hills and dales, said hello to a few swans, and continued our journey home.

Upon arriving home I decided to let her sniff around in the yard. I figured after walking 1.8 miles she should be content enough to just meander around. She sniffed here and there while I followed her around taking pictures of different plants.

When she was about twenty feet away, I decided that was a bit too far and began walking in her direction, calling her. She flipped over on her back which is usually a sign of submission but then began rolling around. I was probably 8 feet away from her when she rolled to her feet and bolted, straight towards the road.

I bolted too. And as I made it to the road, I saw one of those transit buses bearing our way. I hopped to the middle of the road, waving my arms like a lunatic to warn of my crazy, loose dog. The driver stopped and so did Gladys. I pounced, but off she went. So off I went leaving, I’m sure, the whole bus in mirth.

A few houses down, she finally did the whole submit thing and I carried her over my shoulder like a sack of potatoes inwardly fuming, ‘I saved you you crazy dog! And this is what you do to thank me you knuckle head! To where did you think you were going. And why aren’t you content to stay in the wonderful haven I’ve provided for you?’ (I’m sure I could come up with some great spiritual connections here but for the sake of time, I’ll just let you meditate on those 🙂 ).

The day was too beautiful to let a thing like that get me down so I purposed and purposed to not let it get to me. But for all my purposing, I was still quite annoyed.

Then Wes called me and said he’d left a key to a car at home and he needed it and could I bring it and maybe have lunch.

So about an hour later I strapped in Gladys (heh) and journeyed up there with some chips and dip and a nice plate of dudes to add to his sandwich. I arrived and was happily greeted and then told he was going to play a bit of basketball before coming and finishing his lunch with me. And perhaps, here is where we had a miscommunication. I was planning on turning right back around after eating lunch with him and going home.

I was determined to sit outside in the sun because of the balmy temperature but it was quite breezy. So I sat and shivered and ate my chips and dip and cookies while I watched him play basketball forever. I called him thinking that would distract him but he just looked my way, waved and gave me a grin. So I texted him. Something like, ‘fcol (for crying out loud). I come up here to give you a dumb key and bring you goods and you just play basketball. I’m trying to go back home but I thought a minute or two with you would be nice before I go. fcol.’

That didn’t work either (his phone was in the shop). So I packed everything up and then decided to take Gladys on a brief walk before shoving her back in her kennel. Of course the moment I disappear from sight, Wesley comes bounding down the hill calling, ‘hi love!’. And I’m like. ‘Hi.’ (you nut).

So I put away mostly, my disgruntledness because I thought him receiving my text would be much funnier. We had a nice half hour eating cookies and him telling Gladys not to run away. And as I drove away, I received a text that said, ‘hehehe.’

It was pretty funny.

Moving on.

We were out and about in the evening with a bunch of folks and someone was talking to me. And I was listening. (I just had to answer ‘no’ to Time magazines question, ‘has anyone ever told you you’re a good listener?’ Alas. I don’t think so. Something to work on). So I was listening. And my brain was going 100 miles per hour. And they were talking to me at 10 miles per hour. And what they were saying to me was good. But I was using every ounce of patience to keep myself in that calm, listening mode. But by the time the conversation was over, I had used up all my patience. And as I conversed around later, I pretty much popped off to anyone who slightly said or did the wrong thing. Ask my friends. They’ll agree with me.

And then. We were home. Sitting by the fire. And I was breathing deeply, bringing body, soul, and spirit back together in joyful harmony. And Gladys got off her bed to come say hi. So I said, in a rather flat voice. ‘Hi. You’re supposed to be in your bed.’ And Wesley said, ‘I think I’d go crazy if you were my mom.’

I was like. Wow. Really?

And after lots of him back pedaling and me giving out lectures, we just looked at each other and burst out laughing. Like. Wow. Really?

And that concludes my story that confirms what you probably all know. That I don’t always merrily tiptoe through the tulips.


About A Story of Us

My grandparents 57th wedding anniversary and my first wedding anniversary motivated to journal the adventures life brought our way . I hope to amuse the friends and family I have all over the country and, when I am my grandmothers age, look back at what I have written and chuckle. It's been four years since I began and the snickers I bring myself as I look back propel me to write on. Cheers to the future and happy memories of the past.
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22 Responses to keeping it real.

  1. Mel says:

    I love real posts. They make me feel normal. =)

  2. your mother says:

    gosh. this made me laugh. your brother will call you a POW. your mother will be forever grateful for Wesley’s patience. you, my dear write a good story.

    • your mother says:

      i didn’t realize peeps did not know FCOL? so do they know POW means “piece of work”? I guess the secret is out now, if you see a Bowin mouth “pow” you better hope the look is not in your direction! : )

  3. amber says:

    Kels….my friend you are hilarious, funny, sincere, adorable……oh and a bunch of other witty adjectives. This blog was awesome. Love you, your doggie stories, and your willingness to share. 🙂

  4. auntie a says:

    I believe this is your best post yet. Cheers! I loved it 🙂

  5. Danielle Morey says:

    Loved this one Kels. Especially your fcol abbreviation didn’t know about that one :). Thanks for sharing!

  6. oh my word. fcol. the most common used abbreviation in this household. we walk around hollering it out. all began when i was having one of those can’t sleep nights because of busy brain. so i got up and started chatting online with my dad and was hollering (typing) ‘for crying out loud’ pretty much every other sentence. then dad typed for awhile and said ‘fcol’. and i was like, ‘dad. i am exhausted. if you think for one minute that i am going to use any brain space trying to figure out your dumb acronym (dad adores acronyms) you are wrong!’ he was like. ‘read your last line’. and i did. and was like. ‘oh’. and thus it was born.
    best acronym ever.

  7. Amy D says:

    Kels …your the best ~

  8. a friend of Kelsey's says:

    I love you in all your happy times and in all of your disgruntled times.

  9. Kara Jenkins says:

    Loved this. Made me smile. 🙂

  10. L. Morey says:

    Silly me, I didn’t know that acronym either and at first I thought you were misspelling fool and I was thinking to myself, “she actually calls her hubby fool?” I’m happy to see I was wrong! 🙂

  11. Rach says:

    Kels! Great to hear from someone else! Especially this week… Hugs to you my friend. 🙂

  12. AggitatedSwifty says:

    Well hello David the Dad. I’m her for a purging cleansing experience. To breathe deeply and bring harmony back to body, soul and spirit back into joyful harmony. (His recommendation, Kels.)
    So ready for this? I’m doing it this way: in a series of words.
    Slanted walls.
    Mounds of laundry.
    Throbbing temples.
    Unorganized rubble.
    Dirty sneakers.
    All right. True to form…. I’ll begin my look at the positives.
    62 degree weather.
    Blooming flowers.
    Hardworking Sweetie Husband.
    Creamy Vanilla yogurt.

    Oh my. I do feel better. I think I’ll go enjoy some of these blessings.
    Quickly I’ll add one more to my list.

    David the Dad. =)

    • love this.. and are the slanted walls and throbbing temples related?
      i like your positives. we’re mostly in agreement. 🙂

      • ASwifty says:

        Dear Kels,
        I’m very good at keeping clear of slanted walls. So no, my temples are not throbbing due to a bonk or a bang.
        However, I do get frequent neck aches due to walking with my head tilted at an angle.=)

  13. Aunt Stace says:

    Best. Post. Ever. I love adding periods where periods don’t belong. Makes me seem a little roguish. (Is that a correct use of “rogue”?) Anyway, back to your post. I love it when you allow your blog readers into your real life! Go you and Wesley!
    PS. Mrs. Swifty, you are a very entertaining commenter.

  14. Kristy says:

    Oh, kels. don’t we all have these days. good thing you and wes both have a great sense of humor. That always helps everything!! On the days that I forget where I put mine, it don’t go so smooth. love you!

  15. Kristy says:

    also…agreed, Aunt stace, on Mrs. Swifty.
    Mrs. Swifty, you need a blog all your own! I can see that it’d be quite lively and entertaining and I’d visit you just as often as I do Kelsey’s, here:)
    Well, actually, I thoroughly enjoy your down-to-earth and charmingly witty comments on this one, so never mind. No need.
    You both crack me up!

  16. Ro says:

    Totally entertaining post to read…and I wasn’t aware of the FCOL acronym either, I literally laughed out loud at my work computer! Thanks for the giggle…err, chuckle. hehe 🙂

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