first birthday shenanigans. for the memory books.

Ev’s first birthday was last week. She woke up at 8:45 and it was a lovely way to start the day. (Early morning riser, I am not).

I had decided not to do a birthday bash and instead do a couple things I thought Ev would like.

So to Yoders we went with Wes for lunch. They had some tiny play equipment and Ev was delighted that her dad went down the slide with her. I was impressed he fit.

And she was equally delighted with the farm life.IMG_4742.JPG

IMG_4716.JPGWe had fun feeding the goats and probably more fun observing the people around us. One lady finally got up the courage to pet a goat and as soon as she had, a huge turkey began angrily sputtering. The lady thought it was the goat and danced back, cursing. She then immediately turned to Evelyn and was like, ‘Oh, baby, I’m so sorry!’. Chuckle.

Next stop was a balloon pick up and then, of course, a trip to Grandma’s. We didn’t last there long as Ev decided it was nap time.

Wes came home and we had Ev open up her gift from us.IMG_4720.JPGShe’s been pretty thrilled with her HiPhone.

And then back to Grandad and Mimi’s for a dinner with the family, (Ev was a ham), and a little more balloon fun.

IMG_4741.JPGSuch a little peanut.IMG_4735So thankful for this year with her. We have been richly blessed. Ev. You are the best and we love you with all our hearts.

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last year i was pregnant…what?

So yeah. 365 days ago, I had a nice melon hanging off the front of me.  You may remember me posting this (6)Several people thought it was a lizard on a rock but no, just getting harder to see my feet around my belly.

Evelyn turns one this week and people have asked how that feels. Honestly it feels weirder to think I was sporting around that belly a year ago than that Evelyn is almost one. She kinda feels like she’s always been with us. That it’s only been one year is a little surprising.

So a year ago today, I was determined to finish up a blanket that I had started crocheting five years previously.  For two solid days, I stitched up the dumb thing. I knew it would be something I would never do after having a baby and I figured it would be a good project as I didn’t want to get too prepared with a full freezer and spotless house and then wait for weeks for the bebe. I finished the blanket on Tuesday, then Wednesday did some cooking and tidying up. Then Thursday went in for my 37 week check up. And then had Evelyn. What?

In the days and week after, the thing I was most hormonal about was Evelyn growing up. My mom has this picture of her and dad holding me soon after I was born and its often been on her nightstand and I was just like, ‘oh my gosh, my mom was holding me and now I’m holding my baby and I’m going to blink and she’s going to be holding her baby, and oh my gosh!!’.

I finally had to tell myself, ‘Kelsey. You are going to enjoy Evelyn just as much tomorrow as you do today.’

And it’s so true. We seem to just have more and more fun together. Of course there are the days when things just aren’t going well, teeth problems, cold problems, etc but I adore the interactions we have.  Waving is so much fun, only to be outdone by games of hide and seek around the couch. Chasing Gladys around the yard is a true highlight along with facetiming my parents and jabbering ever so loudly.

She’s a doll and I’m grateful for the time we’ve shared.

009_K0264Evelyn 017_K0264Evelyn 001_K0264Evelyn 060_K0264Evelyn 055_K0264Evelyn 036_K0264Evelyn 066_K0264Evelyn 078_K0264Evelyn(Thanks to Lisa Maksoudian Photography for these lovely portraits. She’s taken my senior pictures, our engagement pictures, wedding pictures and it seemed fitting that she’d finally get to take Evelyn’s pictures).


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pass it to the girl.

So remember that week where I wasn’t falling to sleep? Good news is that I’m very much on Virginia time and its no longer a two hour task to fall to sleep. woot.

Other news is that I wrote lots of stories in my head that week. Not sure if that’s good, bad or indifferent, but this one makes me grin and I feel like it should be recorded.

I was twelve, had just entered the sixth grade, and was at the height of my basketball career. I played on girls teams and on boys teams, REC and MVP.

I was also 5’10” which possibly had something to do with my success on the court. (heh). There was only one person taller than me in the sixth grade. He also played basketball and naturally, I had a huge crush on him.

I was tall and gangly and probably a bit awkward but every day after eating lunch at school, I’d run down to the gym, grab a basketball, find a free court and work on my shot all the while surreptitiously watching the boys play basketball. It was three on three and a line formed to play the winning team. I wondered how long it would take to get my courage up to go stand in that line.

About a month or two into this process, one boy passed by and told me I had a nice shot. (Same boy that ‘helped’ me break a classroom window the following year). With that encouragement, I decided the time was nigh. And one lunch soon thereafter, I got in line, much to the chagrin of the two boys who were forced to be part of my team.

We got on to the court and it was essentially two on three. I stood off in the corner, blatantly wide open while the two boys on my team passed the basketball back and forth trying to get near the hoop; a difficult task as one was always double teamed.

And then the chanting started from the sidelines. ‘The girl! The girl! Pass it to the girl!’.

Ha. Still makes me laugh.

With much reluctance, one boy passed it to me. And I drove in and made a lay-up. Woot! Best feeling ever.

Thus cementing my place on the lunch basketball court. I even got to play with my crush several times, once spraining my ankle rather terribly as I jumped to block his shot and landed on his ankle.

How romantic.

Ahh. Middle school memories. They’re not all bad.


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last gasp of summer post.

It would seem remiss of me to not post at least a picture or two of summer’s most frequent activity.IMG_4560.JPGIt seemed about every other weekend we’d find ourselves heading off to the lake for a Saturday. Wes adores it, I enjoy it, (I also enjoy basking in my back yard),  and Evelyn admiringly handles it all quite well. With food and raiment, Ev’s pretty content. Actually, raiment isn’t too high on her list.

Usually she bebops around and then, if we’re lucky, sacks out on my chest for an hour or two. It’s good basking time.

Remarkably, I have increased my level of participation in water sports by nearly 100% since last year. I was persuaded to try out the new wake board (once), and wake surfed several times. I may be up to about 45 seconds before I bail. IMG_4617.JPGThankful for safety, times with friends, listening to worship music as the sun sets, and for the rather amazing luck we had with the weather. (Picture me and Joni huddled under umbrellas for much of the duration of one boat trip last year. We looked like turtles. No rain this year! woot.)

Happy times.


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duck duck goose.

I dreamed last night that I was on a sailboat, floating along, listening to the lapping of the water on the boat.

I always have these dreams after being on the water. This on wasn’t quite as relaxing as normal because when you’re sailing, you often have to shift your weight around to remain stable.  So there was a lot of twitching involved.IMG_4608.JPG

But yeah. It was awesome. We’ve been in Duck, North Carolina the past five days and ended the trip by taking the sailboats into the ocean. I had seen dolphins go shooting by and I was dying to  go frolic with them. For some reason, dolphins are like a promise of God’s love to me. Maybe because they’re the darling of the sea? Or that I feel safe from sharks when they’re about? Or because they look so joyful? At any rate, we sailed about three miles before we found them. And then I just squealed and squealed as they came over to say hi. We sailed back with them, watching them surge out of the water, listening to them breath and just having a blast. I stood up by the mast most of the way so I could keep a good look out for them and pretty much felt like Captain Jack Sparrow.

So it was a pretty awesome way to end the trip. Not that the other days weren’t lovely. We had spectacular weather and Evelyn loved the beach.IMG_4603.JPGIMG_4601.JPGIMG_4602.JPG

She kept herself quite entertained with various shells, sifting sand, and waving at the birds.


High on the list of entertainment was watching her and her cousin finally interact. They were so funny as they jabbered to each other, chased each other around, tried to shut each other in cabinets, played king of the mountain on guitar cases and the list goes on.IMG_4593.JPGThey’re delight to see each other after a nap was pretty adorable.

Duck’s a pretty cool town. I think this is the first time I’ve stayed there. (You may remember our last excursion to the Banks if you’ve been here awhile.) Fun boardwalk along the town. Nice trails for biking or walking, and a great view while dining.



IMG_4611.JPGIt was lovely.

Until next time.


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virginia time.

I sometimes wonder if anyone else has a harder time falling asleep than I do. Dumb question, I’m sure. My dad can’t turn his brain off at night. From the sounds of it, my Grama gets maybe five house of sleep at night. And she’s told me that her mom couldn’t stand going to bed.

So last week I had my genetics, a three hour time difference from California, and a Nook going against me. (Mom got me a Nook for my birthday. Not sure how smart of a gift it was but I’ve sure enjoyed it).  Even after I’d turn the dumb thing off, all I’d do was counter clockwise circles. First face Wes. Then face the ceiling. Then the door. Then my pillow. Then Wes. Then Wes would jolt up and start patting the bed and ask me where Evelyn was. (Every single night since we’ve been home). And I’d tell him she’s in her crib. Then he’d crash back down. Then I’d face the ceiling.

It was pretty tortuous.  I went to bed at nine on Saturday so I could fall to sleep by eleven which would be an enormous improvement. I did the whole counter clockwise roll for an hour. Then I started singing songs in my head, then realize they were inapprope songs from pitch perfect. So I switched over to How Great is Our God. Then I started praying. Then I started counting my breaths.

I told Wes about in the next morning and he told me I had problems. Heh.

So anyways, not really sure what the point of all that was except I wrote the whole thing in my head last night while trying to go to sleep. (As are most blog posts written). And if I’m not quite on Virginia time yet, I’m at least on Texas time.

And because we can’t have a whole post without mentioning Evelyn…She’s finally figured out this whole waving business. (Her grandma’s been trying to teach her for the past few months). So yesterday we ate lunch together and waved at each other and laughed at how cool we were. It was pretty adorable.

photo (6)
Alright. Good day to you all. I hope your Tuesday is pleasant and bright with many sweet dreams tonight.


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california, there i went.

As opposed to California, here I come, which would also be lovely. (That link is so worth your time).

Anyways, like I was saying, we went to California. And not surprisingly, it was so wonderful. My little brother got married to his best friend and that was of course, the main attraction of the time. I’m hoping that I’ll get to show you some of the fabulous pictures taken by the photographer and tell you a bit more about the day with those. Suffice to say, it was an absolutely beautiful day in every aspect. IMG_4434

And I do love this picture. So Davey. They danced to ‘It’s Good to be Alive‘ and it was just perfect and I laughed, and smiled and sang along.

They weekended away and then we got to be with them one evening before they flew off to their honeymoon destination. It was so good to be together as a family and discuss the whole wedding and how lovely it was and just see them together.

photo 1


So, needless to say, those first few days were pretty busy. Lots of parties, people and good times.

IMG_4536(Evelyn and her twin cousins. They’re hilarious. And adorable.)

And then. It was the beach. And ultimate relaxation.

IMG_4451(Obligatory photo of Cody and Tessa). Evelyn was pretty thrilled to have them around.


We borrowed a backpack thing from Evelyn’s cousin and took her on beach walks and around town. She was pretty cozy in it. And cute.


I declared I was going to be in shape by the time we left and feel pretty successful. (ha). We hiked up to the top of the hill of Cayucos twice. I thought I was going to keel over the first time.

photo 2I fussed about stitches in my sides and lungs and everything until Dad told me he’d buy me a latte if it was a mile back down to Journeys End. As we neared the end at only .86 miles I figured I’d better do something to help it along. Dad and Wes finally turned around to see me doing huge crisscrosses in the street, back and forth, back and forth and we all died of laughter. But sure enough, made it to JE front door at 1.03 miles. heh.

photo 3

Funny enough, we were able to go to a dance class in San Luis with my parents. Aunt Betty came along to watch Ev and discovered that Evelyn was in love with her iPhone in it’s cassette tape case. She then bought Evelyn her very own iCassette.

IMG_4500It’s been pretty thrilling.

Lots of time spent with the grands and the great 4

IMG_4474 IMG_4468 IMG_4495

Evelyn is always so thrilled with herself when she gets to hold a phone. And not so thrilled when it’s taken from her.

Saw quite a few dolphins playing in the swells and even went out and kayaked a couple miles with dad to go find them. Alas, no luck, just some sammy the seals.


After a week at the beach, we ended up back at the city house in San Luis. Quite a cute place.

photo 1Mom had made sure she had stocked it for Evelyn and Ev was pretty delighted with the layout of things.

IMG_4501photo 5Our last day there happened to be our sixth anniversary. San Luis is a pretty great place to spend such a day and crazy to think back to our last anniversary when Ev was still hanging out in the womb. But as last days of trips are, it was a bit of limbo for me. I wasn’t ready to come home, not looking forward to the flights and our 31 minute layover in Phoenix, and just meh.

But fly home we did. It’s so funny as I carry Evelyn down the row of the airplanes; men and women coo at her and wave and talk to her but it generally seems that the person we sit next to has never heard of babies. Evelyn eventually won this certain passenger over with her Lionel Richie icassette and her interest in his beard.

And we made it home, smooth and safe flights.

photo 2Much to be grateful for.

Love to you and yours.

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