california, there i went.

As opposed to California, here I come, which would also be lovely. (That link is so worth your time).

Anyways, like I was saying, we went to California. And not surprisingly, it was so wonderful. My little brother got married to his best friend and that was of course, the main attraction of the time. I’m hoping that I’ll get to show you some of the fabulous pictures taken by the photographer and tell you a bit more about the day with those. Suffice to say, it was an absolutely beautiful day in every aspect. IMG_4434

And I do love this picture. So Davey. They danced to ‘It’s Good to be Alive‘ and it was just perfect and I laughed, and smiled and sang along.

They weekended away and then we got to be with them one evening before they flew off to their honeymoon destination. It was so good to be together as a family and discuss the whole wedding and how lovely it was and just see them together.

photo 1


So, needless to say, those first few days were pretty busy. Lots of parties, people and good times.

IMG_4536(Evelyn and her twin cousins. They’re hilarious. And adorable.)

And then. It was the beach. And ultimate relaxation.

IMG_4451(Obligatory photo of Cody and Tessa). Evelyn was pretty thrilled to have them around.


We borrowed a backpack thing from Evelyn’s cousin and took her on beach walks and around town. She was pretty cozy in it. And cute.


I declared I was going to be in shape by the time we left and feel pretty successful. (ha). We hiked up to the top of the hill of Cayucos twice. I thought I was going to keel over the first time.

photo 2I fussed about stitches in my sides and lungs and everything until Dad told me he’d buy me a latte if it was a mile back down to Journeys End. As we neared the end at only .86 miles I figured I’d better do something to help it along. Dad and Wes finally turned around to see me doing huge crisscrosses in the street, back and forth, back and forth and we all died of laughter. But sure enough, made it to JE front door at 1.03 miles. heh.

photo 3

Funny enough, we were able to go to a dance class in San Luis with my parents. Aunt Betty came along to watch Ev and discovered that Evelyn was in love with her iPhone in it’s cassette tape case. She then bought Evelyn her very own iCassette.

IMG_4500It’s been pretty thrilling.

Lots of time spent with the grands and the great 4

IMG_4474 IMG_4468 IMG_4495

Evelyn is always so thrilled with herself when she gets to hold a phone. And not so thrilled when it’s taken from her.

Saw quite a few dolphins playing in the swells and even went out and kayaked a couple miles with dad to go find them. Alas, no luck, just some sammy the seals.


After a week at the beach, we ended up back at the city house in San Luis. Quite a cute place.

photo 1Mom had made sure she had stocked it for Evelyn and Ev was pretty delighted with the layout of things.

IMG_4501photo 5Our last day there happened to be our sixth anniversary. San Luis is a pretty great place to spend such a day and crazy to think back to our last anniversary when Ev was still hanging out in the womb. But as last days of trips are, it was a bit of limbo for me. I wasn’t ready to come home, not looking forward to the flights and our 31 minute layover in Phoenix, and just meh.

But fly home we did. It’s so funny as I carry Evelyn down the row of the airplanes; men and women coo at her and wave and talk to her but it generally seems that the person we sit next to has never heard of babies. Evelyn eventually won this certain passenger over with her Lionel Richie icassette and her interest in his beard.

And we made it home, smooth and safe flights.

photo 2Much to be grateful for.

Love to you and yours.

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birthdays, ballrooms, and baby

Last week was just fantastic.

photo 5

We’ll start with the baby. We have a new way of communicating. One of us sticks out our tongue and blows, making the ‘tbthh’ noise, and the other responds. Over and over and over. She is so tickled with herself about this and naturally, so am I.

We went to her nine month checkup (on the day she turned ten months) and so much for that growth spurt I thought was occurring. I’ve heard from many people, ‘Wow she is tall!’, and I did think she was perhaps realizing some of that genetic potential but she measured in at 26 inches putting her in the 7th percentile. So still a bit of ground to gain. I was wrong on weight as well, 16.2 pounds (11th percentile). So as I carry her around in all the airports tomorrow (woot!!!! leaving for California!) I will feel better that she’s not the 20 pounds she sometimes feels like.

photo 1

Next up…ballrooms! Oh my word. Wesley and I have started taking ballroom dancing lessons. And while I know I’ve had loads of fun doing all sorts of things, I can’t remember the last time I’ve had such a blast. We did one group lesson and one private lesson last week and I just couldn’t contain my exuberance-I laughed almost the whole time.

Dad taught me a little two step when I was little and I always loved twirling around. There’s a gigantic chess board in Morro Bay and I’d always want him dance with me on it. So while I’m no dancing queen, I have moved my feet to music before. Not so much with Wes. This makes me think he is an absolute champ for adventuring out with me and I’ve told him several times that I think he’s pretty awesome for getting out of his comfort zone and swinging me around.

Evelyn goes to bed around nine so we’ll put her down, then come out to our carpeted living room, try to find an appropriate rhythm and then practice our rumba, hustle, and foxtrot. Often times we find ourselves collapsed on the couch laughing our heads off at our moves (or lack thereof). It’s been such a hoot.

And lastly, birthdays. I had one last week. And I got to spend the whole day with my two favorites.

photo 2

Evelyn was an absolute doll all day and my heart was full with the blessings of them both.

photo 3

It was the perfect end to a top ten week.

photo 4

And we, of course, finished the day by dancing on the living room carpet.

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laughing hard real hard

Last night, I texted my dad a question about moneys. He responded, ‘LHRH’.

I took this to mean, left hand, right hand. As in, don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing  (Matthew 6:3). As in, nose away.

I informed my dad that I was not being nosy, then showed the text to Wes because he often has an interesting take on things. He took a quick look at the phone and said, ‘laughing hard, real hard.’

For a split second, I was confused, who had said anything about laughing? Had I shown him the wrong text? Then I looked back at the phone and saw ‘LHRH’, and started wheezing. And shaking. And howling. Wes grinned and said, ‘I take it that’s not what LHRH means?’.

Through my snorts, I texted Dad what Wes had said. Part of what was so funny was that I had texted Dad a semi-serious question. And that his response would be ‘laughing hard real hard,’ was so completely inappropriate. And off I went on another fit of giggles.

Dad soon started texting a series of ‘haha heh heh’ and informed me that his eyes were moist. Then an hour later he texted to say that he’d just shared with mom and that she was LHRH. And then at one in the morning I got another text saying that he was still snickering.

So. LHRH is the the new lol around here.

Ah Wes. He sure keeps us in good spirits around here.


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summer news.

I should first begin to note that this has been such a crazy Virginia summer. Like, it’s been enjoyable! Ha. What I mean is that there seems to have been so many spectacular days with no humidity. Which is really weird and really lovely. We’ve had some fun evenings with friends..


This picture makes me laugh. ‘Um, can I have a seat at the table?’ questions Gladys.

There’s been lots of basking outside time.

IMG_4014(Ev really enjoys pool days).

And not too many of these days.


And yes, Evelyn seems to be getting so big these days. Partly due to the amount of food she eats. Breakfast consists of a huge bowl of oatmeal, yogurt and half a banana mixed together. And then after all that I get this face when I start to eat my breakfast.


Such a fusser. Still hasn’t got the whole full belly memo. So this is definitely a favorite hang out spot.


I’ve been trying to tell her that she doesn’t need to fuss for food, just go pat the fridge and I’ll get her something. Hasn’t really got that memo either.

Another favorite past time is the book shelf.


I pack the books in so tight that even I have trouble removing one so she usually doesn’t make too much damage. She has her favorites that she likes to read and especially enjoys sampling the flavors of each.

Thanks to facebook, I saw that one high school friend was flying across the country to visit another high school friend and jumped on the bandwagon. Wes kindly drove Ev and I up to the DC area and the five of us ate lunch together and caught up on the highlights of the past six years.


It was fun to introduce them to Ev and hear about what’s been going on in their lives. One of them works next door to Davey and said they occasionally bump into each other but she never knows what to call him; she only knows him as Davey but thinks that all his Art’s guys know him as David. I was like, ‘heh, holler out, ‘hi Davvveeeyy.”

And lastly, I didn’t know so many of you were hydrangea fans. I posted this on Instagram a couple days ago. It’s in my neighbors yard and is pretty amazing.


So impressive. I learned from my MIL that you can grow starts from the clippings so I plan on being real helpful to my neighbor in the pruning department this winter.

Oh, one more thing. My mom told me she’d received something in the mail and sent me this picture.


So basically my Grampa is adorable and awesome. Eighty-eight years old and still surprising Grama with gifts.

It’s been a good summer folks. Love to you and yours.



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After a couple months of no internet, we finally bit the bullet. I’m now happily listening to itunes radio again and hopefully popping in here a bit more often.

And the most exciting thing that has happened in the time I’ve been a bit absent is the arrival of The Triplets. Yes, they deserve capital letters.

Sometime back in the winter, one of my best friends came over for lunch. While I was hopping around the kitchen she informed me that she was pregnant. I did a happy dance and said all the congratulations and danced some more. Then she told me it was triplets. And I fell against the counter behind me and said, ‘oh my gosh,’ for probably three minutes straight.

So many prayers said by so many people for the safe arrival of these three little girls. And last month, all three entered the world safe and sound. Such a miraculous blessing. We got to go visit them when they were five days old. Pretty much took my breath away. I couldn’t believe that Evelyn had been even near their size.

IMG_4218And speaking of Evelyn, she preferred that I paid attention to her instead of the babies. That’s her pounding  on the glass in the nursery.

So, so tiny. Pictures don’t do it justice. I got to burp one but mainly just had a cuddling session.IMG_4227

We went over last week to see them in their home, (I got to feed one!) and introduce them to Evelyn. So fun. So amazing. Such an incredible gift.

IMG_4301Congratulations dear friends!


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Lake Moomaw. take five.

I can’t miss sharing our annual Moomaw trip.

This one was different. We had fabulous weather 95% of the trip. And we had a baby. And we brought our dog.


She is a pretty adorable camper.

We were seriously in awe of the gorgeous days. Camping in Virginia almost gaurantees rain. And last year I had almost sworn off camping after our two outdoor adventures left us soaked and damp for days. But we basked during this trip and it was lovely.

The little miss did quite well on her first camping expedition. She probably disturbed the peace less frequently than dear Gladys who for some reason felt the need to be the rooster of the mornings. Charming indeed.
IMG_4132Bebes change the experience a bit in that you can’t completely go flying around whenever your heart desires. There’s naps to think of and food and diapers and the occasional land lockedness when the boys take the keys to the car on the boat and there you sit at the camp site. So it was lovely to have the grandparents there to babysit while Wes and I tore around on jet skis or serenely (heh) glided on sail boats.

And everyone took up a new hobby. Wake surfing is the new thing. At least on our boat. Some of us do it better than others.

It was a blast.

As always.


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incoming family.

Last week, my grandparents, my parents, and my brother came to visit me. Mom said it was a bit challenging traveling with three David Earl Bowins. But I’m so glad they all made the effort. I’m always in awe a bit that my grandparents still are able to come visit me and so thankful they get to know my little bebe. My parents have been flying here yither and yon and moving in between and I didn’t think I’d see Davey til his wedding. So it was pretty darn awesome to have them all come out and see my little hills house and play with Evelyn.

photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

Due to the amount of visitors and our expanded family, some lovely folks let us borrow their fifteen passenger van. Davey was our chauffeur and would occasionally make such comments as, ‘Wow. This thing just purrs,’ or ‘Wow. I feel like I’m on the edge of control.’ He did a pretty good job getting us around and we managed to see some lovely places. We even were treated to a Band of Brothers concert; none of the family had ever heard them live and the band did a pretty exquisite performance.

photo (3)photo 5photo 4


Evelyn’s at such a fun age and grins and blows bubbles and yaks. I loved watching her interact with the Uncle Davey. And everyone.

IMG_4207 IMG_4188 IMG_4183 IMG_4206Loved having them out.CSC_0036 DSC_0002 DSC_0023 photo 1 photo 2
photo 3

Can’t wait for Davey’s wedding.

Hugs and love.

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