you don’t have to yell.

I love that song. I tried singing the chorus to Ev last night. Mercifully, she’s not much of a holler-er, just a fusser. If you have a screamer, first let me give you a hug, then pray for your patience and peace of mind. Then recommend that you sing ‘You don’t have to yell‘, to your baby. It may amuse you as you pretend that you can reason with your screaming baby. It kinda worked for me around midnight last night. At least it made Wes snort as Ev loudly let us know what she thought of going to bed.

Actually, this song came on my Chris Rice radio station after about a year of absence and I remembered how much I loved it’s quiet brilliance. Sorta makes me think of when Daniel and his friends asked if they could skip the kings food and eat veggies and water instead. Then they just did it without a bunch of hollering and let the results speak for themselves. That perhaps is a very loose correlation and enough philosophy for the day.

We’ve had a few spring days and wow, they’ve been glorious. I’ve almost forgotten what it feels like to just bask in the sun.


Evelyn was pretty tickled to bust out her spring bloomers.

Wes got his wisdom teeth out on Friday; it went a lot smoother than either one of us thought so that was a blessing. I was unsure of how playing nurse was going to be and tried not to think about complications during the procedure. It was really sad when they wheeled him out to me but soon after I was trying to hide my smile as Wes was seriously telling me about different things through grunts and sign language. He’s doing great, just really ready for a burger.

And in other news, we put our house on the market this weekend. The sign went up on Thursday and I texted Wes, ‘um. we have a sign in our yard. not sure how i feel about this.’ ‘hmm. weird,’ he said, ‘probably what people feel like when they get put on eharmony.’

I about died. Never have been on eharmony but no doubt, there has to be connections. A little excited, looking forward to the future and adventure with a heavy dose of oh no what I have I done. I’m not sure where he comes up with some stuff.

I was planning on the house not doing anything so I could peacefully enjoy my favorite seasons here but it started off with a bang. We shall see what comes of it. Mom says the hardest part is living in limbo. I told her I was not planning on living in limbo, just living in a clean house enjoying each day. And we shall see how long that lasts. Yesterday I felt like if I breathed wrong I would upset my spectacularly clean home. So I left.

And we’ll wrap this up with some more synchronized sleeping. Here’s to hoping this night is better than lasts.
IMG_3544Love to you and yours.

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i’m baaack. and it’s april.

Goodness. It’s been over a  month since I’ve been here. How sad. And Ev looks like such a peanut in the last post.


(She says hi).

So yeah. Computer went dead, ordered a 17 inch laptop, decided that was a bit excessive, returned it, ordered a whole inch and a half smaller laptop, it came, without the charger. It’s been a bit of a process.


(A favorite, so applicable so often).

And much has happened since then. Aunt Stace came to visit, my parents came to visit and we’ve had about a dozen snow storms. April has never felt better. Well. I could probably say that every year.

DSC_0192IMG_3366 IMG_3385DSC_0208photoSo wonderful to have them here: to endure more snowstorms with me, to go out on nice days and push Ev in her cool little stroller, go shopping, dine at Keswick Hall with some wonderful seniors, go to coffee, Bodo’s, and just be with.

IMG_3412(Us at Keswick. Wonder baby.).

Grampa kept sending me these luscious pictures of Grama’s garden and all her wonderful bulbs so I’d send him my own bulb updates. Usually it looked something like this.IMG_3397I tried so hard not to be depressed.

IMG_3344Evelyn went to the Dr. for her four month check up the day my parents came in. She weighed in at 13.1 (18 %) and I think 23.5 inches (6%).

It’s amazing what happens when you have been consistently been getting a lot of sleep at night and then all the sudden, little peanut wakes up a couple of times a night. Wes says he doesn’t remember much of what goes on which is good because I often take out my irritability on him. Evelyn finally outgrew her little cradle- that may have been part of the problem, I’d come out in the middle of the night and all her limbs would be through the slats in the cradle and she’d be stuck. Rather sad.

IMG_3360But now she’s in her crib and everyone’s getting wondrous sleep again. DSC_0197 IMG_3447 IMG_3407She’s a little cherub. Loves her feet, her voice, her mom, and is starting to tolerate tummy time. She’s started eating yogurt and bananas and it’s so funny. I’ve tried slipping in some green beans and have just about died at her facial expressions. I about gag at the smell of them and she does gag at the taste of them. So we’ve set those aside for now.

March was filled with lovely things but I think we’re all pretty darn thrilled that it’s April. Woot for flowers, upcoming tulip festivals, walks with the dog and just being outdoors. It’s marvelous.


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having a baby=being a celebrity

Seriously. You should have seen all the adoring looks as we walked up the aisle on the planes. And in the airport. And that was just the beginning.

DSC_0025 DSC_0028 DSC_0031

Dad went into Morro Bay to go to the hardware store and upon arriving, saw two ladies trying to get a wood pallet into their car. It wasn’t working and when he found out they lived in Cayucos he offered to drop it by. They found out that he was at Journey’s End and asked if he knew Bethany. When he said that Bethany had been by for breakfast that morning they exclaimed, ‘Oh, Evelyn’s in town!’.

That just makes me laugh.

DSC_0043DSC_0058 DSC_0082

We went to Taco Temple twice and as our waitress came over on trip two she exclaimed, ‘Oh, Evelyn’s back!’.

DSC_0105 DSC_0114 DSC_0119

Wes carried Ev by a group of ladies at another restaurant and one asked if they could see the baby so he turned her around and was met by a collective, ‘awww.’

DSC_0125 DSC_0138 DSC_0140

Wes and I walked down the stairs to the beach and a lady was walking by. ‘Oh!’ she said, ‘Is this Elsa?’ ‘No,’ I said, ‘this is Evelyn, do you know her?’. ‘Oh yes, it’s Evelyn’.

DSC_0148 DSC_0093

It really kinda makes your day.

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California. best vacation ever.

Well I came home to a dead computer. And now I have an enormous laptop sitting on my lap so I’ll add a little dialogue to these pictures. They make me smile.

Ev did great on the planes out there but she didn’t sleep much. She was just blearily waking up when we arrived into San Luis and with all the commotion and exclamations over her, she had a meltdown and just wanted to bury her head into my neck. It was so sad and kind of adorable.


It was our first time to see my parents new abode and I loved it. Some of it also made me laugh. For instance, Davey’s true garage apartment. He had to go to a furniture store to buy a headboard for his bed because every time he would leave out the garage door, his pillows would fall off. Such a unique problem.20140205-205832.jpg

When my parents left the ranch, they left the ranch cats there. So naturally, the first thing they acquired was the neighbor cat, Noodle. He enjoys bossing the dogs around and his favorite chair. Noodle and I have some spectacular hair in this picture.20140205-205854.jpg

You might notice Dad’s neon hat making its way into several pictures.20140205-205912.jpg

So good to see Cody and Tessa again.20140205-205925.jpg

We didn’t see as much of Cody as we would have liked because he would constantly disappear down the beach to play with a new adopted family. And then hours later mom’s phone would ring, ‘Um, do you have a dog named Cody?’. And off we’d run to go get him, seriously miles away.20140205-205946.jpg

Tessa is a little more be by you.20140205-210000.jpg

Here’s the hat again. Dad really liked to have Evelyn do her sit ups.20140205-210028.jpg

We went out to the Jetty at Morro Bay and saw some amazing waves.20140205-210048.jpg

I really hated posting this on instagram for all my dear Virginia friends but just couldn’t help myself. It was so wonderfully hot. Not a bad view either.


Seriously the best part of the trip-taking Evelyn outside in just a onesie and letting her enjoy the great outdoors. She would go crazy, kicking up a storm and chattering to beat the band. So much fun.20140205-210137.jpg

Mom let me know that black and white really stimulates babies, so every day, they’d sit down to read the paper together. Ev did enjoy it.20140205-210200.jpg


Likewise, a little reading time with Poppi. And the hat. Kind of like the man with the yellow hat. Only neon.20140205-210237.jpg

So wonderful to see my grandparents with Evie. She spent a lot of quality time with Grama.20140205-210310.jpg

It’s nice waking up to that.20140205-210349.jpg

Cousins! So much fun seeing the fam bam.20140205-210412.jpg

So cozy.20140205-210436.jpg

Wow. This picture makes me want to go back.20140205-211422.jpg

Hmm. This one too.20140205-211409.jpg


Jen Jen getting some quality time at Firestones. This place just never disappoints.20140205-211455.jpg

Ahh. Those were the days my friend.20140205-211519.jpg

Cousins! I think it’s been since my wedding that I’ve seen some of you! Too long. Wonderful games of Tellestrations, thanks for introducing us.20140205-211530.jpg

Our one gray day. Just as pretty.20140205-211540.jpg

A good trip indeed.20140205-211552.jpg

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off we go!

At least I hope, you never know with our airline luck but I have high hopes to arrive in San Luis tomorrow night!

Before we go though, I thought I’d better document that Ev has now doubled her birth weight and has tipped the scales all the way to 10.5 (12%, gaining ground) and is 21.5 inches (4%).  She still looks like a little peanut because her head is in the 7th percentile. And she’s as cute as ever.

new years eve 010 IMG_2733 IMG_2798 IMG_2816 IMG_2821 IMG_2834 IMG_2849 IMG_2844

See you soon family!

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winter weather advisory report. plus ev’s newborn portraits.

So just to update the people who don’t live in Virginia and who don’t follow the news; we are freezing back here. The low tonight keeps floating around three degrees. With a wind chill of who knows what. We haven’t seen a lot of snow but the amount of rain that’s come down in 34 degree weather is rather remarkable. The local dam is bursting at the seams.

I would be slowly going crazy except that I’ve been hibernating with ev and…we go to California on Friday! Woot woot happy dance. I’m so excited. The central coast has been in the 70s for too long to count. And we are going to bask. And I’m kinda excited to see my family with Evelyn. I can’t believe my brother hasn’t met her yet. He told me today, ‘Dude, I’m so glad you guys are coming out!’. I was like, wow, wonder where this is going. ‘Mom’s been cooking like you wouldn’t believe!’.

Snort. And sure enough, she’d just shown me the freezer, full to the brim of excellent goodies. It’s going to be great folks. If you’d like, you can say a prayer for uneventful travels. That would be wonderful.

And now on to some delightful pictures of the wee bebe; one week old and as tiny as can be. Thank you W Rhea Photography.


Watch her talk in these next few.13a 15 16a 17 18 20 26b 30a 31a 33a 34a 35b 37c 38c 43Oh my beautiful tiny baby. You are such a joy. I love you to the moon and back.

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happy new year!

We had a cliche new year’s eve party. I’ll admit, when I first heard about it, I was like really? It amazingly fit the lovely gentlemen who were planning the party. Chuckle. And then ten minutes later, Wes and I were visiting and every other paragraph we were like, ‘heh heh, cliche!’

So Wes loaded up his friends guns, and carried a teddy bear. (Loaded for bear). I carried some horses around. (Hold your horses). And Ev was going to wear her musical onesie and be breaking into song. But it was too big. So she was going to wear a bird onesie. And be free as a bird. But then I was like, ‘oh it’s a party! She should wear a dress!’ And had way to much fun dressing her up and then decided I need to match her.

new years eve 011 new years eve 014 new years eve 015 new years eve 019Gosh she’s fun. So Ev went sleeping like a baby. And if she was awake, we tacked on fussed all night.

Speaking of nights, right before Ev was to turn 8 weeks old, I told her, ‘hey Ev? I’ve heard that sometimes, 8 week old babies sleep through the night. What do you think about that?’

She told me she would see what she could do about it.

So since then she’s been averaging 6-7 hours. It’s been miraculous. And I was told, ‘do NOT gloat! Because it will change in a moment!’

I asked if I could rejoice. Rejoicing is ok.


Ev’s ten weeks old today, goes in for a check up next week. I’m curious to know how she’ll tip the scales. We like to call her chubs.

Alrighty, signing off for now.

Love to you and yours.

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