Lake Moomaw. take five.

I can’t miss sharing our annual Moomaw trip.

This one was different. We had fabulous weather 95% of the trip. And we had a baby. And we brought our dog.


She is a pretty adorable camper.

We were seriously in awe of the gorgeous days. Camping in Virginia almost gaurantees rain. And last year I had almost sworn off camping after our two outdoor adventures left us soaked and damp for days. But we basked during this trip and it was lovely.

The little miss did quite well on her first camping expedition. She probably disturbed the peace less frequently than dear Gladys who for some reason felt the need to be the rooster of the mornings. Charming indeed.
IMG_4132Bebes change the experience a bit in that you can’t completely go flying around whenever your heart desires. There’s naps to think of and food and diapers and the occasional land lockedness when the boys take the keys to the car on the boat and there you sit at the camp site. So it was lovely to have the grandparents there to babysit while Wes and I tore around on jet skis or serenely (heh) glided on sail boats.

And everyone took up a new hobby. Wake surfing is the new thing. At least on our boat. Some of us do it better than others.

It was a blast.

As always.


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incoming family.

Last week, my grandparents, my parents, and my brother came to visit me. Mom said it was a bit challenging traveling with three David Earl Bowins. But I’m so glad they all made the effort. I’m always in awe a bit that my grandparents still are able to come visit me and so thankful they get to know my little bebe. My parents have been flying here yither and yon and moving in between and I didn’t think I’d see Davey til his wedding. So it was pretty darn awesome to have them all come out and see my little hills house and play with Evelyn.

photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

Due to the amount of visitors and our expanded family, some lovely folks let us borrow their fifteen passenger van. Davey was our chauffeur and would occasionally make such comments as, ‘Wow. This thing just purrs,’ or ‘Wow. I feel like I’m on the edge of control.’ He did a pretty good job getting us around and we managed to see some lovely places. We even were treated to a Band of Brothers concert; none of the family had ever heard them live and the band did a pretty exquisite performance.

photo (3)photo 5photo 4


Evelyn’s at such a fun age and grins and blows bubbles and yaks. I loved watching her interact with the Uncle Davey. And everyone.

IMG_4207 IMG_4188 IMG_4183 IMG_4206Loved having them out.CSC_0036 DSC_0002 DSC_0023 photo 1 photo 2
photo 3

Can’t wait for Davey’s wedding.

Hugs and love.

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let me count the ways.

How we adore this new place of ours. First of all, I have a mural on my mailbox.
photo (2)
Imagine my horror when Wes mentioned that he wanted to paint the whole thing a shiny new black. I was like, ‘Wes! That’s my favorite part of the house!’.

Secondly, we live on this quiet road with a post office at the end. It was established in 1828 and it’s retail hours are Monday thru Friday, 10-12. It’s always unlocked because of the PO Boxes and one side is completely full of antiques that I guess are up for sale?
photo 1I walked 1/8 a mile to my post office to change my mailing address and met my first neighbor, Jacklyn, owner of the Old Rose Tavern. She very quickly welcomed me into the neighborhood, gave me a run down of the area, walked me home and gave me her telephone number. She’s been a nurse for 42 years and has lived in, I believe 32 places around the world. (She was a nurse in the army at one point).

I also met Alex at the Post Office. He informed me that Madison has five rivers that flow out of it so when the great drought comes, we will have water.

This place is better than I originally thought.

If I walk 1/8 a mile the other direction, I come to this view.

photo 2
Another reason to adore this place.

A big win is Wesley coming home for lunch every single day. Evelyn’s thrilled. I’m thrilled that Evelyn’s thrilled. It breaks up our day so wonderfully.

DSC_0065A couple days after I met Jacklyn, Jennifer came over to introduce herself and brought over a flower arrangement and a whole bag of bathtime stuff for Evelyn. Then she told me to come over for a spot of tea any time. And I was like, ‘I love this place!!’. Incidentally, she runs an air b&b so I’ve got lots of places to send overflow guests.

I sent my dad some pictures of Ev and I outstide and he asked if I was at a park. ‘That would be my yard,’ I responded, with way too much pleasure I’m sure.

We drove around the country one fine evening and I oohed and ahhed at the lovely scenery, then we ended up in our small downtown for a dinner on the patio. And it was just the best.

IMG_4005We’re having way too much fun.

Come hang with us!


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home in the hills.

On June 2nd, while Wes was still in the throes of d boxes, he received a call from one of our realtors letting us know that a house was just about ready to be rented in Madison. Wes swung by it on his way home from work and told me it was really cute but who knows what the inside was like. It was a three bed, one bath with no AC. I was surprised at his interest because he really enjoys his AC.

The next day, I drove by it with Wes. It was indeed charming. We peeked into what windows we could see and felt a tiny seed of great potential plant itself within us.

On Thursday, the day after our d box was approved we were able to do a walk through with our realtor.

Wes and I seriously did high-fives throughout the entire house. Seriously. Within five seconds upon arrrival, Wesley was like,’DUDE! There’s another bathroom!’ [high five]. Within seven seconds, we had made it about 8 feet into the house and were like, ‘We’ll take it!!!’ [high five]. The house was immaculate. The owners son had spent months living there fixing everything up, two brand new bathrooms, shiny paint and trim, new windows, new carpet, it was amazing. And it had AC. [high five]. Wesley and I were pretty much in shock the rest of the day. And could hardly believe it. The timing was too incredible, the blessing was too huge, we couldn’t figure out how this was all working so beautifully for us.

The next day, at 6:30 am, Wes dropped off our first load. I had some truly lovely worker bees over and we packed up the house and took over another load that night and showed Wesley’s parents our new house. I was so giddy all over again. It was better every time I saw it.

And on Saturday, we moved the rest of our stuff over.

And I still wake up giddy every morning.

DSC_0012 DSC_0014

I really can’t believe all that took place in less than a week.

So incredibly thankful for this home to live in, for the dear people that live with me in it, for everyone who helped make it such a smooth transition and for the prayers prayed for us.

We can’t wait to share our abode with you.

Love and hugs.

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limbo and d boxes.

We woke up early on May 28th, and Evelyn and I went to work with Wes. I didn’t want to be hanging around with the septic people, the buyers and the realtors all sitting on my patio.

Ev and I fell back to sleep at Wesley’s parents and I really hoped I would wake up to a green light.

Unfortunately, it was a text from our realtor stating, ‘We have a problem.’

So while the septic did not blow up, the distribution box was disintegrating. We took a deep breath, said this isn’t the end of the world, this is why we didn’t pack up the house and lets fix it.

It just felt like the end of the world two days later, after Wesley had done a superb job on the box and the health inspector came out and didn’t pass it because it was the wrong size box. I was just sick.

I should mention that the buyers still wanted our house and we were trying to make everything go as fast as possible to get out of this limbo. I kept telling myself to rejoice that we had a problem that we could fix!

Wes knocked out the second box, health inspector came out and pointed a few things out to me that still needed some attention. I just loved being the go to person for him.

Lots of concrete later, and we were approved on June 4th, a week after the original closing day. The new closing day was set for June 10th.

Next up, house in the hills.

Oh, while you’re waiting I’ll share this gem with you. I made this card for mom when I was thirteen.

IMG_3928It was her birthday card/way to go mom for moving from the Bay Area to the Central Coast. Inside was lots of great encouragement from me on what a great job she did as the rest of us weren’t much help. You can see that she developed muscles from lifting garage stuff, study books, and storage old clothes while a box of pillows did me in.

This made me chuckle on moving day. It’s also interesting to note that my artistic abilities haven’t changed much since those days.



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let me be singing.

Oh wow.

First things first, our house closed. Yesterday. Wesley and I breathed a huge sigh of relief and slid a little deeper into our house in the hills.

And yes, we’re living in a house!

It’s amazing and I thought I’d take a brief glimpse at the past few months to see how we got here.

In February, Wes and I were like, ‘we should sell our house and rent on some amazing farm and not have to think about harry homeowner stuff.’

So we put our house on the market in April, and had a contract on it 4 days later. Our amazing farm idea didn’t work out so we said, ‘dude! Let’s go get my parents airstream and live in that during the summer and go camping in cool places! Adventure!’

And then we started looking at homes for sale, and saying, ‘Wow. Check this place out.’ I would browse the dives and Wes would scope out the homes hundreds of thousands of dollars above our price range. And I would peer over the ipad at him and say, ‘Really? Why are you looking at that?’ And he’d grin and we’d browse some more.

But we didn’t want to get attached or even start to buy anything until our house closed.

All these ideas were taking us closer and closer to May 28th, closing day. So we, perhaps a bit frantically, started browsing craigslist and Realtor apps looking for rentals to temporary move into. We had decided that we did want to buy a home in Madison.

So few rentals, all seemingly sketchy. And so the week before closing, I was kinda majorly stressing. Way too many decisions, way too much still up in the air, everything was happening the at the last minute on our house and it was just too much. So we made the decision. We are just going to move into the parents trailer, and then buy one for ourselves the following week and continue to look for homes to purchase.

Gosh. This is becoming a book.

Closing date was shoved to May 30th because pumping the septic was taking place on May 28th. I hadn’t packed a stitch because I was not going to put myself through that if something was wrong. I had some lovely worker bees signed up for the moment we got the clear on the septic. I was incredibly stressed the night before, but kept telling myself, ‘the worst thing that could happen is that the septic tank would blow up.’ I’ve since been informed that septics generally don’t blow up.

I fell asleep to this song and woke up with the prayer that, ‘whatever may pass and whatever lies before me, let me be singing when the evening comes.’.

And that seems like a good cliff hanger.

I’ll be back shortly.


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swing wide the door.

Alright. That really has nothing to do with anything. I think it’s a title of a book I’ve read. But as I was looking through photos for a post I really couldn’t not (I hate double negatives) title the post this.

IMG_3833I think she had seen Gladys. Or was swinging wide the door for adventure, new places and time in the great outdoors. Which I think we shall be having shortly. Today was the second closing date. And we’re still hanging out in the daffodil house. Which is fine. I’m getting to enjoy my garden more and more. IMG_3899It’s getting ready to pop! I do think that we will be shortly out of here but I guess I’ll think about that whenever it happens.

Until then let’s have some Evelyn updates! woot woot. Everyone’s favorite.

Little miss went in for her 6 month check up two days before reaching the 7 month mark. She’s still a bit of a peanut (22% weight, 15.4 lbs, and 4% height, 24 ish inches). The doctor man asked us about our height, were we always the tallest (yes), and said he believes Evelyn will ‘realize her genetic potential’ between now and two years of age.

And that just makes me laugh. Alright Ev. Time to get in tune with all that lovely genetic potential you have. ha!

In more Evelyn news, one day shy of seven months, she decided she could sit on her own. It really is pretty adorable. I love looking down at her little head as she very intently plays with her toys or looks at her books.

IMG_3894Such amazing posture.

IMG_3897And last in the bag of tricks is scooting backwards.

IMG_3893It really is so much fun having hundreds of boxes in your living room. Indefinitely. Totally extremely wonderful having them show up at my door. Just a little weary of looking at them.

And lets see. Our heart melting moments…Wes and I will be doing whatever, look over at Ev as she’s hanging out somewhere to find her staring at us. And as soon as we look at her, she gives us this ear splitting grin. So sweet.

I’ll be feeding Ev and Wes will be talking to me and Evelyn will swing her head to stare at him, give him the goofiest grin, and then dive back for more food. Always makes us laugh. I’ve thought about going to California this summer depending on where we land after the daffodil house but I just don’t know if I can take Ev away from Wes and those adorable little grins they share.

I do believe the little peanut is waking up so I’ll stop for now. Love and hugs.





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